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Monday, May 25, 2020

Metroid Prime: Trilogy Switch Release Date Leaked by Retailer

Leaked listing by Swedish retailer reveals Nintendo Switch version of Metroid Prime: Trilogy release date.

A few years back, Metroid Prime: Trilogy for Nintendo Switch console was leaked online by Swedish retailer Inet. Fans have been eagerly awaiting its release ever since, following every other rumors of its arrival every now and then.

Inet has most recently added a new retailer listing online for Switch version of Metroid Prime: Trilogy with a release date of June 19, 2020 but as soon as people begin to notice it and words starts spreading, they were quick to take it down.

metroid prime trilogy nintendo switch release date leaked retailer action-adventure game samus aran retro studios
Metroid Prime: Trilogy Switch Release Date Leaked by Retailer

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Rumors for all three Metroid Prime games in high-definition are ongoing for quite some time and only available Metroid games on Switch are currently Metroid and Super Metroid, which requires a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online.

Although leaks and rumors as such should always be taken with a grain of salt and healthy dose of skepticism, hint of a new Metroid game in recently revealed announcement trailer of Paper Mario: The Origami King actually backs it up.

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A planned Nintendo Direct episode for June 2020 was canceled earlier due to COVID-19 and Nintendo can casually drop a brand-new trailer for Switch version of Metroid Prime: Trilogy anytime they want via social media channels.

If they can casually reveal latest Paper Mario game only months before its release, then why not do the same for Metroid Prime: Trilogy? Fans are likely to appreciate its Switch port since Metroid Prime 4 isn't coming out very soon.

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Nintendo Switch is one of the hottest platforms of current generation for video game ports, especially if for classic Wii U titles and therefore, an HD remaster of Metroid Prime: Trilogy is a potential best-seller for its publisher company.

Nintendo can reignite hype for Metroid Prime 4 as they continue development by releasing Switch port of Metroid Prime: Trilogy. However, we may not see protagonist Samus Aran to return soon as the game is delayed in 2019.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Crosses Lifetime Sales Targets

Latest financial reports of Nintendo reveal that Animal Crossing: New Horizons has surpassed its lifetime sales projections.

Now that most people throughout the world are in self-quarantine and busy gaming, a large part of them has found solace in Nintendo Switch-exclusive social simulator Animal Crossing: New Horizons from developer/publisher Nintendo.

Translation and summarizing of a recent a Q&A session from Nintendo Annual Financial Briefing by President and CEO Shuntaro Furukawa reveals that New Horizons have now surpassed original lifetime sales number estimated by Nintendo.

animal crossing new horizons lifetime sales targets surpassed nintendo switch exclusive social simulator game
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Crosses Lifetime Sales Targets

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Within first two months of its worldwide release, New Horizons has already exceeded its lifetime sales projections set by company and thus, completely outselling every other top-selling Nintendo games for Switch console.

When it comes to breaking sales records on Nintendo systems, titles like Mario, Pokémon and Super Smash Bros. often comes to mind. This has been an ongoing case for Nintendo Switch ever since its launch back in 2017 till March 2020.

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New Horizons have easily crossed previous records set by major first-party Nintendo titles in a friendly competition shortly after its release on Switch and has sold more copies than any other titles from Animal Crossing franchise so far.

In a month of launch, not only has it crossed way over combined earnings of all previous series releases, Animal Crossing: New Horizons might very well be the best-selling game for entire lifetime of Nintendo Switch handheld console.

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Recent crisis of COVID-19 pandemic contributed to huge success of New Horizons as millions of people seeks escape from boredom practicing social-distancing and probably will inspire Nintendo to continue support with new content.

Additional reports say that Animal Crossing: New Horizons was popular among 20 and 30 year old fans, with 40% of them were female. From an overall 55 million sales number, a total of 21 million Nintendo Switch units were sold in last fiscal year.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Nintendo to Remaster Super Mario Bros. Games for 35th Anniversary

Nintendo to release Super Mario Bros. remastered games for Switch to celebrate 35th anniversary.

In celebration of upcoming 35th anniversary of Super Mario franchise, developer/publisher Nintendo will reportedly be releasing remastered version of most Super Mario Bros. games for Nintendo Switch from their back catalog.

This report from British gaming website VGC also claims that Nintendo had plans to do a major announcement for these upcoming releases at E3 2020 in June but it eventually got cancelled earlier over concerns of Coronavirus pandemic.

nintendo super mario bros. games remaster 35th anniversary nintendo switch
Nintendo to Remaster Super Mario Bros. Games for 35th Anniversary

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Whether or not Nintendo does a remaster of these titles, all of them are seeing a re-release on Switch. Original plan was to reveal a lineup of games alongside Super Nintendo World theme park and a Super Mario animated movie project.

Sources add that a new Paper Mario title is in works and is planned to arrive for Switch console by 2020. Moreover, they intended to unveil a special interactive LEGO Mario set that was teased earlier this month in images and a video.

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Switch already has plenty of Super Mario Bros. content like Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Luigi's Mansion 3, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Mario Tennis Aces, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, Super Mario Maker 2 and Yoshi's Crafted World.

Super Mario 3D World of Wii U will make its Switch debut as a Deluxe Edition release, with new levels. One of these rumored ports is a remaster of 2007 platform title Super Mario Galaxy along with a few other fan-favorite 3D Mario games.

super mario bros back catalogue nintendo
Super Mario Bros. Back Catalogue

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In addition, Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine are likely joining the parade, with more to be revealed soon. More 3D Mario games from GameCube and Nintendo 64 systems could come up in a single collection for Switch owners.

Having access to Nintendo Switch Online service lets you play first three installments of Super Mario Bros. games as well. It is safe to say that first-party Mario games will be dominating an already jam packed lineup of 2020 for Nintendo Switch.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Nintendo Direct Mini March 2020

Settle into your quarantine sessions as Nintendo released a brand-new Direct Mini for upcoming Switch games.

Only three months into 2020 and we already have four Nintendo Direct video presentations (yes, Indie World Showcase from earlier included) on our hands with loads of brand-new titles releasing to Nintendo Switch in coming months.

A surprise launch of latest Nintendo Direct Mini episode has a number of announcements from major publishers regarding upcoming launches and updates to help you deal with COVID-19 epidemic when you are in self-isolation at home.

nintendo direct march 2020 switch games xenoblade chronicles definitive edition catherine full body arms
Nintendo Direct Mini March 2020

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Newest Direct Mini video will run for 28-minute to give you a roundup of what to expect on Switch soon.

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Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition | Nintendo Switch

Announced back in September 2019, critically-acclaimed action role-playing game Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is now all set to arrive on May 29 with a bunch of new features and art book that are exclusive to Switch version.

Embark a journey with young protagonist Shulk who find a way to access powers of mysterious blade Monado to battle Mechon invaders. This remastered title will include an epilogue to main story, Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected.

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2K Games | Nintendo Switch

Turns out, that early leaked listing from Taiwanese Ratings Board back in January was actually legit as Nintendo has officially announced a number of titles by publisher 2K Games, including the ones that are BioShock: The Collection.

Remastered versions of BioShock, BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite are coming along in a bundle titled BioShock: The Collection. Ported by developer Virtuos, Switch version of BioShock games are also available for purchase separately.

2k games nintendo switch bioshock remastered infinite complete edition borderlands legendary collection borderlands 2 pre-sequel xcom 2 collection resistance warrior pack anarchys children alien hunters shens last gift dlc war of the chosen
2K Games Collection Comes to Nintendo Switch

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Borderlands Legacy Collection will feature Borderlands, Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: Pre-Sequel. This amazing set includes all bonus add-on content of these games except BL2: Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary DLC.

Finally, award-winning 2016 turn-based tactics game XCOM 2, all four DLC packs and War of the Chosen expansion are compiled in XCOM 2 Collection to release altogether with afore-mentioned titles on May 29, 2020 for Nintendo Switch console.

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order | Expansion Pass, Pack 3

In quest for power, Doctor Doom comes to Wakanda to claim the Soul Stone and the heroes decide to hide away remaining Infinity Stones. Their confrontation with Doom sends everyone to Negative Zone, where they came across Fantastic Four.

Fantastic Four: Shadow of Doom is newest story campaign and third paid DLC of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, priced $19.99 only. A free update will be rolled out shortly to add in limited time events, nodes and an increased level cap of 300.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons | Bunny Day Event

With recent release of New Horizons, fans of life simulation series Animal Crossing have been keeping busy already. Its first-ever event Bunny Day will begin on April 1 and run until April 12, 2020, followed up by another one centered on Earth Day.

Upon arrival of Zipper T. Bunny, you will engage in scavenger hunt-like activity to find out eggs that he hid throughout your island. Players can spend time finding these hidden eggs to craft themselves various limited time items during Bunny Day.

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Catherine: Full Body | Nintendo Switch

Although fan community have been clamoring for a Switch port of Persona 5 for a while, developer Atlus decided to give them a handheld version of mature-themed game Catherine, which is a remake port of 2011 puzzle-adventure.

Full Body is a definitive version that Studio Zero built and contains a number of add-on DLC content. In addition of Persona 5 protagonist Joker as guest character, there are thirteen different endings and it will arrive on July 7, 2020.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate | Fighters Pass Vol. 2 DLC Fighter
After wrapping up first batch of paid DLC fighters, crossover fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is ready to reveal its next set of guest characters soon and first draft of their second Fighters Pass will be hailing from ARMS.

Although it was not confirmed whom they will pick from an array of fifteen different arena fighters, SSBU currently has plans to select its next brawler from 2017 fighting sports and more will be revealed in a June 2020 announcement.

arms fighter super smash bros ultimate fighter pass vol 2 dlc nintendo switch 3d fighting game
ARMS Fighter Comes to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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ARMS | Free Trial
Speaking of ARMS, extend your reach to try your hand at a limited time free trial that allows all subscribers of Nintendo Switch Online service to download and enjoy the full game starting from March 26, 9 AM PDT to April 6, 11:59 PM PDT.

This is your chance to get familiar with its gameplay aspects ahead of next Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter reveal. So, select and equip your fighting stars with extendable upper limbs to tussle with other arena champions till next two weeks.

arms limited time free trial ribbon girl spring man nintendo switch 3d fighting sports game
ARMS Limited Time Free Trial

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Some of these games; Good Job!, Panzer Dragoon Remake and Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy will be available from today. Also in line are Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Expansion Pack 3 and a free update for Ring Fit Adventure.

Aside from Bravely Default 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles, most titles showcased in Nintendo Direct Mini have yet to reveal a release window. Many more that were not included in the video will keep coming to Switch platform till fall 2020.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Nintendo Indie World Showcase March 2020

An all-new stream for Indie World Showcase unveils first wave of indie games coming to Nintendo Switch on 2020.

In last two months, Nintendo has broadcast two Nintendo Direct livestream focused on Animal Crossing and Pokémon. Now, a showcase of upcoming indie titles on Nintendo Switch is just about to unload bunch of new announcements.

New waves of third-party titles are taking center stage of today's Indie World Showcase presentation from indie developers all over the world. More than 20 games are displayed, few of which are simply ports of major releases.

nintendo indie world showcase march 2020 switch games
Nintendo Indie World Showcase March 2020

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Have a look at latest Indie World Showcase episode for all new indie games coming to Switch this year.

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Blue Fire | Nintendo Switch

In mystical kingdom of Penumbra, action-adventure title Blue Fire sends you on a quest to uncover hidden secrets of a forgotten land. There are temples to explore, interact with survivors and a lot of priceless items to collect.

You will be facing menacing enemies, overcome traps and even traverse uncharted territory. Your goal is to locate a way to lost land of The Void to by overcoming various challenges through 3D-platforming for precious rewards.

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Baldo | Nintendo Switch

Inspired heavily from JRPG titles, Baldo is an action-adventure RPG tale of a fantasy journey from developer/publisher NAPS Team. A prophecy for birth of a pure heart child is fulfilled and a threat of no heart creature is on rise again.

There are puzzles to solve, dungeons to explore and traveling to new towns as part of gameplay mechanics. Rich with character variations and an amazing open-world, the game gives away a tone you usually find in Studio Ghibli anime movies.

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I Am Dead | Nintendo Switch

Take a trip to coastal town of Shelmerston as a ghost of your former self in puzzle game I Am Dead. Make good use of your ethereal abilities like passing or seeing through wall and much more to uncover mysteries of the small island.

Walk alongside recently-deceased apparition of Morris Lupton and his dog Sparky to learn about an incoming disaster. This journey into afterlife arrives on Switch from developer Hollow Ponds and publisher Annapurna Interactive.

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Blair Witch | Nintendo Switch

Out for Switch by this summer, psychological survival horror title Blair Witch from developer Bloober Team and publisher Lionsgate Games is a video game adaptation based on Blair Witch series of renowned live-action movies.

Players will be wandering around creepy forest of Black Hills solving case of a missing boy as former police officer Ellis Lynch with his trusty canine companion, Bullet as he finds himself fighting against endless nightmare in dark.

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Exit the Gungeon | Nintendo Switch

Launching later today, Exit the Gungeon is a spin-off sequel to 2016 bullet hell shooter title Enter the Gungeon. Moving away from its predecessor, this game takes a platform style approach as shown in its official trailer.

Players will wield an ever-changing weapon as they loot their way out of escaping Gungeon and developer Dodge Roll has made an extensive overhaul to in-game mechanics with change of playing perspective, new weapons and enemies.

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For majority of games, Nintendo has stated their timed-exclusivity to Switch console in advance for the record. Those who can't wait any longer till summer can pick their Joy-Cons to play PixelJunk Eden 2 and Exit the Gungeon later today.

Recent episode of Nintendo Indie World was meant to premiere concurrently with annual Game Developers Conference, which got cancelled earlier and pushed back to summer 2020 due to concerns over novel Coronavirus outbreak.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Breath of The Wild Players Beats Game Using Twitch Chat

Twitch streamer PointCrow lets viewers to take control via chat and beat Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Although letting a group of fans take control of a game seems like a crazy idea for many that started with Twitch Plays interactive stream in 2014, people can eventually finish an entire playthrough over time with collective efforts.

Most recently, Twitch audience has taken part in completing 2017 action-adventure game Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This event was planned and hosted by PointCrow, who has beaten the game lately without walking.

legend of zelda breath of the wild twitch chat playthrough nintendo stream
Breath of The Wild Players Beats Game Using Twitch Chat

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This time, PointCrow returned with a different idea and rigged his stream to let viewers take control via Twitch chat for every five minutes to perform various moves like backflips and parry and he would only take over at times.

PointCrow takes a backseat to lead his viewers to a variety of challenges to see if they could finish them in viable amount of time. Viewers were able to take down enemies or even a Guardian often times and sometime they just ran.

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He even motivates them to complete certain tasks by putting free subscriptions of his channel and gave out 20 subs when they did it. At one point, his audience managed to learn how to coordinate and perform Flurry Rush at enemies.

During original Twitch Plays Pokémon run, there were measures in place to make sure that the stream would be making progress anyhow and in that case, players would make democratic vote to determine course of in-game decisions.

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PointCrow has put together a highlight reel of this Breath of the Wild playthrough on YouTube channel as well.

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Instead of a bot putting those commands into game, having a person behind wheels is a much relatable experience. There were around 600 concurrent viewers that took part in this journey that took over 25 hours to complete.

Since you can fast travel to places in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it is possible for viewers to finish a regular run on their own. It took PointCrow's stream viewers nearly 17 hours to beat the game and Link died about 80 times.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Breath of the Wild Sequel Title and Gameplay Details Leaked

Recent leak at 4chan board claims that upcoming Breath of the Wild sequel is titled "Bond of the Triforce".

It was a huge shocker to many fans for developer/publisher Nintendo coming out announcing a sequel to acclaimed 2017 action-adventure game Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild during Nintendo Direct presentation at E3 2019.

Since then, not much have been out there that players know about but most recently, a new leak from image-based online bulletin board 4chan may have revealed a title for the game along with some exciting gameplay details.

legend of zelda breath of the wild sequel title and gameplay details leaked 4chan nintendo switch action-adventure game 2020
Breath of the Wild Sequel Title and Gameplay Details Leaked

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Original forum post for alleged leak has now been deleted that initially claimed that title for upcoming Breath of the Wild 2 is going to be "The Legend of Zelda: Bond of the Triforce" and it will be confirmed in a new trailer very soon.

A new feature will allow you to switch between Link and Zelda when they are in dungeons. Link is only playable character and Zelda can only assist him with her latest ability to change weather as she has harnessed the power of nature.

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Same leak has also stated that animals are to have bigger roles in Bond of the Triforce and players will be able to ride a bear. Moreover, new enemies and items will make debut, aside from a magic gauge, likely to be for Zelda.

Slingshot will return and one of those new items is supposedly be a plow-looking weapon to deal with large group of enemies at once. This "leaker" can be making things up or could have legit inside information but there is no way to confirm that.

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Since it has been sources from 4chan, people will be well advised to take this news with a considerable amount of salt. Then again, there has been many examples of authentic Nintendo game leaks in past on same site as well.

A new rumor has hinted of a Nintendo Direct video earlier and it may reveal a new trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Bond of the Triforce after all. Or players can just look up to find out more of BoTW sequel game later this year at E3 2020.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

New Mario & Luigi Trademark Filed by Nintendo

Nintendo files for a new Mario & Luigi trademark after AlphaDream bankruptcy, hinting at new game.

Back in October 2019, acclaimed Mario & Luigi role-playing video game series developer AlphaDream filed for bankruptcy and many assumed that their long-time publisher Nintendo would not probably continue the franchise as well.

According to recent reports, Nintendo has filed a new trademark for Mario & Luigi series that clearly suggests that they have plans to release more titles from the RPG series in near future, most likely for Nintendo Switch console.

mario & luigi new trademark filed nintendo role-playing video games alpha dream
New Mario & Luigi Trademark Filed by Nintendo

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In 2003, AlphaDream has worked with Nintendo on Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga for Game Boy Advance handheld system. It featured some known RPG elements like additional player interactions in middle of a battle scenario and such.

They went on to develop seven more games for the same publisher to release on Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS. AlphaDream has also worked on Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 for Switch last year.

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Upon closure of the studio, fans were skeptical about future of the series but recent trademark filing for Mario & Luigi name in South America shows Nintendo's clear interest to continue making more games on the RPG series.

Spotted by LetsGoDigital, this trademark is proposed for video games cartridges, memory cards and even phone covers, which lead people to speculate that Nintendo may even develop a title for mobile devices as well as Switch console.

new mario and luigi name trademark nintendo video game mobile switch console
New Mario & Luigi Name Trademark

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Maybe they are simply planning to do a series of remake of older titles of named RPG series since the Japanese video game company expressed interest of bringing more ports from Nintendo 3DS platform for Switch last year.

It could also be that Nintendo has no intention of making any game for Mario & Luigi series just yet and they are just securing its name. Whether or not they want to make a new game up next, it will not come out at least until 2021.