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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Shadow Tactics Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store is giving out free copy of Shadow Tactics for PC on tenth day of 12 days of free games giveaway.

Earlier this month, Epic Games announced a 12 days of free games giving on their digital storefront Epic Games Store over PC platform for anyone interested to get a new title each day until yearend alongside annual Holiday Sale of 2019.

Epic Store has brought real-time tactics game Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun from developer Mimimi Games and publisher Daedalic Entertainment to their lineup for freebie giveaway that will be available for another 24 hours.

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Shadow Tactics Free on Epic Games Store Now

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Players initially control a diverse group of remarkable warriors, all versed in a different skill to wage war against any force. Together, they are lead by samurai Oshiro Mugen to eradicate a sudden uprising of a warlord named Kage-sama.

Set in Edo period of Japan, Shadow Tactics is focused on stealth-based gameplay that borrows elements form popular series like Commandos and Desperados, where you pay attention to a number of key-factors to complete objectives.

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Aside from sneaking up on places for most part, sometime you need to let loose of your blade as well. Despite having some camera issues, the game does great storytelling and gives each character a solid back-story with proper lines.

It was pretty hard to guess what Epic Games Store had planned for today until it was revealed after some delay due to technical difficulties and given their teaser image for what comes next, it may likely be The Talos Principle for tomorrow.