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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Inside Xbox X018 Event

Inside Xbox livestreams their major Xbox One announcement and highlights of X018 Event from Mexico City.

Mexico City was lightening up this weekend, with the return of Microsoft’s Xbox fan event X018 for November 10-11. Courtesy of Inside Xbox, this entire fan-fest is going to be streamed live for those who couldn't attend the program in person.

More than over 10,000 fans came to celebrate this fourth-annual event and have first look at the upcoming projects. Team Xbox members are bringing in some major announcements on video games are heading this way for players on PC and Xbox One.

inside xbox X018 event highlights
Inside Xbox X018 Event

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Since the live broadcast started long before the actual show, we advise you to skip to 29:51 for the announcements to roll in. Cheers!

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Crackdown 3 | Wrecking Zone Multiplayer

When people heard that Microsoft's action-adventure title Crackdown 3 won't be at E3 2018 and the game is pushed to 2019, people were generally disappointed. X018 makes up for all the frustration and delivers new news on the game.

An all-new multiplayer mode Wrecking Zone is showcased in a gameplay video into an open-world, where you destroy every piece of in-game environment with explosives and advanced weapons to take down your enemies.

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Xbox Game Pass | New Games

The Netflix equivalent of gaming, Xbox Game Pass subscription service is really offering a blast by announcing to add a total of 16 new titles and the first one they included is a worldwide battle royale sensation, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

PUBG will be followed by Thief of Thieves, while Agents of Mayhem, MXGP3 and Thomas Was Alone will join on November 22. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Kingdom: Two Crowns and Ori and the Blind Forest arrive on December.

ori and the blind forest xbox game pass
Ori and the Blind Forest Coming to Xbox Game Pass

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Other indie titles that are coming to Xbox One are Aftercharge, Mutant Year Zero, Pathologic 2, Secret Neighbor, Supermarket Shriek and The Good Life. Upcoming platform-adventure Ori and the Will of the Wisps will be available at launch in 2019.

Don't forget to try out the Xbox Game Pass app on App Store or Google Play for Android and iOS to download your games straight to your console. Also, signing up for membership right now will get you the first full month for $1 only.

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Xbox Black Friday Deals

Although Halloween is over for this year, another holiday season is headed this way fast and prepare for the biggest Black Friday sale of ages, because you can get a $100 off on Xbox One consoles and that brings it to the lowest price ever.

Just like the Xbox Game Pass offers, you can sign up for Xbox Live Gold to get your first month for only $1. Get Disneyland Adventures, Forza Horizon 4, PUBG and State of Decay 2 for 35% off or go for Forza Motorsport 7 and Sea of Thieves to get 50% off.

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Forza Horizon 4: Fortune Island | Expansion Pack DLC

Latest installment of the open world racing game Forza Horizon 4 from developer Playground Games has just announced their first expansion "Fortune Island", which is coming on December 13 to take players to the northern reaches of British Isles.

This is going to be a lot more fun and exciting experience as you will now be driving through dangerous cliff side roads and mountain switchbacks under the extreme weather condition that brings in fierce lightning storms.

forza horizon 4 fortune island expansion xbox one
Fortune Island Expansion for Forza Horizon 4

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Another fine addition to the game is all five of Ken Block’s Ford vehicles as a courtesy of GymkhanaTEN franchise. These custom-built powerful machines will be added to the game on early November for Car Pass members.

Fortune Island comes along with the Forza Horizon 4 Expansions Bundle worth $34.99 only for a total of two. If you have gotten your hands on the Ultimate Edition or the Ultimate Add-Ons Bundle already, you won't have to worry about that at all.

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Sea of Thieves | The Arena Update

Action-adventure game Sea of Thieves is getting a free content update soon, which will be the fifth one since launch and will introduce a PvP game mode called "The Arena" to test out their skills against each other in competitive matches.

Players will take part in a race to find treasure and beat your rival crews while the clock is ticking. Also a new Trading Company called the Sea Dogs is introduced, who will offer you goals and rewards, while a new-tavern area is included as well.

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State of Decay 2 | Zedhunter Pack

This November 16, zombie survival game State of Decay 2 is going to release their next content the Zedhunter Pack. This one comes with a very cool silent crossbow to hunt down zombies and there are some useful melee weapons to use as well.

Now that four million players have joined the community, this free update will be the first among a line of other planned updates for 2019 like a brand-new gameplay setting and Return to Trumble Valley DLC that features a map from original State of Decay.

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Void Bastards | Announced

A game that is heavily inspired by BioShock and System Shock 2, strategy-shooter title Void Bastards take you back to derelict spaceships floating out in the empty space and players are tasked to protect a group of misfit prisoners from Sargasso Nebula.

The game is coming as a console launch exclusive to Xbox and it is unlike any other first-person shooters that you know of. So, hone your combat skills and go look for supplies to scavenge in an animated style graphics that is on the nose.

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Battlefield V | Xbox One X

The trailer showcases all Xbox One X enhancements for the upcoming anticipated first-person shooter Battlefield V from Electronic Arts and DICE. The 4K Ultra HD and HDR support only makes the experience of the war of an already great game even greater to players.

While the game looks like an overall improvement of previous title Battlefield 1 and it actually is, the enhanced visuals only empowers its good looks. So, not only you are playing a better title but leading your squad to victory is more enjoyable with the latest console.

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Jump Force | New Fighters

Publisher Bandai Namco has revealed an exclusive first look of two most anticipated manga characters for their upcoming 3-on-3 tag team fighting game Jump Force. They are SSGSS Vegeta and Golden Frieza from Dragon Ball universe.

Also witness SSGSS Goku and SSGSS Vegeta unleash their fury in an epic battle against a common enemy, Golden Frieza in the "Awakening" trailer. The tide of the fight is then shifted and now the villain gets the upper hand to show his moves.

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With all the features, games, supports and updates coming for Windows and Xbox console, people in Mexico City really got a blast out of X018. Xbox Game Pass got the best part from the entire show as they got a lineup of more than a dozen games for their members.

Also, Microsoft worked up their game development section really good this year by working with so many new companies and now they have two more promising studios to work with. Hopefully, players on their home console will see a great number of exclusives in the foreseeable future.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Shadow of The Tomb Raider Slammed on Steam

Shadow of The Tomb Raider gets massive load of negative reviews on Steam because of a recent sale.

With the recent release of action-adventure game Shadow of The Tomb Raider, developer Eidos and publisher Square Enix has brought back series protagonist Lara Croft once again and successfully concluded the reboot origin trilogy.

Initially, the game is launched on 14 September for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with a worldwide positive reception. However, things started going south lately when Square Enix decided to offer a sale for the game on Steam, which made many players who pre-ordered the game angry.

shadow of tomb raider negative review steam
Shadow of The Tomb Raider Slammed on Steam

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The retail price for the standard edition of the game received a 34% off on Valve's digital distribution platform Steam, shortly after a month of its release in a week-long sale and another 47% discount on the Croft Steelbook Edition.

Within days after the sale started, the game has its reputation moved from "Mostly Positive" to "Mixed" because of a surge of negative reviews. Most of them are complaining about being ripped off by pre-ordering as it came to sale too soon anyway.

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If you go through the recent reviews on the Steam page for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, all you will see is people being pissed off at Square Enix for this marketing tactics and 66% of the consumers left a negative remark for their dick move.

The only good side of this sale is that if anyone still hasn't picked up the game, now is the time. Since the Croft Steelbook Edition is also going on for a 47% price off, this is a killer deal right now to grab the base game and all the upcoming DLC when they arrive.

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What this Steam sale backlash leaving behind is a knock-on effect for future when players will reconsider the point of pre-ordering games if they are going on sale so early and if people will ever trust the company with any of their upcoming titles.

However, among the mass pile of review bombing over sale, there were some mentions of issues regarding audio and several glitches. Some of them also complained about the story arc being short and even the ones recommended it has the same grumble.

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Fans were very excited for Shadow of the Tomb Raider from the moment it was revealed and many even expected the game to be one of the biggest titles of 2018 because of an impressive narrative build and incredibly detailed graphics but sadly, that's not the case anymore.

Though it picked up things pretty well with favorable response but didn't turn out as expected in the end. Although, the series is currently on rest as the Survivor timeline has come to an end, only time will tell how much bigger price the company will have to pay for this betray of trust.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Enemy Showcase

Newest Shadow of the Tomb Raider trailer shows off every type of enemies that Lara Croft will come across.

Before developer Crystal Dynamics and Eidos with publisher Square Enix releases upcoming action-adventure title Shadow of the Tomb Raider on 14 September, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to complete the rebooted origin trilogy, players are given new details like gameplay trailers and other clips to give the idea of what Lara Croft is going to face. A brand-new trailer released recently to give a glance of all the enemies she is going up against in her latest adventure.

shadow of the tomb raider enemies
Shadow of the Tomb Raider Enemy Showcase

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Titled "Know Your Enemy", the video briefly goes through every peril that is thrown at the female protagonist of the game.

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The trailer showcases a variety of enemies from the regular Trinity soldiers on her tail from the beginning and every other party who thinks she is not welcomed in their territory. Speaking of which, we see a group of tribal Mayan warriors looking for her. While going through underwater passages, Lara is strangled by a giant Eel and then shown getting attacked by a swarm of Piranhas. Lastly, she is confronted by a terror from the wildlife of South America, a ferocious Jaguar.

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Although a 40 seconds-long trailer is not enough to showcase what Lara Croft has to survive to fulfill her quest but the close-ups gives us an idea of how much she has to endure. Of course, she will have her surrounding environment and different weapons to use at her advantage to deal with any enemies that come after her and she became quite a seasoned survivor to overcome them. Whether or not that is true, we will find out when Shadow of the Tomb Raider is launched next month.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Combat Gameplay

Inside the jungle of Peru, Lara Croft faces an apocalypse and her heavy conscience to become the Tomb Raider.

After going through a franchise reboot in 2013, developer Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal with publisher Square Enix has released action-adventure game Tomb Raider and a sequel Rise of the Tomb Raider. To complete the trilogy, they are bringing their upcoming Shadow of the Tomb Raider very soon on September 14 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Nearing the launch, the game developers decided to fill us in with more of their reinvented gameplay mechanics in a new video.

shadow of the tomb raider gameplay
Shadow of the Tomb Raider Combat Gameplay

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Check out this all-new gameplay footage from Shadow of the Tomb Raider, where we saw Lara becoming "One with the Jungle" and you will know soon what that means.

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Released today, the clip opens up with a beginning moment of the game where Lara struggles to survive an impending plane crash. We are then cut to in-game sequence where the titular female protagonist faces one of her toughest challenge yet in an unfriendly environment but she manages to use it at her advantage and takes military organization Trinity down to their knees. Her choices and decisions will lead to consequences to her friend Jonah and her new enemies as well.

lara croft tomb raider gameplay
Consequences of Her Actions

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Shadow’s setting, jungles of Peru are highlighted and shown how it lets Lara adapts her tactics against a militant force. Sneaking past her enemies to land a sudden attack or using her surroundings for camouflage is what makes her as dangerous as the landscape she is in. Also by developing her skill tree, new skills can be unlocked or finding out ancient totems like Eagle’s Talon can do that. It allows her to perform a rope takedown on an unsuspecting enemy and leave him hanging on a tree.

shadow of the tomb raider gameplay
Another Tomb Raiding Experience

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Let's not forget about the deadly jaguars that dwell on the jungle of South America and can come face-to-face with her. Survival skills will come in handy in situations like this and avoiding attacks before delivering the killing blow is very crucial. To keep track of its position, there are Perception herbs similar to previously introduced Medicinal herbs. Past titles have had players deal with wolf packs but this is completely a different game altogether and using nearby setting to save your skin is the right idea.

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We all know how much significance a tombs have in a Tomb Raider title and Shadow is not going to disappoint you. Of course, it also means that there will be critical puzzles to solve there, because that's what tradition demands. Developers have set the riddles in a way that will surely force the players to implement logic to crack them. These tombs are more expansive than ever and some of them will take Lara underwater just like the old days but with deadly piranhas lurking around.

shadow of the tomb raider ps4
Ingenious Puzzle Sequences

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Another impressive piece of feature you will come across is a customizable difficulty setting, which can be adjusted according to your preference. You can actually set or modify varying degrees of complexity of combat and puzzles as you see fit. Some excels in fighting but gets stuck in riddles and vice-versa, so those settings are to adjust things to your level to catch up. The mixture of these elements can make your entire game-playing experience more thrilling and truly unique.

tomb raider game series 2018
Lara Croft's Personal Journey

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Lara Craft's origin tale will see a conclusion in Shadow of the Tomb Raider that will shape her into the legendary Tomb Raider, which she was always destined to become by evolving from a survivor to a seasoned predator. Until the parties responsible for making the series a possibility is looking for sending her into a new adventure, this one is the final installment of the franchise. A live-action Tomb Raider movie starring Alicia Vikander and Dominic West also attempted to reestablish the series on cinema earlier this year.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Trailer

Previously, developer Crystal Dynamics and publisher Square Enix have attempted to reboot the Tomb Raider franchise featuring explorer Lara Croft by releasing Tomb Raider in 2013 and Rise of the Tomb Raider in 2015. Now, banded with Eidos Montreal, the developers have returned for the third installment of the series titled Shadow of the Tomb Raider. After a teaser trailer, artwork and release date of the game, we now have a full-length action-packed trailer upon us.

shadow of the tomb raider ps4
Shadow of the Tomb Raider Trailer

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The first Shadow of the Tomb Raider trailer takes Lara Croft into the jungle for a brand-new adventure that will mold her character into who we know her to be.

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Right from the earlier games of the Tomb Raider series, adrenaline-filled action and death defying stunts are what part of Lara's journey when she is out there on a new quest. Lara goes looking for some ancient mystery but then caught up saving the world from a Mayan apocalypse while being followed by dangerous enemies. She is after a solar eclipse and heads to Mexico as bows and bullets becomes a constant companion to her expedition. Theme of her story becomes darker in this final installment form Survivor Timeline.

shadow of the tomb raider ps4 trailer
End of Survivor Timeline

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider is very special for Lara as she evolves into the role of legendary Tomb Raider from a survivor adventurer. Her allies Sam and Reyes will join her quest with shadowy Trinity according to word floating around. Some kind of multiplayer or online mode might be there as hinted by the developers. The road that brought Lara from island of Yamatai to Mexico today will finally come to a conclusion which Square Enix had aimed for.

shadow of the tomb raider lara croft
Mystery of Solar Eclipse

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This seems like a perfect time to bring the game on the table as most recently, actor Alicia Vikander has embraced the character of series protagonist Lara Croft in 2018's Tomb Raider movie from the newly revived franchise and looks like they are doing a great job in creating a new direction for the series to follow. Besides, video game adaptations are doing pretty well than ever these days both in terms of commercial success and critical reception.

shadow of the tomb raider collector's edition
Quest for Shadowy Trinity

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On September 14, Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be available for playing on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game looks like the biggest thing in its entire run and quite suited for the wrap up of the trilogy that started in 2013. Camilla Luddington (Grey's Anatomy, True Blood) returns reprises her role as the lead female character in this upcoming title which part of one of the best video game series ever.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Shadow of the Tomb Raider First Artwork Revealed

Putting all speculation and rumors to rest, a teaser trailer and released date for upcoming Shadow of the Tomb Raider game is revealed this month. The live-action Tomb Raider movie starring Alicia Vikander and Dominic West is also released two weeks back to reboot the franchise. Now, in the good spirit of the series, Square Enix has recently dropped the exclusive first look at Lara Croft from the aforementioned game on social media.

shadow of the tomb raider lara croft art
Shadow of the Tomb Raider First Artwork Revealed

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In 2013, the popular video game series has gone through a reboot where we witness the lead female protagonist at the early stage of her journey. Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the third release from the new timeline. Actress Camilla Luddington has been lending voice and motion captures for portraying Lara Croft for this series and will reprise her role in this one too. Hopefully developer Crystal Dynamics returns with this third installment and lives up to the reputation of previous entries.

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The official Twitter handle for Tomb Raider game has unveiled the artwork for the fans and then added a link to a high-resolution version of that to Flickr.

Of course the game is about Lara Croft and she is the primary focus of the art but apart from her presence, we see two other things. We can see a solar eclipse taking place behind her head, just like the one that can be seen in the logo for Shadow of the Tomb Raider. It may point to her mission to deal with some sort of cryptic foresight, which is what she does. The next thing is a pyramid of either Aztec or Incan civilization. This one is also a good fit for a Tomb Raider game.

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There is a puzzle game called Path to the Stars on the official website for Tomb Raider for you to play. You will also notice a countdown timer set to April 27, when the full game reveal will take place, which most probably is a full-length trailer for the game. As Square Enix has mentioned earlier, Shadow of the Tomb Raider will saw defining moment of Lara Croft's life as she evolves into the Tomb Raider. This is the final step into the journey that she begun in 2013’s Tomb Raider game.

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By September 14, 2018, Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be available to play on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Now it is no secret that this title is the third one into the newly rebooted Tomb Raider franchise and players are all excited as well as waiting in high anticipation for this installment to come out of development for playing and go in dangerous adventures with Lara Croft.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Teaser Trailer

At this point, fans of Tomb Raider game series know the title of the game, release date and a few other things about the next entry in the franchise through a series of rumors and revealed leaks. Square Enix waited till the official time and finally released the first teaser trailer for upcoming action-adventure game Shadow of the Tomb Raider. This one is the third installment from the rebooted origin trilogy for Tomb Raider games.

shadow of the tomb raider teaser trailer xbox one ps4 pc
Shadow of the Tomb Raider Teaser Trailer

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Before talking details about this relatively short teaser trailer, let's check out the clip for upcoming Shadow of the Tomb Raider to intensify our hype.

What we saw in this teaser is a series of quick cuts, where Lara is seemingly running towards somewhere as some sort of solar eclipse. Some jaw-dropping mountain climbing shots by the lady is shown while gun-toting mercenaries lurking around in the depths of the jungle. We see a few shots of Mayan pyramids which means the protagonist is probably somewhere in Central America. Lara Croft's journey as an epic adventurer comes to a career defining moment in this cinematic trailer.

We already know that Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be released on September 14, 2018 and the game will be available across PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platform. The end of the trailer has just confirmed our previous findings to be accurate, that's all. Before the game will eventually come out, fans will have the chance to test it out in three different events upon registering at the official site of Tomb Raider.

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We previously assumed that since April 27 was marked as "reveal date" in official Tomb Raider website's HTML source code, it may be some sort of gameplay reveal but turns out the date is for Square Enix to drop the first official trailer for the game. Also, let's not forget that Alicia Vikander and Dominic West starring live-action Tomb Raider movie is releasing this March 16, 2018.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Release Date Revealed

In 2013, developer Square Enix has rebooted Tomb Raider game series and from there, a new origin series begin for one of most iconic female protagonist in video games. Lara Croft returned again in 2015 with the next installment of the series, Rise of the Tomb Raider. To complete a trilogy of origin stories a third installment was on the way and it's going to be titled Shadow of the Tomb Raider according to a leak from 2016.

shadow of the tomb raider release date
Shadow of the Tomb Raider Release Date Revealed

A Reddit user Tripleh280, on his way to work saw someone working on a presentation for ‘Shadow of the Tomb Raider’ next to him and posted the snap on web back in 2016, which revealed the title. For a long time, there was no buzz regarding the game and we were finally about to get the first teaser tomorrow, March 15, at 6 AM PDT as it says on the official website for Tomb Raider. Aside from a diminishing crescent on a dark background, there is literally nothing else and that sign actually hints that the rumored title Shadow of the Tomb Raider to be true.

shadow of the tomb raider teaser
Hint at The Rumored Title

The details regarding the upcoming title were kept under tight wraps but inspecting at the site’s HTML source code actually gave away a lot about Shadow of the Tomb Raider. We now have a release date, supported platforms and few other details ahead of time Square Enix had planned for the teaser. A Twitter user named Nibel has successfully uncovered all these data by simply looking at the source code of Tomb Raider's official website.

The guy also posted a series of Tweets and based on that what we know is that Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be released on September 14, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. That means, unlike Rise of the Tomb Raider this game won't be exclusively debuting on Xbox One before other platforms. There is a mention of April 27 as "reveal date" and our bet is that of a gameplay reveal. Square Enix however, refused to comment on any of it before the official time and date.

shadow of the tomb raider html code reveal
Release Date Revealed by HTML Source Code

Although developer Crystal Dynamics had previously worked on the first two titles of this newly rebooted Tomb Raider series, we still are not sure yet who is in the charge of development. Currently, the developer is busy with a brand-new Avengers video game for Marvel and another untitled project. Many suggest that developer Eidos Montreal might be involved making the new Tomb Raider game.

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The live-action Tomb Raider movie starring Alicia Vikander and Dominic West is coming out on March 16, 2018. The film has taken a step to reboot the series and what perfect time it is to reveal the next game of the franchise. With this third title, Tomb Raider series fans will finally have a closure on Lara's origin story.