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The Messenger Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store is offering PC version of side-scrolling platformer title The Messenger in free giveaway this week. This week on free PC game giveaway of Epic Games , side-scrolling action platformer game The Messenger from developer Sabotage Studios and publisher Devolver Digital has made it to their digital distribution outlet Epic Games Store . Starting off from today, the title becomes available right away for anyone and everyone with a free account on Epic Store to claim forever and you have until November 21, 7:59 AM PT/10:59 AM EDT to add it to your games collection for free. The Messenger Free on Epic Games Store Now RELATED: The Outer Worlds Player Beats Game on Max Difficulty, Non-Lethal Run Heavily inspired by Ninja Gaiden series, The Messenger let players assume role of a young ninja who takes it upon himself to deliver a scroll to save his clan by going through a cursed world when an army of demons laid siege to his village. Aside from banking on ma

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Title Update Live Now

Ubisoft launches first of two title updates for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint with much more yet to be done. After miserably failing short on player expectations with tactical shooter game Ghost Recon: Breakpoint , developer/publisher Ubisoft saw a major drop in market share due to outrage and halted some of their upcoming releases. Trying to work on their shortcomings and deliver a better gameplay experience, they planned out a long roadmap. Today, first of two major patch, Title Update 1.0.3 has been deployed for PC , PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Title Update Live Now RELATED: Ghost Recon: Breakpoint E3 2019 Gameplay Trailer This latest update came with a slew of bug fixes, improvements and biggest since Breakpoint launch. Ubisoft asked their fans to take part in their official survey and provide necessary feedbacks on what change are they looking for. One of the major issues bothering players was drone behavior, which has been addresse

Sword and Shield Code Has Some Pokémon Hidden

Game Freak has 35 fan-favorite Pokémon types hidden within game files of Pokémon Sword and Shield. Fans of Pokémon series of video games were disappointed over developer Game Freak removing a number of favorites from Pokédex for upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield , which was revealed at Nintendo live presentation at E3 2019 . If that news was enough to grind your gears really hard then wait until you find out that they kept 35 extra Pokémon in reserves that are not accessible through any normal means, according to recent datamining of in-game files. Sword and Shield Code Has Some Pokémon Hidden RELATED: Warner Bros. Cancelled Two Superman Games Shortly ahead of release, people managed to get their hands on copies of Sword and Shield , which they used looking for hidden content and one of them has discovered an additional number of 35 Pokémon buried deep beneath. What truly amazing about his findings is that there are other types outside of Galar Dex region including

Death Stranding Out Now

Open-world action game Death Stranding from Kojima Productions and Sony Interactive Entertainment is now available on PS4. Set in a dystopian supernatural world of near future, open-world action strand game Death Stranding from developer Kojima Productions and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment is now available for PlayStation 4 . After society has collapsed in a bizarre series of events, otherworldly creatures known as "Beached Things" has found their way to Earth and pushing it towards mass extinction but not if Sam Porter Bridges can help it. Death Stranding Out Now RELATED: Death Stranding Teaser Trailer As people living in isolation require supplies, they rely on reputed deliveryman Sam, who works for a company named Bridges. Aside from handing out parcels, he attempts to reconnect United Cities of America under a Chiral Network. He is aided by his "DOOMs" factor to be aware of mysterious BTs at all times but additionally he carries a

Nuclear Throne and RUINER Free on Epic Games Store Now

This week, Epic Games Store offers PC version of Nuclear Throne and RUINER for free giveaway. Following its launch back in December 2018, Epic Games decided to offer a free game each week on their digital distribution storefront Epic Games Store for a whole year and doubled down on that decision from July 2019. By now, EGS have given out fans a total of 50 games to play on PC platform completely free of cost that they can keep and forever in their library. Today, two new exciting titles have joined latest race of freebie giveaway for this week. Nuclear Throne and RUINER Free on Epic Games Store Now RELATED: Dauntless: Haunted Shadows Update Live Now In typical a post-apocalyptic plot, players are usually portrayed as last hope for humanity but roguelike shooter Nuclear Throne by Indie developer/publisher Vlambeer wants you to assume characteristics of a mutated monster. Mankind has gone extinct long ago and Earth is now a wasteland populated with gruesome creature

Diablo 4 to Feature More Gore, NPC and Towns

Blizzard will make Diablo IV much darker; will add over 100 towns for more NPC interaction to tell a grounded story. Revealed last week at BlizzCon 2019 , developer/publisher Blizzard Entertainment is working on Diablo IV , next installment of hack and slash action RPG game series that is set to launch for PC , PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. Shortly afterwards, players have a chance to take a look at its story premise and brief gameplay overview. Blizzard is not only going to make Diablo 4 darker but is planning to feature more towns and villages with lots of NPC interaction. Diablo IV to Feature More Gore, NPC and Towns RELATED: Diablo 4 Announced During a panel at BlizzCon , creative director Sebastian Stępień talked about its lore and world. Darkness will greatly serve its plotline by moving from infamously bright surroundings of Diablo III and more gritty vibes of Diablo II . There will be lots of NPCs from more than 100 towns and villages for players t

Diablo 4 Will Have Cosmetic Micro-Transactions

Blizzard would offer players cosmetic micro-transactions for character skins and mounts in Diablo IV. Earlier this month, developer/publisher Blizzard Entertainment kicked-off BlizzCon 2019 by officially revealing upcoming Diablo IV from renowned hack and slash action RPG game series Diablo for PC , PlayStation 4 and Xbox One . D4 is to take a darker path than its predecessor and will feature more than 100 towns to explore. It is also unveiled recently by a livestream from BlizzCon that they will include some micro-transactions for cosmetic items. Diablo 4 Will Have Cosmetic Micro-Transactions RELATED: Diablo 4 Announced Blizzard representatives confirmed during their annual event that Diablo 4 will add character customization options and mounts, which players are allowed to spend money on to purchase these items for their characters. Although developers are currently planning to do micro-transactions solely for cosmetics, there is no guarantee that they won

Diablo 4 Will Be Always Online

Blizzard has confirmed that all versions of Diablo IV are online-only and won't support a full offline mode. Only days ago at BlizzCon 2019 , developer/publisher Blizzard Entertainment has officially announced Diablo IV , latest installment of their hack and slash action RPG game series Diablo for PC , PlayStation 4 and Xbox One . Of course, this news would make fans cheer in joy and maybe even have them forgive Blizzard for disastrous launch event of Diablo Immortal from last year but there is a catch; D4 will require you to be connected to the internet. Diablo IV Will Be Always Online RELATED: Diablo 4 Announced Lead designer Angela Del Priore has recently confirmed on a panel at BlizzCon that Diablo 4 will not feature a full offline mode, which means players would need to have a constant access to internet connection if they want to play. You are free to enjoy solo adventure and noting would force them to party up with others but they won't support a