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Into The Breach Free on Epic Games Store Now! Again!

Epic Games Store is giving away acclaimed turn-based strategy game Into The Breach for free once again, on this week's giveaway.

Though freebie titles offered by Epic Games on a weekly rotation are mostly unique, there are a few repeats in rare instances when Epic Games Store brings back a returning PC game on their digital distribution outlet for free giveaway.

Epic Store has picked up Into The Breach for giveaway this week, which is already offered once during Holiday Sale 2019. Anyone with a free account can grab a copy and keep forever before September 10, 8:00 AM PT/10:00 AM EDT.

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Critically-acclaimed turn-based strategy game Into The Breach from developer/publisher Subset Games lets you take control of a powerful mech to fend off waves of Kaiju monsters and come up with great strategies to save the world.

Watch your moves when battling on various regions that look like a chess board and always be on a looko…

Xbox Game Pass to Add Frostpunk, Tekken 7 and More

Kicking-off a new year on console and PC, Xbox Game Pass is adding new games like Frostpunk, FTL, Tekken 7 and more on January 2020.

Constantly adding value to their monthly subscription service, Xbox Game Pass has listed a new bunch of games to a jam-packed catalog for PC and Xbox One platforms for members to have a cheerful beginning in New Year of 2020.

If you are looking forward to try out some great new games and have a membership to Game Pass or Game Pass Ultimate then you can jump on to some new arrival very soon in early January on your Microsoft consoles or PC.

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Frostpunk | Console, PC, Ultimate
When world is suffering from a natural disaster of global cooling event, every decision you take to keep a group of survivors alive and infrastructure intact will determine your fate in city-building survival simulation game Frostpunk.

Players will explore frozen wastelands of a post-apocalyptic world in a great s…

Faster Than Light Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store offers a copy of Faster Than Light on PC, on eighth day of 12 days of free games giveaway.

On a continuous frenzy of free games offer from Epic Games to run a 12 days of free games initiative on Epic Games Store, players on PC platform has already received a handful of games with a few more to come each day until yearend.

Joining on eighth day of annual giveaway, top-down real-time strategy game FTL: Faster Than Light from indie developer/publisher studio Subset Games is now available on Epic Store for another 24 hours for anyone to claim a copy.

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Though your entire playthrough is centered within a spaceship, you may not face any regular troubles that a typical outer space game will throw at you but will be occupied looking after crew and guide your ship to destination instead.

FTL gives you a sole objective of delivering vital information to allies with a rebel fleet on your tail and you must go through eig…

Into The Breach Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store is kicking-off Holiday Sale by giving away PC version of Into the Breach game for free.

To kick-start Holiday Sale on Epic Games Store, 12 days of free games giveaway program has been launched by Epic Games today to offer at least one game on PC platform each day for players to add to their collection.

Contrary to a yearlong freebie offered earlier by EGS, these new titles will arrive and stay for only 24 hours span. So, you won't want to miss a bunch of more games to add into your online library before you bid 2019 goodbye.

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Players who love turn-based strategy game with minimalistic approach would surely love Into the Breach. This 2018 critically-acclaimed title hails from indie developer/publisher studio Subset Games and now on Epic Store to claim for free.

You bring your giant mechs to tactfully fight off legions of Kaiju monsters on various landscapes presented like chess boards. While these region…