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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Epic Mega Sale 2019

Ahead of summer 2019, Epic Games Store offers their first major sale in "Epic Mega Sale" and more free games than ever.

Ever since it's official launch back in December 2018, Epic Games has been bagging exclusive titles from renowned developers and giving away free games on a biweekly basis via their digital distribution platform Epic Games Store.

Lately, they have announced to sponsor PC Gaming Show at E3 2019 next month and backed it up with kicking-off their first major sale that comes with insane discount offers to turn your head around and more free games giveaway!

epic mega sale 2019 epic games store summer sale free games
Epic Mega Sale 2019

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Starting from May 16, ordering any game with a price tag of $14.99 or above gets you an instant $10 discount on behalf of Epic Store until June 13. However, it will not be applicable for DLC, Season Pass or other in-game purchases.

In case of every pre-order placed for unreleased game before May 16 that are worth $14.99 or more, customers will automatically get a $10 refund in next 7-12 days to the payment method they used for purchase and enjoy the sale.

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Many partnering developers and publishers are currently offering up to 75% off on games within their storefront. Games that are bought between May 2 and May 15 will also get a refund amount, more of which is detailed in their official FAQ section.

Epic Store is also very thankful to an immensely positive reception of their one free game in every two weeks offer and decided to give you a title each week during Epic Mega Sale for free by starting the queue with Stories Untold.

epic mega sale games summer 2019 metro exodus oxenfree shadow complex remastered thimbleweed park what remains of edith finch
Epic Mega Sale Games Under $5

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Within a price range of only $5, you can bag titles like Donut County, Metro: Last Light Redux, Metro Exodus, Oxenfree, Shadow Complex Remastered, Thimbleweed Park and What Remains of Edith Finch for now to add to your collection.

Increase that cap to $10 to add Afterparty, Close to the Sun, John Wick Hex, Operencia: The Stolen SunPhoenix PointShakedown: HawaiiSubnautica, The Walking Dead: The Final Season and World War Z to your purchase list.

epic mega sale games summer 2019 close to the sun john wick hex operencia: the stolen sun phoenix point world war z
Epic Mega Sale Games Under $10

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If shaking up the entire video games industry with Fortnite wasn't enough, Epic had to go further and beyond and this major sales announcement is seemingly a counter to annual Steam Summer Sale that is coming in a few weeks.

Epic Games Store has been open for six months or so and despite many gamers on PC platform despises their controversial policy with exclusives to stay ahead of competition, they are making some serious wave in video game space.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Thimbleweed Park Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store is giving away indie adventure game Thimbleweed Park for free from now until March 7.

Coming to digital distribution platform Epic Games Store as a free giveaway, point-and-click adventure game Thimbleweed Park from developer/publisher Terrible Toybox will be available to claim for another two weeks on the platform.

The digital outlet has launched back in December 2018 with a handful of exquisite games as part of their launch lineup and a promise of giving away a free game every two weeks for the rest of 2019 and we have received five titles already.

thimbleweed park epic games store free
Thimbleweed Park Free on Epic Games Store Now

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Presented in a 2D graphics environment, Thimbleweed Park lets players to play and switch around with five playable characters in a strange town to perform different actions and solving puzzles while giving you vibes of X-Files TV series.

Players are given the chance to add this successful crowd-funding title with mostly positive reviews to their library on Epic Games forever before 7:59 PM PT/10:59 PM EST of March 7, 2019 and also save $19.99 at the same time.

thimbleweed park epic games store free pc
Uncover Surreal Secrets

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Aside from snagging out a couple of timed exclusives by AAA-publishers away from Steam, Epic Games Store seem to also up their free video game giving away program by adding new and exciting titles to entice players to their platform.

After games like Subnautica, Super Meat Boy, What Remains of Edith Finch, The Jackbox Party Pack and Axiom Verge are offered free on a biweekly basis, Thimbleweed Park joins the fray and makes way for life simulation title Slime Rancher to come next.