Thursday, May 24, 2018

Miramar Map Arrives for PUBG on Xbox One

Miramar map finally arrives for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox One as part of game’s spring update.

Third-person multiplayer shooter experience with Battle Royale classic PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox One is going to intensify a lot as PUBG brings another anticipated map for Microsoft's console. The game itself has been out for six months and the map has been on Xbox One test server for over a month now. We are talking about the second map Miramar of this modern day death match, which has already gone live with their Spring update a we got a clip with highlights.

pubg miramar xbox one map
Miramar Map Arrives for PUBG on Xbox One

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Witness the vastness of Miramar that challenges the players of battlegrounds to survive the unforgiving desert it is.

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Set in a desert, Miramar offers you a town built in it surrounded by hills and gives you a lot of open spaces to test out your surviving skills against everyone else. Not only has the map allowed you a lot of spaces to hide from people trying to kill you but also gives away cool weapons like R45 revolver, sawed-off shotgun and Win94 lever-action rifle as tool for survival. Also, the 6-seat van and an off-road pickup truck are vehicles designed especially for this unique location.

pubg miramar map xbox one
New Environments to Explore

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We all know that the development team is always trying to better optimize the game for an improved gameplay experience for all and thanks to Xbox Game Preview experience, you will notice many signs of load times, optimization and stability around. Environmental properties will now load properly when players are dropping on land or building. The issue of entire game crashing has also been worked on and they are still taking feedbacks while constantly working towards it more.

pubg golden tracksuit dlc pack
PUBG Golden Tracksuit Pack
pubg instructor dlc pack
PUBG Instructor Set Pack

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Don't forget the chance to grab some new cosmetic items that comes along with Spring update. If you have somehow missed the opportunity to grab Instructor Set or Track Suit pack, they are back again. The former comes with camouflage cap, short pants and orange shirt while the latter contains a golden tracksuit top with matching pants. Both packs costing only $4.99 will be available for purchase from in-game Lobby Store for a limited time.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a last-man-standing shooter from PUBG Corporation that came out in Early Access on PC and Xbox One last year. Then Android and iOS version of PUBG also came following soon as well. Those playing the PC version have been enjoying Miramar since December 2017 and Xbox One testing is running from April 2018. A third map, Sanhok, is currently on test servers for PC and will probably release within next few months.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Battlefield V Won't Have Premium Pass

EA Dice and Electronic Arts confirms that Battlefield V will not have any randomized loot boxes.

During their live-stream reveal event for upcoming first-person shooter game Battlefield V, developer EA Dice and publisher Electronic Arts have talked about many specific details to entertain the curiosity of the audience. One such important and controversial topic was of in-game loot boxes that everyone wants to know in clear details. According to an EA spokesperson, there won't be any randomized loot boxes in their latest entry from Battlefield series.

battlefield v no premium pass
Battlefield V Won't Have Premium Pass

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There was a scope for paid DLC expansions or premium battle pass that granted players access to maps, new weapons and various other items to use in multiplayer mode. Battlefield 1 of 2016 had a premium pass worth $49.99 aside from the base game purchase, which allowed players of such vanity. This idea was criticized because, it effected the overall gameplay experience by creating two groups of people; one who have the DLC pack and the one who just own  the base game.

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Electronic Arts opted out from adding paid DLC in Titanfall 2 and Star Wars Battlefront II loot box controversy was one of the worst news from last year. Ubisoft and Xbox have moved away from this practice with flagship games a while ago and most recently, Activision and Treyarch did the same by announcing of not including a season pass with DLC maps for their upcoming game Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. So it is very nice to see that even EA is trying to follow the same trend with BFV.

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Although, micro-transactions will eventually come in form of cosmetic items as it is part of BF5's progression system. The game will let players access their soldiers, vehicles and weapons between competitive multiplayer and other modes, which is pretty cool! You can even customize your face paints, helmets, shirts and each single piece of item you possess. Since these items are used for cosmetic purpose, they will not have any effects or whatsoever on gameplay.

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That means, everyone that has a copy of Battlefield V can enjoy access to all existing and future contents by just buying the game and nothing is locked up behind a cleverly devised pay wall. One of the brand-new modes, Tides of War encourages you to keep playing it for getting into limited time events and challenges set on during the era of World War II. It's really nice seeing them making amends for their misguided decisions in past with Battlefront II and making a smart move with latter projects.

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Currently, Battlefield V is expecting release on October 19, to play on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Using EA Access or Origin Access, you can start your early free trial from October 11. Pre-ordering the game will give you the same benefit as well, or you can just purchase the Deluxe Edition to get started from October 16. Before it is finally released worldwide, an open beta will be there and we still are waiting for a date for that to be announced anytime soon.

Battlefield V Reveal Trailer

Throwing lots of speculation and rumors behind our back, developer EA Dice and publisher Electronic Arts had announcement of Battlefield V being the next installment from their renowned first-person shooter series Battlefield. A live-stream reveal event was set for May 23, hosted by Trevor Noah from The Daily Show. Although the event started 52 minutes later than its previously mentioned time and everyone eventually came to finally make the game public and came the trailer.

battlefield v ea dice
Battlefield V Reveal Trailer

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Witness the official reveal trailer for upcoming Battlefield V, which is set during the conflict of Second World War, re-defined.

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The trailer doesn't give away much expected details except for guns-blazing into the field of battle but the live-stream was quite insightful though. It took two years for Dice and EA to come up with their next title in story-based shooter franchise and what better way they had than returning to the era of World War II. BFV will mostly focus on team-based gameplay and they have completely ditched the idea of having a rumored battle royale mode like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Fortnite.

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One of the biggest changes you can feel playing BF5 is that they have moved away from abstraction. As in, you no longer get healed by an aura just by moving into a specific area like before. However, players can revive each other and that is why soldier customization is very important from the beginning. Also, you cannot have a quick scan of an area full of enemies and point them out with their icons. That is no longer an option anymore and you have to aim and shoot upon seeing a soldier.

battlefield world war 2
Return To World War II

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Instead of previously rendered animated cut-scenes, Dice have materialized real physics here. Environmental destruction will affect you and your surroundings, thanks to their newly introduced motion mechanics. Firing, taking cover and turning sees more real than it ever did before. The developers also emphasized of team-play a lot this time. That is why, whenever you enter a match, you will be put into a squad and since communication is the key, you can talk to them during loading screen, lobby or anywhere.

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From October 19, upcoming first-person shooter title Battlefield V will be available to play on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Players with Origin Access or those who pre-order will be able to enter a free trial from October 11. If you order the Deluxe Edition in advance, you can play the game from October 16 and there is an open beta waiting for a yet to be revealed date. So basically, everyone can take a shot at EA's latest Battlefield game before it is released worldwide.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Wolfenstein II Alternate Box Art for Nintendo Switch

Bethesda Offers limited edition game sleeves with alternate artwork for Wolfenstein II on Nintendo Switch.

First-person shooter Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus from developer Machine Games is going to debut on Nintendo Switch on June 29 and Switch owner couldn't be happier. Publisher Bethesda Softworks wanted to celebrate the occasion of this upcoming release and decided to make it special for all those fans eagerly waiting for the port launch. So, they have some special game sleeves featuring alternate artwork of the game that you can pick from any GameStop location in North America.

wolfenstein ii the new colossus switch box art
Wolfenstein II Alternate Box Art for Nintendo Switch

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The exclusive artwork from alternate box arts are featured our beloved hero B.J. Blazkowicz is some very different scenarios from the game. The first one among the four new covers is titled Collage, which is a gathering of allies around protagonist William Blazkowicz and what looms overhead is an entire gang from Nazi regime with their Frau Engel Frau Engel on top. Mayhem has B.J. raining down heavy fire upon enemy soldiers as he is backing in distance while vehicles are blowing up.

wolfenstein ii the new colossus switch frau engel
Wolfenstein II Alternate Collage Box Art
wolfenstein ii the new colossus switch b j blazkowicz
Wolfenstein II Alternate Mayhem Box Art

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The third one is called Stealth, where Blazkowicz has just hacked a leg of an unsuspecting soldier from underneath a car or something, who probably came chasing him but lost his limbs instead. Next up, our hero is pouring down his heavy fire-powers against enemies down the street, which of course is the Tactical alternate cover. This one actually hints at an in-game cover system introduced in this title, which players can use during combat for tactical advantage.

wolfenstein ii the new colossus switch art
Wolfenstein II Alternate Stealth Box Art
wolfenstein ii the new colossus switch cover
Wolfenstein II Alternate Tactical Box Art

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Action-adventure first-person shooter Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus will come out for Nintendo Switch on June 29, 2018. We appreciate Bethesda walking an extra mile to offer some incentive for the fans that will make their long waiting worthwhile. The best part about is that, you don't even need to buy even a single copy of the game at all. So, be sure to visit your nearing GameStop outlets next month to collect your limited edition copies when Wolf 2 hit the shelves.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Battlefield V Teaser Trailer

Ahead of an official reveal for Battlefield V on May 23, developer EA Dice and Electronic Arts had been keeping or at least trying to keep everything under wraps to intensify the moment. The game is still awaiting release for a later date this year. Yet some of the interesting information regarding the title was revealed when Battlefield's official Twitter account decided to tease their upcoming title from popular multiplayer shooter series. A teaser of the game is now on Twitter and YouTube.

battlefield 5 trailer gameplay details
Battlefield V Teaser Trailer

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This week, the most anticipating live-stream reveal event of Battlefield V is going to be hosted by The Daily Show's Trevor Noah, who has announced of his involvement earlier on Twitter. We have a teaser trailer of the game from Twitter slightly ahead of the big event, which is yet unlisted on YouTube and you can only watch it if you have the link for it as it won't appear in search results or their video section. Even though, this teaser doesn't give away much, eagle-eyed fans are still looking for hidden clues.

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From May 18, the clip has been idly there on Battlefield's official YouTube channel and that means, Dice probably didn't wanted  everyone to find this except for the nosy ones. The trailer above is relatively short in duration but still; you can gather a few details from it. For those who have already played Battlefield 1 may find that HUD screen quite similar. But what we noticed from that screen is that it has a Union Jack on left and German army’s Balkenkreuz emblem on the right side.

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If you are still left wondering what that means, then this is one of the sign that says the game is set on World War II era of somewhat involved in it, just like previous rumors have suggested. Allied and Axis forces flag from WWII period is a strong hint because history says, Balkenkreuz insignia was worn by Germany only during the second World War. Now, it can be either the developer going for an alternate take on history or just ignoring it slightly to serve their purpose of secrecy.

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The scoreboard shown in the video also points out that the game has a four-player mode and from the objectives bar on top, it looks similar to Conquest mode. However, the biggest mystery is the setting of Battlefield V, as Dice has been teasing a "new setting" for their military shooter. Although the teaser suggests a World War II background, it can also be a decoy to distract fans from digging out too much than they want. We can only tell after the big-reveal on Mixer, Twitch and YouTube goes live.

Epic Games Will Arrange Fortnite Esports

Epic Games will be giving up a prize pool worth of $100M for Fortnite’s first year of esports tournaments.

With rising popularity of their free-to-play battle royale game Fortnite, developer Epic Games announced for an Esports tournament for a prize pool worth $100 million. They will have a competitive season from 2018 to 2019 for their insanely popular third-person shooter. So, they are inviting the best players to take part in this arrangement to take a shot at the grand prize. Fortnite Battle Royale will be the main focus of the challenge and skilled players will be pitted against each other.

fortnite 100 million tournament epic games
Epic Games Will Arrange Fortnite Esports

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Epic Games have yet not specified when these competitions will begin but they have stated last month that, during E3 in June 2018, they will kick-start 100-person tournament which will be called Fortnite Party Royale. The developers were also not very specific about how they are planning to play it out except the mention of trying to do something out of the box. So, they might actually be up to something and may even break the traditional inspiration for such contests.

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One thing is certain about their intention and that is to make this experience a great fun for both players and spectators. Looks like, they are finally close to bridge the gap between professional players and viewers enjoying the game as their favorite players broadcast on Twitch with this deal. The UMG’s Friday Fortnite competition is already being organized to bring together gaming personalities from Twitch and YouTube in a race to get the most number of kills.

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Through Early Access, Fortnite debuted for PC on July, 2017 and then Mac, PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One eventually saw the release. Quickly taking over the popularity of last-man-standing shooter, the game even gave PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds a tough run for their money. After conquering online streaming platforms, they sure are looking for playing in big leagues as it seems. If you are a huge fan of the title, its time you try to cash in your skills on Fortnite.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version Comes to Nintendo Switch

Resident Evil 7 "Cloud Version" is coming to Nintendo Switch on May 24 with a free demo but only for Japan now!

Despite everyone's doubt and disbelief on Resident Evil 7: Biohazard can ever be ported to Nintendo Switch, it is finally coming to Nintendo's next-gen portable gaming platform, although it needs an odd cloud installation method. Aside from the game being only available in digital version, it will only be available for playing in Japan for now, which is a major downer for the fans from rest of the world. The most recent title from Capcom’s survival horror series is coming

resident evil 7 cloud version nintendo switch
Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version Comes to Nintendo Switch

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Below is a trailer for upcoming Switch version of the game we found on official YouTube channel of Biohazard, known for Resident Evil in Japan, where it is labeled as a “cloud version” of the game RE7. All you have to do is to install a 45 MB file on your Switch hard drive and since you will be playing the game from Nintendo's cloud storage, you will need a steady internet connection to enjoy it.

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Capcom fans owning a latest Nintendo console can now finally experience the disturbingly shocking horror that the title proved to be. You are allowed to play a 15-minute free trial of the cloud version from May 24 and then you have to spend ¥2,000, which is equivalent of $17.96 only to continue playing for the next 180 days. Currently, the game supporting only Japanese language is listed on Nintendo eShop as Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version and can be found in Japan.

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Resident Evil 7 explores the story of a system engineer named Ethan Winters, who has been looking for his missing wife Mia for past three years. When he suddenly receives a disturbing video message from her where she asks him to come look for her in a deserted plantation home of Dulvey, Louisiana, Ethan goes looking for her there only to be confronted by the psychotic members of the Baker family. What freaky terror he discovers there was far beyond his or anyone's imagination.

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Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version for Switch also offers downloadable contents Banned Footage Volume 1, 2, End of Zoe and Not a Hero as well. Originally released back in January 2017, RE7 is available to play on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR and Xbox One. The one we are talking about doesn't look like to have a translation of English language in it, which means, this version is not meant for Switch players from North America. So, we have to wait until they announce that version or just include option for English language.

Friday, May 18, 2018

State of Decay 2 Early Access Live Now

State of Decay 2 early access starts today for fans that purchased the Ultimate Edition before global launch of May 22.

If you happen to have purchased the Ultimate Edition for open world zombie survival game State of Decay 2, then you are getting a head-start in its post-apocalyptic world before the game finally releases worldwide on May 22. Through PC or Xbox One, you can have your four-day early access to venture around and become familiar with your surrounding environment before everyone else joins the party. On a later date, you will also get to play Independence Pack and Daybreak Pack.

state of decay 2 early access
State of Decay 2 Early Access Live Now

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Watch the gameplay launch trailer for the game, showing the struggle of survivors after 18 months into zombie apocalypse.

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The first add-on DLC Independence Pack welcomes players to celebrate their independence by providing you gears, vehicles and weapons that you can modify as you see fit and enjoy killing those zombies around you. Daybreak Pack on the other hand will grant you a new map, missions and events as well as a new mode called “Horde”.  This one is an all-new patriotic way for you to take the battle to your undead adversaries and wipe them out for good.

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Developer Undead Labs and publisher Microsoft Studios presents us a sequel to their 2013's original zombie survival fantasy and it perfectly lives up the expectation of fans. It was a huge task to complete as not only they have to reach the level of greatness of their predecessor but also, they wanted to provide something even better. State of Decay 2 has a range of unique characters, each with their very own back-stories to fuel their motive into surviving against all odds.

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State of Decay 2: Ultimate Edition can be yours for the price of $49.99 and Standard Edition will only cost you $29.99. Upon release on May 22, the ultimate will be available on PC and Xbox One. You are allowed to team up with three of your friends using cross-platform co-op feature from Xbox Play Anywhere program and switch frequently in between your platforms. Also, you will be getting a download token for console version of State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition as a bonus.

No Man's Sky Getting Multiplayer

No Man’s Sky’s big multiplayer update is finally launches in July to to race, build and dogfight with friends.

One of the main features co-founder of developer studio Hello Games, Sean Murray had announced about their action-adventure survival game No Man’s Sky was multiplayer during pre-launch of the game. However, that was missing upon release and became one of the major causes for a huge backlash from fans. They sure have to keep themselves from making that sort of marketing missteps and in effort to improve the game; they are bringing true multiplayer experience.

no mans sky multiplayer announced
No Man's Sky Getting Multiplayer

You probably know by now that, Hello Games will be bringing the next big update for their 2016's release this summer and it will be released for Xbox One as well. Titled “NEXT”, this update will drop on July 24 with a full-fledged multiplayer mode that may finally bring an end to an era after awaiting two years in hope and feeling betrayed. Looks like the studio is finally up for earning some redemption by delivering what they promised for this space exploration adventure.

Initially failing to provide a lot that they actually had in stores, the game forced UK’s Advertising Standards Authority to investigate on Hello Games and its small team of approximately twelve employees. It was really surprising that even after allying up with a publisher like Sony, they would even try to do that. However, they are occasionally releasing a series of free updates to provide those features that weren't there during release and make amends for all those misleading promises.

Although partial features of multiplayer was already implemented through their third major update “The Atlas Rises”, which was released on the game's one year anniversary, the new announcement by Murray suggests that everything is going to change and more players will be taking part when the real deal comes to play. So, the excitement and fun of base building, surviving and racing together is no longer a far-fetched dream in No Man’s Sky then? Only time will tell.

We have an interview of Sean Murray coming to Inside Xbox web series to announce Multiplayer and the anticipated release date for “NEXT” update.

No Man’s Sky is already available to play on PC and PlayStation 4 and now finally coming to Xbox One along with an enhanced version for Xbox One X. Finally all 18 quintillion planets of the game are coming together very soon and some of the players are still quite skeptical but can you really blame them? We only hope that upcoming fourth major expansion really delivers what they promised and players finally get what they have been waiting for.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Revealed

Developer Treyarch has confirmed Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 not having any single-player campaign at all.

Finally a long running wild-goose chase has ended as Treyarch and Activision has released some trailers of their upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on a community revel event today! With that this popular first-person shooter sub-series is making its return with their fourth installments. All the rumors on battle royale, jetpacks and zombies finally came out to be true and look like; the developers have put a lot of their effort on this project, because all of those clips were amazing.

call of duty black ops 4 reveal
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Revealed

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Check out this cinematic trailer for CoD: Black Ops 4 that highly emphasize on playing as a team. In other words, its Multiplayer mode.

Just because Activision has decided to shift their focus on multiplayer doesn't mean that they are abandoning single-player mode permanently. The overall change they are introducing us to is exclusive for this year’s game. Future Call of Duty titles will return to what people consider as the roots of the franchise. Meanwhile, you are all welcome to enjoy some high-paced futuristic setting action with guns blazing and flame-throwing at enemies to blow them up alongside your teammates.

Shooting through walls and bringing down helicopters in battlefield will soon make you realize that your every shot counts. Your healing is no longer automatic and so, using your special recovery button will be as vital as it is to reload frequently. Combat system is mostly ground based and weapon customization is one of the primary aspects. There are attachments unique to your guns that cannot be shared with all class. Treyarch made sure that you would become trigger-happy playing this one.

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We now want to take peak at some Zombies action that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has in stores for us. The first clip takes us to a medieval age setup in a gladiatorial arena with flesh-eating beings of the supernatural. Yup, that's what they are.

Black Ops 4's cooperative Zombies mode is perhaps what Treyarch offers us as a compensation for replacing story mode. You can play Zombies mode as solo with AI-controlled partners or in a four-player co-op like always. There goes your substitute for single player mode and all four heroes are exploring brand-new storyline as they travel back in time to fight those hordes of undead menaces. At launch, the game will offer three different Zombies experiences set apart from previous games.

Second trailer takes our time travelling heroes to a cruise setup of what seems like Titanic, where they work together to secure a relic that can unleash those ravaging terrors on Earth. Since Treyarch never had a plan to do a traditional campaign, adding back-stories for Zombies mode is sort of nice. Plus, there will be limited time events and special challenges for players to take part in squads or with aid from team members controlled by bots. Have we mentioned that these campaigns can also be tweaked with some added customization options? They do.

call of duty black ops 4 zombies
Blood of the Dead

Also, the rumors on the game not having a single player campaign turn out to be true all along. Which brings a brand-new a battle royale mode in its place called Blackout and you do know how this genre of games works by now, right? Of course you do. If you do remember Nuketown map from Call of Duty's Black Ops franchise, then the one that features in this mode will blow your mind as it is the biggest map in entire series till date. Time for trend to take over tradition.

If running through a desert map buck naked with a frying pan in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds or shooting people hoping around in Epic Games' free-to-play Fortnite makes you think that you have seen all there is to see in battle royale, then Blackout mode from Black Ops 4 will open a whole new world in front of you. Reportedly, they are to add characters, map locations and weapons from all previous titles to this one. The action will take place on ground, sea and air to expand your reaches even further.

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Apparently, whatever glimpse of features we have witnessed says that the developers did what they could to fill the emptiness of a single-player campaign. Also, zombies are to appear in the middle of this chaos, which will be a lot more exciting and more intense for players. However, the multiplayer aspect will have some narrative after all and most possibly, the new battle royale mode Blackout is going to make PUBG and every other last-man-standing shooter look pale in comparison for sure.

call of duty black ops 4 multiplayer
Most Thrilling Multiplayer

Upcoming first-person shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, a sequel to Call of Duty: Black Ops III is all set to release on October 12, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Being the 15th release from mainstream Call of Duty series, the game sure is taking a giant leap and all parties involved are trying to make sure that it has some solid values for being one of the most replayable games ever.

Steam to Remove Adult Games

Steam threatens developers of anime-style adult games to be censored or get removed from Steam.

Online dating simulators, video games or visual novels containing adult content are extremely popular on web whether they are free or paid. Of course they are labeled as their type to prevent them from falling into the hands of minors and many indie developers are being drawn towards working on more projects like these. However, Valve’s digital distribution platform Steam has recently issued a warning to a couple of studios regarding adult contents in their games.

steam visual novels nsfw takedown valve
Steam to Remove Adult Games

A couple of developers for visual novel stated in social media that they are being affected by this decision. Two of the most infamous NSFW games HuniePop and Mutiny!! on Valve’s launcher containing some serious nudity are to be mentioned in this case. Developer HuniePot has tweeted out that they have received a notice on e-mail from Valve that their game is currently pending additional censorship for pornographic content in it.

For the time being, HuniePop is still available on Steam store and so is fellow game Mutiny!! Developer studio Lupiesoft of the latter has received same message concerning their content as well. Although, they have worked maintaining strict guidelines and created the game under Valve’s policies, it seems kind of contradictory action for the platform. When their Steam publisher MangaGamer has directly contacted with them, they assured that softcore nudity is allowed. Feeling confused yet?

There are no signs of the game being under threat of removal or something, which was maybe to not alert or frightened the players. The developers received a deadline for 2 weeks, which is basically till the end of this month to either bring change to their subject material or being removed. It appears many other games on the aforementioned platform of visual novel genre are feeling this heat wave now. What baffles us about all of it is that Steam versions of these games are already censored.

steam remove anime style adult games
HuniePop and Mutiny!! To Be Censored

If you are willing then fully uncensored versions of HuniePop and Mutiny!! are available on other retailers or you can just download a patch that will include the explicit parts to the game. This is how many players are having their way with such games because Steam will never allow the developers to share those patches on their platform. Fading these updates are no hard task at all as you can simply do it with a Google search or just go to their developers website looking for it.

Bottom line is, there is a pretty good chance that these two games are leaving Steam very soon and many others will follow. Another thing to notice here is that popular mainstream titles like Grand Theft Auto 5 and The Witcher 3 contains nudity but they haven't faced such aggression yet. Some says that they are only against games with sexual content featuring anime-style art and we cannot rule that possibility out. On the bright side, even though Valve purges these adult games from store, owners will still have them on their libraries.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Battlefield V Live Reveal Next Week

Putting all rumors and speculations to rest, official reveal for Battlefield V is heading this way and we have to wait only a few more days. When they mentioned for an untitled game from Battlefield franchise in last year's financial report, everyone has been waiting for it, while wondering what the title would be. Electronic Arts finally announced that in a live reveal event on May 23 at 1 PM PT, they will reveal the next game of their popular multiplayer shooter series.

battlefield v official reveal stream
Battlefield V Live Reveal Next Week

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After initially let the cat out of the bag, EA has kept their mouth sealed up until now. Instead of confirming or denying anything, they just decided to sit back and watch the rumors fly. A theory of the game being set on World War II era and will be called Battlefield V came up. Then there was another that the new release will belong to their Bad Company series. Some even start calling it Battlefield 2018 before the official announcement came. Looking at their post on official Twitter account, we decided to run with the first theory.

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Also to let you know, this live reveal event will be hosted by Trevor Noah of The Daily Show, who posted about it on his personal Twitter account lately, which was also a rumor earlier. With that, he just cleared out all confusion and claimed it was "V EXCITING" for him. That is another clear hint at the game's current title. Given his day to day experience of hosting a popular show on a regular basis and having a fondness for video games, makes him a perfect choice for the job.

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Trevor Noah appearing on May 23 live event will surely increase the excitement for all the fans of this series from Electronic Arts. We also like to remind you that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, the latest title from their rival series is going to be revealed tomorrow, which is earlier than Battlefield V. It will be interesting to see what predictions made by the players came out to be true and how much comparison people will do between these titles. You will be able to enjoy the reveal on Mixer, Twitch and YouTube when it is going to stream live.