Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Hunt: Showdown Out On PlayStation 4

Multiplayer survival horror shooter game Hunt: Showdown from Crytek is now available on PlayStation 4.

After unfortunately being pushed back from a fall 2019 set release window, survival horror first-person shooter title Hunt: Showdown by German developer/publisher Crytek has finally made its debut on PlayStation 4 platform today.

In a competitive match-based gameplay, players would pursue nightmarish creatures and take then down for handsome bounty. If you end up dying somehow then your custom character and gear will be gone, except experience.

hunt showdown playstation 4 first-person online multiplayer survival horror shooter crytek bounty hunting game
Hunt: Showdown Out On PlayStation 4

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You will go back to Louisiana swamps of 1895 in group of bounty hunters or play solo to deport those ghoulish monsters from this world. There will be hints to track them down and then slay for cash rewards, traits, weapons and XP.

During combat, listening to surroundings will keep you aware of nearby dangers, which can be a huge game-changer. Multiplayer bounty hunting game Hunt: Showdown heavily mixes aspects of PvP and PvE mode into its gameplay mechanics.

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Every match will begin with ten players; either in solo mode or in groups of two going after a valued prize and everyone is a threat to each other. Quick Play game mode would send players scavenging for gears and small amount of bounty.

Hunt: Showdown is priced $39.99 only and out now on PS4 with a free exclusive theme for limited time. Sony console players can also grab Legends of the Bayou DLC pack on launch day, available to purchase separately or in a bundle.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Void Edge Revealed

Operation Void Edge free update for tactical shooter title Rainbow Six Siege is about to go live on test servers.

After a tease back in February 10, developer/publisher Ubisoft has revealed Operation Void Edge free update today for online tactical shooter game Rainbow Six Siege before wrapping up its fourth season during Six Invitational 2020.

Siege will include two brand-new Operators, gameplay updates, rework of Oregon map and more in upcoming Year 5 Season 1 content. Void Edge will go live on test servers from February 17, 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

rainbow six siege operation void edge dlc operator iana oryx revealed ubisoft pc ps4 xb1
Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Void Edge Revealed

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Ubisoft has rolled out a trailer for R6 Siege highlighting gameplay mechanics and other details of new Operators.

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Dutch descendant Iana is a new Attacker in Team Rainbow and a systems engineering specialist. She is a normal-speed, medium-armor Rainbow agent who primarily wields ARX 200 or G36C assault rifle and creates holograms to deceive enemies.

Using her Gemini Replicator gadget, she makes holographic copy that really can't do any harm but creates confusion among rival team. However, her lifelike deceptions are of less use while facing Operators like Bandit, Kaid, Maestro and Mute.

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Also joining in is a new Defender from GIGR regiment named Oryx, who is a Jordanian powerhouse of brute strength. Using his unique Remah Dash ability, he can easily smash barricades and walls that have no reinforcements.

Oryx usually carries a SPAS-12 shotgun and MP5 assault rifle when he is not busy ramming into other Operators. His dash attack is pretty intimidating against shield-bearing Operators like Blitz, Fuze, Montagne, Recruit and Tachanka.

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Attacking Operator Ash gets to dress up as original Lara Croft in first Elite set on launch of recent season.

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Operation Void Edge will add Tomb Raider gadget skin, headgear, uniform and victory animation for Ash in Year 5 Season 1 first Elite set. Her breaching rounds firing M120 CREM, G36C and R4-C assault rifle gets makeover as well.

Her dual wield position from the trailer maybe part of her Lara Croft victory pose for now but you may expect that ability to be introduced in future. This is a first ever intercompany character skin crossover from Ubisoft with another publisher.

ash elite set lara croft tomb raider rainbow six siege operation void edge dlc ubisoft pc ps4 xb1
Ash Elite Set: Lara Croft

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Oregon map has gone through some renovation before latest season starts with new access points and open spaces. Its big office tower now connects with kitchen corridor upon removal of an exterior door in dining hall bombsite.

These two new Operators will become available on Operation Void Edge launch day for Year 5 Pass owners of Rainbow Six Siege. Players on all platforms can also unlock Iana and Oryx only a week later spending R6 credits or Renown.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Opening Cinematic

Square Enix has revealed opening cinematic clip from Final Fantasy VII Remake only months ahead of release.

With only months to go for launch of upcoming PlayStation 4-exclusive action role-playing game Final Fantasy VII Remake, developer/publisher Square Enix has been hyping up player community with new in-game footage and trailers.

After showing off many related media so far, opening cinematic from FFVII Remake is rolled out today. It is designed with every familiar aspects of original classic to take all series fans back to 90's nostalgia lane, just how everyone expected.

final fantasy 7 remake ps4 timed exclusive square enix opening cinematic intro video aerith gainsborough midgar
Final Fantasy VII Remake Opening Cinematic

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FFVII intro film offers a proper glimpse at modern reimagining of many iconic faces, locations and story premise.

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Opening cinematic video starts showcasing from above the clouds and then nicely shifts into city premises where Shinra Electric Power Company has spread its corporate influence over all and draining Lifestream of entire Planet.

Moving over to city of Midgar, a young florist named Aerith Gainsborough looks above where a train was pulling into a station. On board that ride, elite super-soldier and mercenary Cloud Strife arrives with friends for his first mission.

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Square Enix is now on final stages of development and has kept everyone waiting for last five years for a complete ground-up remake of FFVII after making an official announcement during PlayStation press conference back at E3 2015.

Following an unexpected delay earlier this year, Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently scheduled to release worldwide on April 10, 2020 for PlayStation 4 and will remain a timed exclusive title for Sony consoles until March 3, 2021.

State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition Announced

Ahead of Steam release, developer Undead Labs announces major free update State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition.

Living up to its 2013 predecessor title State of Decay, open-world zombie survival game State of Decay 2 from developer Undead Labs and publisher Microsoft Studios is currently heading towards some major gameplay changes.

Today, dev team has announced State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition, an upcoming major free content update that will expand upon existing version with new content and add improvements for all players on Windows PC and Xbox One.

state of decay 2 juggernaut edition free content update undead labs microsoft studios pc steam xb1 game pass open-world zombie survival game
State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition Announced

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In a latest official trailer, some major visual and gameplay changes of Juggernaut Edition are briefly highlighted.

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State of Decay 2 campaign mode is much more than just fighting zombies and there is much more to do. Entirety of post-tutorial section has been rebuilt to coach survivors in many key-elements like base-building and such.

Players will be able to explore a newly added open-world map in logging town of Providence Ridge and set up camp there. Heavy melee weapons like axe and sledgehammer will offer advantage in combat against undead enemies.

state of decay 2 juggernaut edition brand-new open world map providence ridge free content update undead labs microsoft studios pc steam xb1 game pass open-world zombie survival game
Providence Ridge Map

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With enhanced lighting and optimization, remastered graphics aims to provide better visuals. Reflecting on feedback from community, slight changes in control scheme are introduced by separating commands for dodge and stealth.

Previously released add-on Independence Pack, Daybreak Pack and State of Decay 2: Heartland will all be part of Juggernaut Edition as well. Aside from gameplay bugs and fixes, audio experience is improved and more tracks are included.

state of decay 2 juggernaut edition two-handed heavy melee weapon free content update undead labs microsoft studios pc steam xb1 game pass open-world zombie survival game
Heavy Melee Weapon

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Those who already purchased these DLC packs are eligible to receive exclusive in-game items on its launch day by simply logging in. You can place your pre-order now to join in a group of six million survivors for biggest SoD experience ever.

State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition is scheduled to arrive for Microsoft Store, Steam and Xbox Game Pass on March 13, 2020. From day one, players will have cross-play support for co-op zombie-killing adventure over all platforms.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Half-Life: Alyx Release Date

Valve has announced official release date of Half-Life: Alyx, currently set to arrive on March 23, 2020.

In anticipation of release for their upcoming flagship VR game Half-Life: Alyx and to celebrate 21st anniversary of the franchise, developer/publisher Valve Corporation has made Half-Life series of games free-to-play on Steam.

During its official reveal back in November 2019, HL: A only had a set release window of March 2020. Last month, Valve has confirmed finishing development on Reddit and today, a launch date of March 23, 2020 is finally announced.

half lfe alyx vr exclusive release date march 23 valve corporation steam
Half-Life: Alyx Release Date

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Although HL: A will not have to compete with a lot of major AAA-titles that has now been delayed from March 2020 launch period to later dates, it will arrive shortly after Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Doom Eternal.

HL: Alyx is spared from struggling against games like Cyberpunk 2077Final Fantasy VII Remake and Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2. Instead it will go up against a simulation game for Nintendo Switch and a first-person shooter.

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VR gaming is currently in dire need of a major success to get people interested and Valve is capable of doing that. Following return to game development after over a decade, Half-Life series creator is ready to reclaim their throne.

In past, industry experts have hyped that virtual reality will be future of gaming but it failed due to hardware cost and a slow start. Valve is promoting Half-Life: Alyx as a landmark VR experience, which is much needed for the platform.

Borderlands 3 Broken Hearts Day Valentine's Day Event Live Now

Gearbox brings back Broken Hearts Day seasonal event for Borderlands 3 to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Ready to reign chaos in festive flavor of February, action role-playing first-person shooter title Borderlands 3 from developer Gearbox Software and publisher 2K Games is back to celebrate Valentine's Day with all Vault Hunters.

In a mayhem-filled way, Gearbox rolled out their latest holiday-themed event Broken Hearts Day for BL3 on PC via Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, going live today, on February 13 and will be running till February 20.

borderlands 3 broken hearts day valentine's day event free content update pc ps4 xb1 gearbox software 2K games
Borderlands 3 Broken Hearts Day Valentine's Day Event Live Now

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Your friendly in-ship Saurian on board Sanctuary III, Maurice has been studying customs of human courtship. Perhaps you can help him understand better by blasting floating hearts all over bad guys throughout the galaxy.

All enemies of Borderlands universe will have colorful hearts spinning around them during Broken Hearts Day. However, those love signs are not to display their true feelings but to shower players with exclusive buffs and effects.

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It takes a single shot to blow up those hearts and it would either explode or even make baddies switch sides for a brief time. Some of them will offer you bonus loots and many are holding surprises that you will find out during the event.

Vault Hunters will also be rewarded handsomely by Maurice for shooting down all hearts during this event. Taking down challenges earns everyone seasonal cosmetic items like ECHO Device skin, themed skin and Weapon Trinket.

borderlands 3 broken hearts day valentine's day free event content update seasonal skin drops pc ps4 xb1 gearbox software 2K games
Broken Hearts Day Seasonal Drops

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If you prefer to enjoy your looter shooter experience as plain and usual, then simply opt out from seasonal events any time. Gearbox is already working on their next big free seasonal content update and second campaign add-on.

Epic Store is currently not offering any discount on PC version of Borderlands 3 but console players can enjoy 50% off right now to celebrate this Valentine's Day in-game event with someone special or a close group of friends.

NBA 2K20, Sonic Mania and Super Monkey Ball on Xbox Free Play Days

NBA 2K20, Sonic Mania and Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD joins Free Play Days event this weekend.

In a running streak of Xbox Free Play Days event, members of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are getting their hands on some truly exciting titles each weekend to download and play for free on Xbox One consoles.

For this week, subscribers can try out all three of NBA 2K20, Sonic Mania and Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD for a limited time period of February 13, 12:01 AM PST/3:01 AM EDT through February 16, 11:59 PM PST/2:59 AM EDT.

nba 2k20 sonic mania super monkey ball: banana blitz hd xbox live gold free play days event
NBA 2K20, Sonic Mania and Super Monkey Ball on Xbox Free Play Days

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Those who missed out your chance of trying out 2019 basketball simulation title NBA 2K20 on Free Play Days last time can jump in with a mission to collect all All-Star cards in MyTeam and experience the thrill of playing in a league.

In celebration of Sonic the Hedgehog live-action movie's recent release, 2017 side-scrolling platform game Sonic Mania from Sega arrives right in time to take on an all-new adventure with series favorites like Sonic, Tails and Knuckles.

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In remastered HD glory, single-player platformer Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz invites players into fun-filled adventure through over 100 stages alongside 50 mini-games, featuring all key-characters from past series titles.

When your Xbox Free Play Days of fun finally comes to a close where you want to keep playing, simply purchase any or all of these titles in a great discounted price using your membership privilege and have your progress carried to full game.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Aztez Free on Epic Games Store Now

This week, Epic Games Store offers PC version of Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Aztez for free giveaway.

Not only has Epic Games been back in business of handing out free PC games on weekly basis but lately at Epic Games Store, players are getting more than one titles in average and are likely to continue throughout entirety of 2020.

In their current giveaway, Epic Store has added action role-playing title Kingdom Come: Deliverance and 2D beat 'em up game Aztez for anyone to claim with a free account anytime before February 20, 7:00 PM PT/10:00 PM EDT.

kingdom come deliverance aztez free pc game epic games store open world action rpg indie turn-based strategy game warhorse studios deep silver team color blind
Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Aztez Free on Epic Games Store Now

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KC: Deliverance explores a story-driven adventure set in Holy Roman Empire, where protagonist character Henry is set to avenge his parent's death, fight forces of enemy, complete quests in open-world and lead up to example doing so.

Then move over to side-scrolling brawler Aztez that is wrapped around in layer of strategy elements. You play as king of the Aztecs who must send best breed of Aztez fighters in various areas of dispute by resolving conflicts.

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A very sweet coincidence for Deliverance is that today marks the second anniversary of its release and it goes free on EGS on this special occasion. You can also grab a copy of HD sound, texture and voice packs along with base game.

Epic Store has revealed strategy card game Faeria by developer studio Abrakam that is rich with many hours of content and co-operative missions. It is scheduled to become available as a freebie PC title for next week on February 20.

Nioh 2 Last Chance Free Trial

Team Ninja offers another shot at their upcoming dark samurai adventure title Nioh 2 in Last Chance Trial.

Only a month away from release, upcoming action role-playing PlayStation 4-exclusive title Nioh 2 from developer studios Koei Tecmo Games and Team Ninja has already showed off gameplay footage and revealed story bits.

Ahead of launch on March 13, 2020, players are offered a Last Chance Trial that doesn't even require a PlayStation Plus subscription. Starting from February 28, this limited time demo will go live and will be available until March 1, 2020.

nioh 2 last chance free trial demo ps4 team ninja koei tecmo games sony interactive entertainment release date march 2020
Nioh 2 Last Chance Free Trial

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If you have participated in early Open Beta program and taken notes, your chances of survival may improve. Powered with ability of summoning Yokai beasts and wielding Switchglaive weapon in combat are only a few useful tools.

This trial picks three missions to put your fighting skills into test against legion of deadly creatures. Though no game progress will be transferred from demo to main game on launch, your custom samurai character surely will.

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Like any other masocore games, Nioh 2 will best your skills and improve your style to shape your character up. Playing carelessly can lead to an end of your journey into dark fantasy adventure with a single shot from a common enemy.

It has a nice blend of Japanese tradition with inclusion of mythological Yokai creatures and history of Sengoku era. Popular in folklore stories, not all of these beasts are always hostile and there are some friendly ones around as well.

nioh 2 dark realm creatures yokai last chance free trial demo ps4 team ninja koei tecmo games sony interactive entertainment release date march 2020
Nightmares of Dark Realm

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Getting assisted by Yokai allies can make you feel overconfident though and rather vulnerable to deadly blows. This time-limited demo of Last Chance Trial features new bosses and will only transfer your system save file to full game.

Nioh 2 doesn't include an easy mode but adds deep customization that would eventually suit your unique playstyle. Upon completing first mission from demo, players will unlock Kamaitachi helmet DLC item and carry it to main game.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Resident Evil: Resistance Adds New Masterminds Alex Wesker and Ozwell Spencer

Two new masterminds, Alex Wesker and Ozwell E. Spencer are revealed to be added in Resident Evil: Resistance.

Though many players thought Resident Evil: Resistance to be a standalone title at start, it was revealed by developer/publisher Capcom as a replacement for Mercenaries mode of upcoming survival horror game Resident Evil 3 Remake.

Still months away from release, two new Masterminds are being added to its 1v4 asymmetric online survival horror experience lately. Joining Annette Birkin and Daniel Fabron are returning characters Alex Wesker and Ozwell Spencer.

resident evil resistance new masterminds alex wesker ozwell spencer capcom 1v4 asymmetric online survival horror experience re3 remake pc ps4 xb1
Resident Evil: Resistance Adds New Masterminds Alex Wesker and Ozwell Spencer

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Alex Wesker
Series fans can recognize Alex Wesker from Resident Evil: Revelations 2, who served as its main antagonist. Despite sharing last name with infamous Albert Wesker, these two has less in common and different ways of achieving goals.

Rather than approaching things directly, she would lay out plans for things to go as planned in the end. Often times, she would catch survivors off-guard by putting roadblocks on their way and then enhance nearby zombies.

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Alex is a bit sadistic and likes to play with her prey by subjecting them to horrible experiments and psychological horrors. Therefore, she fits perfectly in role of a cunning Mastermind and her trump card is carnivorous plant Yateveo.

Yateveo is a deadly bio-weapon that takes slight inspiration from other plant-based enemies from Resident Evil series like Ivy and Plant 42. Though its position is fixed at one place, it can still cause great harm and thwart your objectives.

resident evil resistance plant based bio weapon creature yateveo capcom 1v4 asymmetric online survival horror experience re3 remake pc ps4 xb1
Plant-Based Monster Yateveo

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Ozwell Spencer
Umbrella Corporation was founded by Ozwell Spencer to fulfill his insidious dream of achieving immortality. Since he has always remained behind shadows throughout entire RE series, it is very fitting for him to become a Mastermind.

Before his appearance in Resident Evil 5, players have never seen him and his presence was very brief. Upon discovering of recent reports by Alex on a virus mutation, Ozwell has taken a more direct approach with his experiments.

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Unlike Annette Birkin or Daniel Fabron, Spencer cannot summon mutated G-Birkin or mighty Tyrant Mr. X and even though he will not be controlling a bio-weapon to halt his subjects, his use of Disintegration Field will be severely damaging.

Its cooldown period is relatively shorter than other powerful bio-weapons and all of his creatures will still remain unaffected. Any plans laid out to delay survivors in escaping by father of Umbrella are designed to slowly wear them off.

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Whereas Alex's playstyle will be largely focused on setting traps to try and stop any survivors from escaping her grasp, Ozwell would rely more on his company tech to slowly trap everyone and redirect them into his grand scheme.

Although settings and survivors of Project Resistance are from around Raccoon City, Capcom has confirmed its premise to be non-canon, which gave dev team freedom of bringing any series character back into play as a Mastermind.

resident evil resistance abandoned casino map capcom 1v4 asymmetric online survival horror experience re3 remake pc ps4 xb1
Abandoned Casino Map

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Brand-new maps include an abandoned casino that is simply titled Casino and Abandoned Park nearing outskirts of town. During initial wave of an outbreak, these locations were quickly abandoned and swarmed with monsters.

Resident Evil: Resistance will let you play as one of these evil Masterminds or young survivors when it arrives on April 3, 2020 for Resident Evil 3 Remake for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms to serve as multiplayer component.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Modern Warfare Season 2 Trailer Hints at Battle Royale

In-game trailer for Season 2 suggests Battle Royale mode is coming soon to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Long-awaited Season 2 of first-person shooter game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has finally arrived from developer Infinity Ward and publisher Activision, which hints at game modes, maps, operators and tease at more content.

Return of operator Simon "Ghost" Riley and fan-favorite classic multiplayer Rust map in Season 2 Battle Pass is truly exciting. Though highly requested battle royale mode has not debuted yet, enough in-game hints were left out there.

call of duty modern warfare season 2 trailer battle royale hint tease infinity ward activision multiplayer maps new operator ghost special op missions pc ps4 xb1
Modern Warfare Season 2 Trailer Hints at Battle Royale

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Modern Warfare drops series of hints for a possible battle royale mode through an in-game cinematic trailer.

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In opening shot of the trailer, three soldiers walk in to an airport terminal like area and one of them gets shot out of nowhere. His attacker finishes up with another bullet to the head and gets killed by remaining soldiers in return fire.

They talk about a gas closing in and move out before Ghost appears from above, contacting Captain Price telling something is wrong in Verdansk. Telling his boss to send some fighters that he can trust, Ghost moves out of there promptly.

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Viewers are then shown a larger location resembling to Terminal map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. There are ongoing firefights throughout entire area being covered in green gas and four soldiers in parachute jumps down a plane.

This minute-long teaser could very much likely to be an early sneak peek in battle royale for CoD: MW. Aside from a huge ruined airport map to explore and fight, there will probably be a new gameplay system for three-player squad.

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Following launch of MW Season 2, a known Call of Duty YouTuber has noticed some change made to in-game main menu. In addition to its regular four options, there is a newly added "Classified" section that you can't click on.

Though this latest change is not a direct hint at anything exact but it clearly leaves room to add one in future. According to a now-deleted key-art on Reddit, battle royale mode for Modern Warfare will be called "Call of Duty: Warzone".

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YouTuber PrestigeIsKey has posted a recent image of changed Modern Warfare in-game menu on Twitter.

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Activision and Infinity Ward has yet to confirm or deny validity of these theories players came up with but if all of these speculations eventually turn out to be true, then developers did right by extending Season 1 longer than expected.

Season 2 update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is currently live on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Given all recent hints from dev team and various leaks, an announcement for battle royale mode may come before Season 3 goes live.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2 Live Now

Season 2 arrives with new Battle Pass, multiplayer maps, weapons and more for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Closing in on Season 1, developer Infinity Ward and publisher Activision is rolling out a second wave of post-launch content support for first-person shooter game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare today on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Season 2 is coming in hot with a number of new updates including all-new Battle Pass, latest blueprints, daily challenges, legendary Modern Warfare franchise operator, missions, online multiplayer maps, trials and much more.

call of duty modern warfare season 2 battle pass infinity ward activision multiplayer maps new operator ghost special op missions pc ps4 xb1
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2 Live Now

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A new season of Battle Pass contents and features for Modern Warfare are briefly highlighted in a new trailer.

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On day one, Gunfight game mode will receive classic multiplayer map Rust from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign that is set near an oil yard. This latest addition is designed for fast-paced combat with high and low ground for cover.

Set in a supercenter warehouse, Atlas Superstore will turn into a shooting location for standard co-op to battle forces of Al-Qatala. Ground War gets airplane scrap yard site Zhokov Boneyard in Verdansk to hike through junks and fight.

call of duty modern warfare season 2 battle pass rust multiplayer map modern warfare 2 campaign mode pc ps4 xb1
Return of Rust Map

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Call of Duty League ruleset playlist will become available on launch day to let you play like pros. All settings for maps, modes and weapons are tweaked for performance but players would do better by checking them out before jumping in.

For limited time Gunfight Tournament, Demolition will go live and offer rewards for surviving single elimination in 2v2 firefight. New combat zone are set to eventually arrive mid-season with anticipated return of Infected Ground War.

call of duty modern warfare season 2 battle pass new operator simon ghost riley pc ps4 xb1
Intimidating Operator Ghost

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Battle Pass will let you access up to 20 tiers of content right away that you can get for free by just playing through. Two free weapons Grau 5.56 lightweight and the Striker 45 long-range SMG are there to be unlocked at tier 15 and 31.

New operator Simon "Ghost" Riley is a British Special Forces member debuted back in Modern Warfare 2 as a commanding officer who is an expert in clandestine infiltration and sabotage, hailing from Captain Price's Task Force 141.

call of duty modern warfare season 2 battle pass edition 3000 cod points exclusive lmg weapon blueprint pc ps4 xb1
Season 2 Battle Pass Contents

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Owners of Battle Pass for Season 2 would immediately skip through 20 content tiers and be eligible to earn up to 1,300 CoD Points. It also offers instant access to challenges, operator skins, weapon blueprints, XP tokens and watches.

Players can purchase Season 2 Battle Pass or Battle Pass Bundle for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare from in-game store using CoD Points. Two additional operators; Mace and Talon will join in mid-season with more skins and store bundles.