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Death Stranding 'Bridges' Poster Tease

After leaving Konami, modern master of game making, Hideo Kojima founded his very own Kojima Productions. He announced a new game from his own production house titled Death Stranding on June, 2016. What we know up until this point is that the game will feature the appearance of director Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth, The Shape of Water), actor Mads Mikkelsen (Doctor Strange, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) and Norman Reedus (The Boondock Saints, The Walking Dead).

death stranding united cities of america
Cryptic “Bridges” Poster

Everyone eagerly waiting to hear anything from him thought that the game will be previewed this year on Electronic Entertainment Expo but unfortunately, that's not happening anytime soon. However Kojima Productions apologized to the fans with a cryptic poster, which Hideo Kojima himself also posted saying he cannot give up any more info than this.

Now, as soon as he revealed the poster to tease the fans, many got busy to theorize the image and its cryptic nature. The poster contains in bold letters, the word "BRIDGES" under a spider-web appears on a black background. As Kojima apparently isn't willing to unveil anything more and fans have a quite long time up ahead to wait for the game, they become overzealous and came up with the idea that it means actor Jeff Bridges (Arachnophobia, R.I.P.D.) will be in Death Stranding.

REVEALED: Death Stranding Revealed

While this theory cannot be brushed-off just yet, some theorists on Reddit pointed out that there is a "BRIDGES" connection that can be found in the Death Stranding teaser trailer released at The Game Awards 2016. Del Toro's badge on the lapel reads "BRIDGES - United Cities of America". Also note that the dot of the badge is on New York City, which could also mean that the crisis hit at NYC first or it is one of the last remaining cities unaffected by the catastrophe.

death stranding guillermo del toro
“Bridges” Lapel Pin

Now, "BRIDGES" might be an organization that Guillermo del Toro's character works for and they are working on some sort of metaphorical bridges perhaps. Also, it could be a division created by United Cities of America to establish some kind of connection. The "BRIDGES" could be between time and space or even consciousness. There is also a possibility of them being the one responsible for creating the Homo Ludens’ spacesuit.

REVEALED: Death Stranding Teaser

Most probably none of these theories means nothing that Hideo Kojima hinted at or have nothing to do with Death Stranding at all. All we can do is for him to drop some more tease so that someone could possibly figure something out of it as we are pretty damn sure that maestro himself is gonna keep his lips sealed on it and let everyone argue all they want. These days, Kojima Productions is awfully busy with the development of the game while collaborating with the likes of Del Toro, Mikkelsen and Reedus.