Monday, August 28, 2017

Art of Fighting Anthology on PlayStation 4

Fighting game genre in video game history has evolved with popular arcade games from SNK in the 90's. The game series has introduced a couple of sick techniques of playing that was later adapted by other series from the fighting game category. Then other arcade games came along, ruled over and video games have found new platforms to venture.

art of fighting anthology playstation 4
Art of Fighting Anthology for PlayStation 4

Since tomorrow sees the debut of the Art of Fighting Anthology on PlayStation Store, we thought that it is high time that we talk about this but first, check out the launch trailer.

For those who have already spend a lot of time playing these games from the franchise and those who never even heard the name of these classic masterpiece, it's time to enjoy the root of duel-fights on PlayStation 4. In the beginning of the development stage, the characters of these games were literally huge but over time, that has come to a manageable size.

However, Art of Fighting and its sequels have quite detailed character sprites. They also invented the styles like taunting, special moves to inflict maximum damage to the opponent, real-time battle damage in game and graphical scaling; all of these were featured on the first game. The sequel mostly focused on the playable character roster. Since the story-arc of Art of Fighting was revolved towards Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia's rescue mission to find Yuri Sakazaki, no one saw it coming that she would be a playable character in Art of Fighting 2.

art of fighting collection snk playstation 4
Art of Fighting Anthology

The design of Art of Fighting 2 was largely inspired by Fatal Fury at that time from SNK. By the time the studio started working on Art of Fighting 3: The Path of the Warrior, they used both the 2D animation graphics and motion capture to flesh out the characters; resulting the process to take 10 times longer than they all expected.

Nobuyuki Kuroki of SNK has expressed his desire to work on an Art of Fighting reboot project in the future as he grew up playing the game. The anthology pack will feature Art of Fighting, Art of Fighting 2 and Art of Fighting 3: The Path of the Warrior of the series.