Monday, September 9, 2019

Resident Evil 2 Remake Mod Adds Pennywise from IT

Latest mod for Resident Evil 2 Remake has turned Mr. X into Pennywise the Clown from It: Chapter Two.

Even more than seven month after developer/publisher Capcom released their much-anticipated survival horror game Resident Evil 2 Remake; some enthusiastic fans can never get enough of it and tries to add something on its PC version.

Ever since the game came out, modder community has been going on a frenzy of adding pop culture characters from various franchises into RE2 and one such endeavor has brought Pennywise the Dancing Clown to Raccoon City.

resident evil 2 remake pennywise clown skin it mod capcom
Resident Evil 2 Remake Mod Adds Pennywise from IT

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An ancient cosmic being that has been preying on youngsters from small town of Derry for long has returned with the release of It: Chapter Two and has now swapped places with T-00 model Tyrant, who is commonly referred as Mr. X.

Surprisingly, Stephen King's It character nicely fits into his boots and follows the same routine of chasing you through halls of R.P.D. building while a creepy circus music plays in background and punching you down when close.

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This Tyrant boss is already a pretty scary enemy with seemingly no weakness to bullets or other melee weapons; now wearing skin of a creature that gives everyone nightmares has made the relentless pursuer even scarier than before.

Not only does he have a terrifying presence, you have to run from the killer clown since you can't really kill it. Previously, reference of Pennywise was found in an Easter egg on Far Cry 5 and on recent beta for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

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Have a peak at a demo of how you will be chased by "It" and will constantly be on the run for your life at all times.

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Both Claire Redfield and Pennywise outfit mods were made by Marcos RC and one thing to mention there is that they are not free at all. Interested players would have to join his Patreon to get those, according to video uploader.

It: Chapter Two had a successful opening week at global box-office, earning over $300 million so far. We are pretty sure that this menacing creepy clown of Stephen King will show up in many games soon if not in Resident Evil 2 Remake.