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Dead Island 2 Playable Alpha Build Leaked

A cancelled version of Dead Island 2 by Yager Development from 2015 has been leaked online via 4Chan.

After being confirmed back in 2014, survival horror game Dead Island 2 was abandoned by developer Techland before being handed to Yager Development by publisher Deep Silver, which was later taken over by Sumo Digital in 2015.

Last year, THQ Nordic has revealed to have restart development once again with Dambuster Studios. Meanwhile, a playable yet unfinished build of Dead Island sequel from Yager has most recently been leaked online via 4Chan board.

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Dead Island 2 Playable Alpha Build Leaked

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When partnership with Techland is severed, Deep Silver has tasked Yager Development to make a true sequel. Their project was eventually scrapped and due to leak of an unfinished build lately, we know now how it would have looked.

Fans have already started playing the cancelled version of Dead Island 2 without any story premise after waited for so long. There are some placeholder assets and at least, you can have an idea of how it was originally planned to be.

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Yager was planning to add an eight-player online multiplayer mode but those functionalities are disabled within this build of June 2015. That same year, they left out development and Sumo Digital took charge of entire project afterwards.

By no means, player can get a clear idea of what state the game currently is at Dambuster as many aspects were heavily changed. Dead Island 2 is likely to be a completely different experience on launch than its leaked version.

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Get a look at gameplay video of 2015 cancelled version of Dead Island sequel from Yager Development.

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Though original Dead Island lacked some polish, it had a decent fan-following driven by its combat and RPG mechanics. Dead Island: Riptide came out in 2013 as a stand-alone expansion and was followed by spin-off title Escape Dead Island.

Dead Island 2 is currently under development at Dambuster Studios with no scheduled release date. However, a job listing for art director from April 2020 on official website hints at its possible launch for current and next-gen consoles.