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Bloodborne Remastered May Come to PC

Sony is rumoredly working on a Bloodborne remaster for PC and PS5 to release soon, which runs at 4K/60 FPS.

Fans of "Soulsborne" genre undoubtedly has a special liking for 2015 action role-playing game Bloodborne by developed by From Software and publisher Sony Computer Entertainment as one of the best PlayStation 4-exclusives.

Though there have been some rumors earlier, a latest report hints at a remastered version of Bloodborne for PC platform with major improvements is currently in works that will also be arriving on PlayStation 5 in near future.

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Bloodborne Remastered May Come to PC

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According to YouTube channel PC Gaming Inquisition, Sony has assigned developer studio Bluepoint Games and QLOC to develop a remaster PC port of this acclaimed ARPG that would support 4K resolution running at 60 FPS.

Other than better textures, Bloodborne remaster to have faster loading time, improved model design and ultra-widescreen support. Reportedly planned to launch on PC via Steam, there will probably not be any additional new content.

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Aside from PC Gaming Inquisition, several other Twitter users jumped on board including Kinda Funny host Imran Khan. He stated that From Software fans have a lot to be happy for next two years, maybe hinting at a remaster and a sequel.

Sony may have planned a PC port release soon and an official follow-up sequel that will roll out by 2022. Their current plan is to release a catalog of their old first-party exclusives to PC to attract new customers for next-gen console.

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Bloodborne will be added in a list of their 4,000 backward compatible games for PS5 while more PC ports are being worked. Sony has plans to wrap up upcoming PlayStation 5 reveal event with Demon's Souls Remake, a PS5-exclusive.

Although Modder community has already made a PC version of the game that run on 60 FPS, an official version will provide a smoother experience and currently you can play it on PC through PlayStation Now game-streaming service.

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Bloodborne lets you assume role of a hunter who arrives on city of Yharnam to confront its residents that has transformed them into vicious group of monsters after being affected by a blood disease in a quest to discover its origin.

Fans have been asking for a sequel to Bloodborne for years and From Software is tied up right now with Elden Ring. Maybe players will be revisiting Yharnam very soon, whether through a PC remastered version or next mainline release.