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Watch Dogs 2 Still Free on Uplay Now

Ubisoft is still offering free giveaway copies of Watch Dogs 2 on PC to anyone with an Uplay account.

To showcase their upcoming releases and ongoing development, developer/publisher Ubisoft has hosted their first digital event Ubisoft Forward on July 12, revealing footages and gameplay from highly-anticipated titles yesterday.

Ubisoft also decided to giveaway free copies of Watch Dogs 2 for PC platform via Uplay to those who watched UbiForward stream when it was live but many have failed to claim their freebies and yet, everyone is getting a copy now.

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Watch Dogs 2 Still Free on Uplay Now

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During livestreaming of UbiForward, many tried to log into Uplay account but failed due to server issues and therefore, Ubisoft is allowing people to a second chance to have a copy of WD2 before July 15, 11:59 PM PT/2:59 PM ET.

Briefly after Uplay servers crashed, fans took social media to address this unforeseen issue and Ubisoft Support have assured everyone on Twitter to offer Watch Dogs 2 for free regardless by sending users to official Ubisoft Forward page.

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Everyone who missed out a chance to get WD2 because of technical difficulties can enjoy an extended promotion period and it was very nice of Ubisoft to let players enjoy this limited time offer even a day after they wrap up streaming.

Watch Dogs 2 is followed-up by its upcoming sequel Watch Dogs: Legion, which was heavily featured on Ubisoft Forward event. Legion brings back DedSec hacker group resisting a corrupt government regime on a dystopian London.