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Resident Evil 8 Development Facing Issues on PlayStation 5

Industry leaker claims that Capcom may be having some issues with PlayStation 5 version of Resident Evil 8.

A follow-up sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, upcoming survival horror title Resident Evil VIII: Village from developer/publisher Capcom is currently set to arrive early next year for Windows PC and next-generation consoles.

As we are getting closer to holiday season this year for next-gen console launch in few months, development of Resident Evil 8 is facing issues on PlayStation 5 version, which simply doesn't exist for PC and Xbox Series X or Series S.

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Resident Evil 8 Development Facing Issues on PlayStation 5

According to known industry leaker AestheticGamer, some issues on PS5 version of RE8 has been greatly slowing down development. Capcom emphasized on faster loading speed of next-gen hardware and has shifted focus entirely.

Although running smoothly on PC and Xbox Series X/Series S, this change has led to a number of issues on PlayStation 5 consoles. Capcom even moved away from making RE: Village a cross-gen title and settled for next-gen exclusively.

AestheticGamer recently shares development woes of Resident Evil 8 for PS5 version in a series of Tweets. 

AestheticGamer AKA Dusk Golem states that RE8 was fully playable a year ago and Capcom had enough time to update its graphics or polish. Initially, they planned to launch RE8 as a cross-gen title with a set release window of January 2021.

A couple of Ambassador Tests for Resident Evil 8 was very positive and ran on PlayStation 4 Pro. However, Capcom became fixated with next-gen console loading speed to work on a number of original ideas that they were forced to scrap.

They previously had plans to portray some in-game hallucination moments and reality warping scenes that last-gen loading didn't handle well but new generation of console system has made it possible for RE8 with faster loading speed.

Whatever improvements for next-gen they eventually came up with, it worked fine on PC and Xbox X consoles but were affecting PS5 version, leading Capcom to rethink their next-gen-only approach instead of a cross-platform release.

Usually leaks like such are not to be taken seriously unless verified by an official source and should be taken with a grain of salt but AestheticGamer has been quite accurate on most of his leaked info regarding Resident Evil 8 so far.

Resident Evil 8: Village has premiered a brand-new story trailer lately during a digital showcase event for PlayStation 5 and on surface, it doesn't seem like Capcom is facing much of a trouble with PS5 version of next Resident Evil game.