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Resident Evil Netflix TV Series Announced

Netflix has officially confirmed a live-action TV series based on Resident Evil franchise, featuring new story.

There was already a report for online streaming giant Netflix to develop a live-action TV series based on developer/publisher Capcom's most iconic survival horror franchise Resident Evil back in 2019 and pre-production in April this year.

A plot summary was accidentally leaked from a press-only site of Netflix back in February 2020, revealing key story details. Today, official NX Twitter account of Netflix confirms working on a Resident Evil series adaptation for streaming.

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Resident Evil Netflix TV Series Announced

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Andrew Dabb from popular CW television show Supernatural will work on a script that explores new story, set apart from live-action films. A full season will expand across two timelines, for an eight episode run that are each 60-minutes long.

Canadian film director Bronwen Hughes (The Journey Is the Destination, The Walking Dead) will be helming first two episodes. Dabb and Hughes will join alongside Robert Kulzer and Oliver Berben of Constantin Film as executive producers.

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Netflix took their sci-fi and fantasy focused Twitter account NX to confirm upcoming Resident Evil TV show.

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Netflix's Resident Evil is centered on Billie and Jade Wesker, fourteen-year-old sisters who just moved to new Raccoon City. As they spend more time there, they uncover that their father may be hiding dark secrets that can destroy the world.

In a second timeline, less than fifteen million people are alive amidst over six billion monsters infected by T-Virus. Jade is trying to survive a new world of undead hordes while being haunted by secrets of her father and sister from her past.

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Being a fan of Resident Evil games, Dabb is excited to flesh out a new chapter in RE franchise for Netflix. He is very much likely to bring back notorious series villain Albert Wesker and integrate well-known elements into the overall narrative.

Netflix is developing first ever Resident Evil series in association with German distribution and production company Constantin Film. Casting details, definitive date of reveal and premier window are yet to be revealed on a later date.