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Sea of Thieves Season 1 Release Date

Rare Studio announces official release date for first Season of pirate adventure game Sea of Thieves, coming in a week.

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Sea of Thieves Season 1 Release Date

After more than a year of monthly updates, developer Rare Studio in association with publisher Xbox Game Studios announced moving to a three-month seasonal model for open-world pirate simulator game Sea of Thieves in January.

Rare has given a definitive release date of upcoming first season for Sea of Thieves through an official announcement on Twitter, which will go live on January 28, 2021, for Windows PC, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Each new Season will continue for three months and introduce an array of live events with new in-game items through regular updates. SoT players would engage in activities tied to Seasons whether or not they have a Premium Pass.

Overall reaction from fan-community seems mostly positive but there has been some concerns regarding what to expect from SoT Season 1 given there is only a week to go right now and how little details developers have shared so far.

Sea of Thieves had a bumpy launch in 2018, debuting with mixed reviews and lack of content back then. Rare Studio frequently started adding new content in coming months and now it has over 15 million players on PC and consoles.

Rare Studio is planning to take Sea of Thieves to a new direction from here on and has much to share about their long-term goals. Players are excited for Season 1 Battle Pass and would surely love to know more about it before signing up.