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Halcyon 6 Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store continues to giveaway weekly free games with PC version of Halcyon 6 for this week.

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Halcyon 6 Free on Epic Games Store Now

Bringing a steady supply of free games on PC platform for past few years, Epic Games continues to include new and exciting titles to a promotional giveaway lineup on their digital distribution outlet Epic Games Store ever since its launch.

Epic Store is currently offering 2016 turn-based tactical role-playing game Halcyon 6 for ongoing week, which anyone with a free account can get a copy of to own forever for a very limited time until February 18, 9:00 AM PT/12:00 PM EDT.

Buckle up and get on board for a retro space RPG adventure in Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander from developer/publisher Massive Damage Inc. You are tasked to recover a deserted station for a chance to save Earth from an alien invasion.

Starbase Commander centers around New Terran Federation establishing alliances and discover new tech to stop a mysterious alien force. Players are to engage in a range of activities like base building, combat, exploration and much more.

Depending on whether you complete specific criteria, there will be some in-game story events and several choice outcomes. Based on your selection, these occasions can either result in fight, some positive bonuses or even more stories.

Epic Games Store already announced their upcoming giveaway for next week by promising to offer arcade racing game Absolute Drift and open-world action shooter RAGE 2, both of which will become available on February 18, 2021.