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Tales from the Borderlands to Return on Stores

2K Games and Gearbox reveals that Tales from the Borderlands is returning to online stores next week.

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Tales from the Borderlands to Return on Stores

A number of games were delisted from online storefronts including Tales from the Borderlands when developer/publisher Telltale Games was forced to close down, only to be revived by LCG Entertainment after a buyout in August 2019.

After long departure from digital storefronts for past few years, 2014 episodic adventure game Tales from the Borderlands is finally returning to online outlets on February 17, 2021, according to Borderlands series creator Gearbox Software.

Telltale Games had a sudden studio closure while they were working on The Walking Dead: The Final Season. After many of their games were removed from stores, players could only purchase a physical copy of Tales from the Borderlands.

2K Games and Gearbox confirm that all 5 episodes of the game will now be available in a single package bundle. Aside from last-gen consoles, players can also enjoy the game on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S via backward compatibility.

Tales from the Borderlands takes place within Borderlands universe, adapting a signature style of Telltale. Its story is set after events of Borderlands 2, focusing on a Vault quest by Hyperion employee Rhys and Pandoran con-artist Fiona.

Tales from the Borderlands follows a signature Telltale Games trend of narrative adventure like The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. Players who never played any Borderlands games before can still jump in and have some great fun.