The Callisto Protocol Director Talks Inspiration, Reveals New Gameplay

Striking Distance Studios founder and game director Glen Schofield talks about his inspiration for The Callisto Protocol.

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The Callisto Protocol Director Talks Inspiration, Reveals New Gameplay

A heavily-anticipated release for 2022, upcoming survival horror game The Callisto Protocol by developer Striking Distance Studios and publisher Krafton is projected as a successor to original Dead Space by its game director Glen Schofield.

Already showcased at PlayStation State of Play and Summer Game Fest last month, players are excited to have a bite on it in coming months. Meanwhile, Glen Schofield talked about how The Callisto Protocol became a new IP for his studio.

During his recent interview with Game Informer, Schofield reveals that he ended up in a desert trying to draw and figure out what he should do next, shortly after leaving Activision and slowly came up with an idea to make Callisto Protocol.

He soon formed Striking Distance Studios and talked with other developers regarding his latest endeavor. Schofield breaks down how concept drawings eventually evolved into ideas, how he decided to name his new game and much more.

Game Informer shared a video interview of Glen Schofield talking about his project; The Callisto Protocol.

Moreover, he had an ending in mind for The Callisto Protocol from the very beginning and a lot of his initial plans were changed over time. It took Schofield about a year and a half just to sum up everything he envisioned for Jupiter's moon.

In between his Game Informer interview, brief glimpse at new gameplay footage was revealed, showing more brutal combat. Other than his regular movement, small detail like Jacob looking at walls as he passes by was a really good touch.

There is a quick display of close-quarters combat and usage of weapons like a shotgun to blow up enemies. Recent gameplay video largely focuses on horror aspects in a very claustrophobic environment, using scare tactics to build tension.

The Callisto Protocol is currently set to arrive for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on December 2, 2022. Glen Schofield originally had plans to connect it to PUBG universe but ditched that thought at later point.
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