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Tannenberg Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store is offering PC version of 2017 multiplayer first-person shooter Tannenberg on free giveaway this week.

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Tannenberg Free on Epic Games Store Now

In a continued cycle of weekly giveaways, Epic Games gave away 89 free games on their digital distribution outlet Epic Games Store last year and users have claimed over 765 million freebies across PC platform, which is worth of $2,120.

Epic Store is currently offering free copies of 2017 squad-based multiplayer first-person shooter Tannenberg from independent developer/publisher Blackmill Games that you can claim to own up until July 28, 8:00 AM PDT/11:00 AM EDT.

Revisit one of history's biggest conflicts during first World War and join Eastern Front battlefield with everything you have. Tannenberg lets you play with up to 64 players across three different game modes and offers authentic experience.

Players can take part in Attrition Warfare, Maneuver and Rifle Deathmatch mode, each focusing on skill-based gameplay. There is great attention to detail regarding combats, sound effects and weapon animations, which make it immersive.

Tannenberg will be replacing 2017 remake of platform action-adventure Wonder Boy: Dragons Trap, last week's freebie on EGS. LEGO Group recently partnered up with Epic Games and made a big investment for a kid-friendly Metaverse.

Epic Games Store has announced to giveaway PC version of fan-favorite 2021 simulation game Lawn Mowing Simulator from developer Skyhook Games and publisher Curve Games, which will become available to claim from July 28, 2022.