GTA 6 Leaker Wants to Negotiate Deal With Rockstar Games

Hacker who leaked GTA 6 gameplay wants to negotiate a deal with Rockstar Games as parent company Take-Two removes all footage.

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GTA VI Leaker Wants to Negotiate Deal With Rockstar Games

Over this weekend, user Teapotuberhacker on GTA Forums has shared over 90 gameplay videos from an early development build of upcoming highly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI that soon gets leaked across major social media sites.

Shortly afterwards, parent company Take-Two Interactive starts taking down videos flooded on social media sites. Meanwhile, alleged GTA 6 leaker is currently looking to negotiate some deal with developer/publisher Rockstar Games.

Few hours after posting GTA 6 leaks, user Teapotuberhacker shows up on GTA Forums to share a new message. He edited a message to his original post, looking to negotiate some sort of deal with Rockstar Games or Take-2 Interactive.

However, Teapotuberhacker didn't reveal what he really wants as Take-Two continues to issue DMCA strikes on leaked GTA 6 footage. Other than alpha gameplay videos, he claims to have a copy of source code for Grand Theft Auto 6.

Axios journalist Stephen Totilo has shared a screenshot of user Teapotuberhacker's message on GTA Forums.

Only days after breaching internal systems of car booking service provider Uber, known hacker moved to Slack server, owned by Rockstar Games to get confidential data, which is perhaps the biggest leak in video game history until now.

Grand Theft Auto VI leaker is currently holding Rockstar to ransom over in-game source codes for undisclosed amount of money. GTA 6 leaks have seemingly confirmed reports of a playable female lead and a Vice City-inspired location.
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