The Callisto Protocol Gamescom 2022 Gameplay Trailer

Latest gameplay trailer of The Callisto Protocol reveals combat and new Mutations mechanic, premiered at Gamescom 2022 event.

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The Callisto Protocol Gamescom 2022 Gameplay Trailer

Striving to be a spiritual successor to Dead Space franchise, upcoming survival horror game The Callisto Protocol by developer Striking Distance Studios and publisher Krafton is currently set to release across all platforms on December 2, 2022.

While talking about inspirations of The Callisto Protocol, game director Glen Schofield shared a video interview with Game Informer. Today, brand-new gameplay footage has been revealed at Gamescom 2022 Opening Night Live digital event.

A brand-new trailer for The Callisto Protocol focuses on new combat mechanics at Gamescom 2022 event.

Recent gameplay footage opens with protagonist Jacob Lee carefully walking through corridors of Black Iron prison. He uses a gravity gun called GRP to quickly grab a supply box near him and starts to move towards a nearby Biophage enemy.

Lee fires his gun to bring it close before throwing it off to a turbine-like machine that acts like a giant meat-grinder. He then gets behind another unsuspecting enemy lurking in the shadows to brutally stab it to death before moving to another.

A mysterious outbreak has turned many Black Iron prison inmates into Biophage creatures and host gets infected via a series of tentacles. If you are unable to kill them once tentacle emerges, their mutations only get stronger and more lethal.

In a second sequence, Jacob Lee is walking through a sewage system of Black Iron and suddenly he gets flushed into the deep with a deluge. As he falls through its sanitation system, variety of obstacles lie ahead of him, including a rotor blade.

As you try to find a way out of Jupiter's dead moon Callisto, environmental hazards often seem much deadlier than wandering enemies. There is almost no room for any mistakes as you have to pay for it at one point or may face a gory death.

The Callisto Protocol tries to deliver an innovative, strategic combat system to create a survival horror atmosphere of desperate helplessness. Digital pre-order is currently live now on official website and online storefronts in different edition.
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