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Monday, November 27, 2017

Destiny 2 Free Trial

Not any game is without its flaws and issues. First-person online multiplayer shooter Destiny 2 is not above them. Despite those, you can easily rank Destiny 2 as one of the best games of 2017. For that Bungie and Activision surely deserves some credit whether you admit it or not. Now, if you still haven't played the game, how'd you suppose to know how great the game is, right? Don't worry about that. We got something for you here.

destiny 2 free trial pc
Destiny 2 Free Trial

Starting from November 28, Bungie is releasing a "Free Trail" for the game, so that you can try out and decide if you are willing to pay cold-hard cash for the goods. It's pretty exciting seeing the game is available for a free trial only mere months after its release and we surely aren't complaining.

In this trial, players are about to get access to play campaign missions on two of destinations; the European Dead Zone on Earth and the moon Titan. Crucible competitive multiplayer will also be open to explore but it will be limited to quickplay playlists only. You can join clans to earn more XP and also go solo if that is what you want. You are allowed to make character progression up to Level 7 out of 20. The great part about the trial is that it is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Just like every other free trial offer there is a discount offer and you get to transfer your progress to the full game if you decide to purchase the game in the end. Now, you should be very interested to purchase Destiny 2 during the free trial offer as it is giving you the best ever low-price deal of them all, which is just $26 regardless of your platform. Not even Black Friday or Cyber Monday offers of the year cannot beat that as the lowest rate that was offered for the game was $27.

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You should keep in mind that the offer of discount deal following the free trial is only applicable for the actual game and not for special editions, or any other expansion pass. However, the offer from Bungie will be a big discount deal for PC version as the game will cost $39 on

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There was an event to livestream for the upcoming DLC "Curse of Osiris", scheduled to be released on December 5 but was later cancelled. Recently, a discovery of an unexplained XP scaling system was made by a player and when brought to light, Bungie has totally removed it from the game but then changed it back and now players need more XP to level up. Many have been speculating this as a ploy to make people purchases Bright Engrams in-game with real money while the official announcement over this still waits.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Destiny 2 XP Scaling System Removed

Have you been feeling like that you are not gaining as much XP as you should earn while playing Destiny 2? We feel you there, because you are not the only one facing this problem. A lot of players taking part in the Public Events are among the crowd that felt the same dilemma with gaining XP. Thankfully, the developer team behind this awesome multiplayer first-person shooter has also admitted that they have noticed it recently after pointing it out.

Bungie also released an "Official Statement" on their site regarding the issue.

destiny 2 xp scaling system
Destiny 2 XP Scaling System Removed

Seeing people's discomfort over the matter, Bungie has decided to shut down the previous system and now, players will see their XP earning rate as the game progresses all the time on the user interface. This way, they will know how much XP they are gaining against their activities on the go and it will be easy to decide if the procedure was up to mark. As soon as there will be any change or updates will be released, it will be officially announced.

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While this is more like a minor change, many are making a big deal out of it. You may ask, why is that? Here is why. Well, according to many, it might also turn out to be a ploy by the devs to make people some spend real cash in-game to make purchase for those Bright Engrams, which you can no longer earn fast by playing. Plus, most of us haven't still forgotten the huge controversy regarding loot boxes and micro-transaction system in Star Wars Battlefront II.

destiny 2 silver pc
Destiny 2 In-Game Currency

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Moreover, it wasn't something that everyone has easily noticed from the launch of Destiny 2. It took the keen-eyed observation of a dedicated Redditor to point out the issue and Bungie haven't take any steps deal with it from the very beginning until it was discovered by players. Doesn't that sound fishy to you since they are the ones who created the game and put it there in the first place?

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Bungie's Destiny 2 is already out worldwide and is now available to play on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The first expansion pack of the game, "Curse of Osiris" will be out on December 5 for all platforms.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Call of Duty: WWII Out Now

Developer Sledgehammer Games and publisher Activision has taken the Call of Duty: WWII, the latest game of the Call of Duty franchise back to its roots and by that, we meant the original period of World War II. Plus, the campaign, the awesome multiplayer experience, co-op features and the star of the show; Nazi Zombies are all there to exhilarate your heart till the New Year.

call of duty ww2
Call of Duty: WWII Out Now

The multiplayer mode of Call of Duty: WWII is something that everyone in town is talking about these days and War Mode is a brand-new feature to it. This one is full of blockbuster action which will bring a cinematic vibe to the gameplay. Whether you are building a bridge under heavy enemy fire or just guiding a tank from the sneaky shortcuts of a French village, you can feel it there. War Mode in Call of Duty multiplayer is all about objective based missions against Allied or Axis forces.

However, there is one thing that you have to admit, which is, no matter how great or epic your multiplayer mode is, without a story-driven single player campaign, a game never reaches the peak of fulfillment. Whether you are fighting your way throughout entire Europe or find yourself shooting at Normandy beach during D-Day, the true environment of war is all around you in the campaign as you take the role of Ronald “Red” Daniels from US 1st Infantry Division.

call of duty ww2 gameplay
Bonds of Brotherhood

The Nazi Zombies mode lets you take part in an alternate dark take on the history where you just take on waves after waves of undead Nazi horde and struggle your way through a Bavarian village in Germany during snowfall. This world holds terrible secrets for the protagonists that were meant to change the outcome of the war. You've got to assemble your troops, be strategic and work your way out as a team if you are to survive the unforgiving onslaught of the dead.

Call of Duty: WWII is full of contents and features that will keep you busy for a long time. Let's not forget the wonderful locations and polished gameplay. The standard edition of the game will cost you $59.99 and Digital Deluxe Edition can be yours for $99.99 only. It will have the Season Pass and all the upcoming content updates till 2018.

Call of Duty: WWII is now available to play on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One worldwide. The game takes you to the edge of the frontline as one of the greatest battles of the human history takes place and you get to discover the sense of heroism and responsibilities as you fight to save the world alongside your brothers in arms.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris DLC Announced

Activision and Bungie are on a mission to take over with Destiny 2 and within a very short while of the game's release we also came to know that the first ever expansion pack DLC for the game will be titled 'Curse of Osiris'. All we were unbeknown of was when it is going to come up or how long it would take for us to get a look at the clip they are going to drop for the game pack.

destiny 2 curse of osiris
Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris DLC Announced

Looks like Paris Games Week 2017 is working like a charm as many hot new announcements are being made and guess this was the perfect arena to announce the release of Curse of Osiris DLC pack at a PlayStation event. Below is the reveal trailer for Destiny 2's first expansion for you to check out.

It appears that even after the guardians have seen their days past the fall of Red Legion, the crisis is far less than over yet. Warlock Ikora Rey calls upon the guardian you are playing with to share a finding. The opening of an ancient gate at Mercury has unleashed an army of killer robots who are here to take over. However, she reveals that Osiris, her mentor and one of the bad-ass guardians of the Vanguard has returned from his banishment. So, it's time to go find guardian Osiris and join him into saving the day.

destiny 2 playstation 4
A New Chapter to Explore

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Your mission will take you to the New Pacific Arcology, which you might have already gotten if you have played the game. You will gain access to new missions, a new social space called the Lighthouse, Strikes, "Raid" content and a few more locations to roam around seeking adventure.

bungie destiny 2 curse of osiris
Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Features

From what we heard, even though 'Curse of Osiris' isn't a PlayStation 4 exclusive of some sort, it will still release on the platform before PC and Xbox One owners gets their hands on it, with the official release date being December 5th. The PS4-exclusive content that comes with Destiny 2 main game, will last till 2018 while players on PC and Xbox One will have to wait until then. There will be a second expansion following, which still have to reveal its name and a solid release date but for now, we know that it will come out at Spring 2018.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Bungie on Destiny 2 PC Bans

Bungie's heavily expected online-only multiplayer first-person shooter Destiny 2 has launched on PC this October 24 and fans were pretty hyped about it. The game eventually released on that day to everyone's delight and what the internet saw the next day is many players are complaining that many of them has been banned from the game for apparent no good reason.

Some of them even came to speculate that the ban might be a result of them using many third party softwares like Discord and Open Broadcaster Software.

destiny 2 pc ban
Bungie Explains Destiny 2 PC Bans

The developer team at Bungie decided to shade some light on it and they did so by releasing a Blog Post on their official website. Addressing the ban issue, they claimed that so far, Bungie has banned over 400 players and it was not because of using any third party softwares. At this point, the ban might seem quite unjust and irrational to the players who were a victim of this.

So, being the developer responsible for this insanely popular franchise, Bungie took matters into their hands to calm down the folks and shared their official Blog Post regarding the ban on Twitter.

As the collective base of banned players took social platforms like Reddit, Twitter and many other online gaming forums claiming that the ban was due to the use of third party programs they all were using while playing Destiny 2. Primarily, they even made it up a theory for the ban spree because apparently, almost all of them were using some third party applications like Discord or OBS for stream overlays and chat services. Some even claimed that the ban is automatic and is within Destiny 2 after all.

On that point, official statement released in the Blog clearly says:

To clear out the confusion and rumor regarding the claim and put it to a rest, developers of Bungie also mentioned that, this ban issue was solely related to people who were using tools that might threaten the shared environment for the game and nothing else. Also, the game cannot ban anyone, only Bungie can and they do it after they run a manual investigation.

destiny 2 pc
Destiny 2 PC Ban

They also updated their online statement with the fact that, Bungie is not going to ban people for using Discord, Xsplit, OBS, RTSS, etc. while playing Destiny 2. The developer team also addresses that they noticed the group of players that are unintentionally caught in this error will soon be unbanned.

Well, this popular franchise always finds itself on the center of social drama and given their previous history on that, it would've been quite surprising if they weren't any after this week’s PC launch of Destiny 2. However, you can be rest assured that all they are doing is to provide you a fair environment to share with countless other fans of the series, completely free of hackers and other internet scum.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Destiny 2 McFarlane Figures First Look

Like master-artist Todd McFarlane (Haunt, Spawn) himself, his McFarlane Toys has a knack for outdoing themselves when it comes to create some gorgeously awesome action figures. Whether they are building those statues by modeling a character adapted from a hit comic-book series or a famous TV show, McFarlane Toys is arguably the best name to bring it to life.

Destiny 2 McFarlane Figures First Look

Since they have already produced some remarkable figures from the Assassin’s Creed and Gears of War video game series, it was time for them to amp up their game a bit higher with a franchise that has only grown exponentially in the last three years after the release of the first installment of the series. Yes, we are talking about the Destiny franchise from Bungie and McFarlane Toys are about to bring three renowned character from the recently released sequel Destiny 2.

Dated for March 2018 release the action figures will be of Cayde-6, Commander Zavala and Ikora Rey, representing the Hunter, Titan and Warlock class respectively.

mcfarlane toys destiny 2 cayde 6
Destiny 2 Cayde-6 McFarlane Figures

A male humanoid war machine and the Vanguard for the Hunter class, Cayde-6 likes to place his bets on the endgame of many events as they take place and gets into trouble for this all the time. He is not a brave warrior but always longs for to get into the battlefield. Cayde-6 can equip your Hunter armor and help you find some truly rare exotic weapons sometimes. Like the adventurer he is, his statue is armed with his favorite Ace of Spades hand cannon.

mcfarlane toys destiny 2 commander zavala
Destiny 2 Commander Zavala McFarlane Figures

Commander Zavala
Arguably the strongest Titan of The Tower of The Last City, Commander Zavala is a person of sheer will and determination. If one is looking for any Titan armor, Zavala is the man to seek. Zavala's transformation into a Guardian happened after he was revived by a Ghost before the Collapse. Considered a leader of the city, Commander Zavala action figure comes with a Daedalus Assault Rifle so that he can protect the city from its enemies.

mcfarlane toys destiny 2 ikora rey
Destiny 2 Ikora Rey McFarlane Figures

Ikora Rey
Ikora Rey is a human female who also is the Vanguard for the Warlock class. When new Warlocks need some mentoring, they go to her. Her extensive knowledge in the field made her respected among her peers and all in general. She has seen quite a deal till date and she got Warlock armor and emblems to sell if anyone is looking to buy. Though, Invective was her primary weapon in her solo fighting days, Ikora's figure is equipped with the Deadpan Delivery Shotgun.

What all three of these figures have in common is that they are all 7" tall statues, impressively detailed in design and took notes from in-game assets of Destiny 2 and are priced $19.99 each only. There are more than 12 points of articulation and they come with rare chase redeemable McFarlane Hellspawn emblem. All three action figures of Cayde-6, Commander Zavala and Ikora Rey will be available in window boxed collector packaging and that includes a disc display base too. Sweet deal, right?

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Call of Duty: WWII PC Open Beta Live

The Call of Duty: WWII Private Multiplayer Beta on consoles went pretty well. Then, just as Activision has announced a several days back, Call of Duty: WWII's PC open beta is live right now. Actually the PC open beta was about to begin tomorrow (September 29) but it went ahead of schedule anyway as it will give the players the chance to get their hands on the game a day before they were about to. Sledgehammer really cares for us, eh?

call of duty ww2 pc beta
Call of Duty: WWII PC Open Beta Live Now

Both Raven Software and Sledgehammer Games really worked had to give the gamers the PC open beta in due time and looks like they are successful. In an official Tweet, Sledgehammer revealed that the goal was not to release the beta in time but to improve the gaming experience for players on PC and all they want from you is to share your feedback with them, so that they can make the experience even better.

Now this is very sweet of them since open beta points out many issues and bugs that needs fixing. Activision forum has said that they will keep track of any technical issues pointed out and will get back at it. The data they will collect from this beta weekend will help the studios make the game better when it is finally released.

On Steam, the beta still shows date for tomorrow as it was intended to but a pre-access isn't actually hurting anyone. So, no one is really complaining. Upon running for this full weekend, the beta will end on October 2. Also, some specific features for PC like mouse/keyboard controls remapping and 4K support are part of this beta.

On November 3, Call of Duty: WWII will be released worldwide for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Oh, and if you haven't participated on the beta yet then there is news for you to make you interested. Open beta participants will receive an exclusive Beta Combat Pack when the game is finally released for everyone.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Call of Duty: WW2 Nazi Zombies Details

Who would've thought that a first-person shooter game like Call of Duty: World at War would introduce a multiplayer co-op mini-game Nazi Zombies and players will go crazy for that? Guess, even developer Treyarch or publisher Activision didn't see that coming and with that Call of Duty series saw a new ascension as it was one of the most innovative move on the history of cooperative shooter games.

Call of Duty – WW2 Nazi Zombies Details

Since, Sledgehammer Games have taken the development mantle; we can only hope something better than before. We are excited because part of the studio members was also responsible for games like Dead Space that went on to become a classic in horror genre. Sledgehammer is up to introduce a brand-new experience with the Zombie horror in COD: WWII’s Zombies mode and we got some details to share.

As it was before, Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies mode will focus on a four-player co-op system where you will be facing a never ending horde of zombies, each deadlier than the once that came to you before. An idea that is entirely based on the period of World War II, the mode will be terrifying on so many levels. They already came from a horror background, so it was a great experience for the developers to work on it.

The battle with the undead army will take place at Bavarian village in Germany and the time period will be near the end World War II. From a deadly corner of the town, players will begin their journey from ancient tombs to bloody sewers and evil laboratories as they will keep spilling the horrifying secrets it holds. Every aspects of this Nazi Zombies mode is designed to give you a thrill ride full of challenges.

Army of Third Reich

When the Third Reich finally realized that they cannot win the war against the allies, raising an army of dead was their last ditch attempt to even the odds. The most interesting part about them is that, even after turning into the flesh-eating beasts, they still keep hold of their discipline and purpose which they were trained to follow. They have different categories as well but all they plan is to kill you at any cost. So, you better watch out and do not get cornered. Ever.

The surrounding structures from your environment also a vital part of your play as you can easily change the game if you know how to use them to your own advantage. You can either save your own skin or better yet, use your location as death traps for your enemies. Only thing you need to do for that is to keep your eyes open for opportunities.

Call of Duty: WW2 Nazi Zombies will not only please the fans of the franchise but will attract a whole new bunch of horror fans into the fold. The gameplay and the challenges you face are all designed to keep you engaging to moment. There are secrets yet to reveal as people will start playing the game and it will be interesting when they do that.

Your well-planned strategy and great teamwork is will be the only way out of this deadly massacre. So, keep your cool at all times and put your efforts to maximum when you face an incoming herd. Permanent or temporary rewards will often help out the players to go ahead and they will find ways to upgrade their weapons as well.

On November 3, 2017, Call of Duty: WWII will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One worldwide. So, brace yourselves before the undead Nazis comes to hunt you down.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Destiny 2 Ending Explained

As soon as Destiny 2 Was Officially Announced by Bungie, it created all sorts of hype to the world of gaming and that intensified with Destiny 2 Teaser Trailer and Destiny 2 Reveal Trailer respectively. When the game finally released, Destiny 2 is Proven Better Than Destiny. To Bungie's credit, they have brought a significant change of the overall experience. Some of those changes are good, others are not too much.

bungie destiny 2 latest news
Destiny 2 Ending Explained


The best thing by far about this sequel is the way of their storytelling system. Though Destiny had a lot to tell the players, it did but in a way that failed to cheer everyone up. You can go ahead and only find the interesting backstory of the game Destiny by only finding and unlocking Grimoire cards during the game. This is how, Bungie managed to make it boring and leave the players uninterested about what the plot stands for.

bungie destiny grimoire cards
Destiny Grimoire Cards

In Destiny 2, you don't have to chase after Grimoire cards anymore. That was meaningless anyway. Instead, you will learn more of the game, its story and every other thing that should be your concern as you play and progress throughout the game. You might as well forget the ending within or after a few hours but it will reveal a few things that you won't see coming. Now that makes sense. Slightly.

Playing Destiny 2‘s story campaign, the Guardian players are playing with will come face to face with the notorious leader of the Red Legion; Dominus Ghaul during the final mission. Ghaul is here to steal the Light of the Traveler as he believes that he and his legion are the ones who truly deserve it. He kept the Speaker as his prisoner and by the time you will reach the end, his mentor the Consul would have the Speaker executed. After the player defeats him, Ghaul will be resurrected with an otherworldly Light.

destiny 2 bungie the traveler
The Traveler Awakens

This time, the villain is near-invincible and seemingly winning but then something unusual happens. The Traveler wakes up from his long slumber which lasted from the events of Destiny to Destiny 2. For long time, The Traveler stayed dormant on his tower and sent the Ghosts to help the Guardians with the Light so that they can protect Earth. Traveler begins glowing when Ghaul became a threat, causing the Red Legion to fall and the villain getting destroyed by a surge of light.

For the first time in a long period, this is the first time The Traveler made a move and that undoubtedly makes it one of the most memorable memories of Destiny 2. There is one more significant reveal that is kept hidden until the final boss fight, which is regarding the Speaker.

All these time he was not vouching for the Traveler but pushing hidden agendas of his own while leading everyone else to believe otherwise. This changes the perspective a lot of things about the Traveler but until Bungie decides to drop the next expansion pack, we cannot say anything for certain.

destiny 2 pyramid ship
New Threat For Destiny

Upon destroying Dominus Ghaul, the Light of The Traveler doesn't stop there. Instead, it starts wandering and then spread across the galaxy, crossing Saturn’s ring and then beyond that as well. After spreading across the vast solar system of the universe, if finally reaches a collective of a few pyramid-shaped ships. As soon as the Light enters these dormant vessels, they come alive and set their course to Earth.

This scene may have just teased what we can expect from the Destiny series in the upcoming future. Never before these ships have appeared in any of the Destiny game but it's not like Bungie has talked about them for the first time. Back in 2013, these ships actually showed up in the concept art for the first installment of the series. Although the developers have unveiled many secrets in-game but still, there are more to reveal in future.

Writer Joseph Staten and art director Chris Barrett of the game Destiny have presented the concept art on 2013 on a presentation at Game Developer’s Conference and that was before Destiny was released one year after on 2014. The ships were in the arts and Barrett eventually went on calling them “giant onyx pyramid ships” but then stopped reminding us that he is not allowed to spill any more beans.

bungie destiny enemy races
Destiny Enemy Races

Those concept arts from Bungie presented five of game’s enemy alien races and four of them are already revealed as Fallen, Hive, Vex and Cabal. However, the fifth race with few pyramid-shaped ships and a cloudy black force was yet not introduced properly. Veteran players are already speculating that this mysterious fifth race may be the Darkness, a threat unlike any other.

As it is considered the arch-nemesis of the Traveler, anyone with a connection to the Light is a target of it. Even though, the guesses are seeming pretty legit, this also might be something else but whoever it is, it has sensed the Light and now it is headed towards Earth. Possibly to create havoc and usher destruction.

the speaker destiny 2
Fall of The Speaker

Improving every aspects of their project, Bungie truly outdid themselves in terms of Destiny 2 and that means, we are about to get a much more interesting saga up next. We know that the Speaker is dead but some of the most recent leaks suggest that one of his former apprentice Osiris is going to feature in the first expansion pack of the game. Sounds like a coincidence? I think not. Osiris has a very different perspective of looking at things than his deceased master and that will probably change a lot of stuffs.

The Guardians were brought back with new life and gifts to protect humanity and halt the Darkness. With the introduction of Osiris and the death of the Speaker, everything if forming a pattern, which is, the game is going somewhere. In future, perhaps many of the Guardians will take an alternate route of Destiny and as a new enemy is already on its way, the Traveler will lead the Guardians with the Light.

Destiny 2 is already out worldwide for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One but if you want to play the game on PC, then you will have to patiently wait until October 24, 2017.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Retribution DLC

Players who are a fan of the zombies adventures from the Call of Duty series can rejoice as after the release of Absolution, Continuum and Sabotage DLC Packs, a brand-new fourth installment is coming. Yes, you've read that right. Activision and Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is going to introduce a fourth DLC named Retribution that will soon be available for playing.

call of duty infinite warfare dlc 4
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Retribution DLC

Retribution sees the return of the infamous Willard Wyler, the twisted horror movie director who is the primary antagonist of the story and is back with his final film "The Beast from Beyond". Wyler had four aspiring actors Poindexter, AJ, Andre and Sally trapped in his films through a ritual and these four struggles to get back to the real world from the madness of the crazy director's horror films. After fighting in a space station, a 90's campsite, '70s New York City and a beach area, the heroes are now in a military station in Europa.

Before going to the details, lets' take a quick and brief look at the trailer clip for the Retribution DLC.

On a distant ice planet, players will experience a brand-new heart-pounding zombie adventure that will earn them salvation from Wyler's madness. Battling massive hordes of zombies and Cryptid aliens, Poindexter, AJ, Andre and Sally will have to retrieve the precious Soul Key to earn their freedom. This final chapter of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare zombies experience offers a few new stuffs that the previous releases.

After dealing with a variety of monsters and creatures as well as regular flesh-eating zombie hordes with your heroes of misfortune, now you got to face one of the most horrific creatures out there; Cryptids. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's Associate Project Director from Infinity Ward; Lee Ross reveals that the inclusion of Cryptids in this part was previously hinted in locations and dialogues of "Zombies in Spaceland" and "Attack of the Radioactive Thing" all along.

call of duty infinite warfare dlc
Retribution Multiplayer Maps

These two different enemies with different attributes will surely put the veteran gamers into test of their skills. As you progress in the game, you will learn what happened there and what the final piece of Soul Key would do. Aside from new weapons, maps and Easter Eggs, the Retribution DLC offers four new epic multiplayer maps and they are Carnage, Heartland, Altitude and Depot 22.

call of duty infinite warfare dlc maps
Ghosts in Heartland

Also, let's not forget about the two most prominent Fortune cards Skull Hacker and Packin’ Heat. One will help you complete the Ghost N Skulls steps and the other one will double your raw fire power regardless of your weapon. Yes, it can be ANY WEAPON.

Retribution DLC Pack will be first released on PlayStation 4 on September 12 and pre-order for the pack will get you a dynamic Retribution theme for free. There is still no word on when it will come to PC and Xbox One nor the price, but given the history of their past records, it will probably arrive a month after. Players who have already purchased the $50 worth season pass for Infinite Warfare will have Retribution expansion pack for free and we assume that the single purchase of the pack will cost you $15.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Destiny 2: Crucible Competitive Multiplayer Trailer

As we are only less than a month away from the release of upcoming online multiplayer first-person shooter sequel of Destiny, developer studio Bungie and publisher Activision has gotten into the full-gear to promote the game among curious fans. So, what better way to do that without dropping another trailer for Destiny 2? This is why they have released a trailer featuring the competitive multiplayer experience of Crucible.

destiny 2 multiplayer gameplay
Destiny 2 Crucible Competitive Multiplayer

If you are still wondering, how it is about to turn out when the game comes out, then just go ahead and check out the Official Competitive Multiplayer Trailer below and we will get back to you afterwards.

In the original Destiny, there was a player versus player battle called Crucible, where people can match up fights next to six or three person team. However, in Destiny 2, Bungie has decided to focus solely on four person team battles to serve better multiplayer game-playing experience and a better map. You can hone your battle skills against dangerous opponents or other players as well.

Three of the game's primary classes; Hunter, Titan and Warlock are highlighted along with their unique abilities on the battlefield; especially their ultimate and special skills. Check out the looks of three different Destiny 2 classes from the competitive multiplayer trailer.

destiny 2 hunter class
Destiny 2 Hunter Class
destiny 2 titan class
Destiny 2 Titan Class
destiny 2 warlock class
Destiny 2 Warlock Class

The trailer ends after quickly showing a couple of things that most of the previous players of the series already know and recently who have played the beta would've noticed. Since they kept it short and on point, it was quite good and a refreshing reminder that we should prepare ourselves from now on for Destiny 2.

destiny 2 cold heart exotic
Pre-Order and Get Coldheart

You should pre-order the game now to get your hands on the exotic Coldheart rifle. Destiny 2 will be available from September 6 exclusively on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platform. PC users will be able to get the game on October 24 but can try on the Beta later in August 2017.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Is Slammed On Steam

Ever since the remastering project came into play, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered abounds in harsh criticism and negative comments. Majorly, the game is recently been latched with negative reviews on Steam from fans, players and critics.

It seems players and fans were not comfortable and not ready to settle with the fact that the eagerly awaited game would be tied to select purchases of the game, which in this case is Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. However, that was never the height of it all. Even though the game was sufficiently annoying, it became truly unbearable to players when the game came on sale as a stand-alone title which was never part of the deal when the game’s release was originally announced.

call of duty modern warfare remastered steam
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Is Slammed On Steam

The thing is that Activision would never miss a chance to earn a few bucks off their old games and it seems that a whopping $40 asking price for a year-old remastered game that promised to be more updated and enhanced graphics, along with DLC offerings was nothing but a poor rip-off. Definitely, players and fans have got every single reason to be angry. This is one of the main reasons why Steam reviews are totally decimating Modern Warfare Remastered.

Although we can consider the aforementioned reasons enough to cause a buss but how about the overall game performance? The performance issues in the game also contributed as one of the driving factors in the negative reviews.

call of duty modern warfare remastered steam review
Call of Duty – Modern Warfare Remastered Negative Reviews

Again, the game is having complaints for poor server optimization, shitty updates and quite, hackers in multiplayer and a number of other annoying additions that really pissed off the gamers. Moreover, none of these issues are not seem to be fixed by Activision any time soon. Many believe that CoD: Modern Warfare Remastered is nothing but waste of money as it is compared to rubbish.

Just two days after being on the stand-alone market, the game was fortunate enough to crawl up about 370 positive reviews. The game has just 35 percent of the reviews to be positive rating and that’s clear enough for everyone to see how terrible it was. However, right now, I would like to say that, no one knows tomorrow. This suggests that while the game is being walloped with plethora of negative reviews, the reviewers might still change their tone later but that won’t happen until some steps are taken about the issues of the game.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Released

Modern Warfare Remastered was initially released as an extraordinary reward with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare a year ago. In spite of being a conspicuous contender for an independent release, official expression of that didn't come until a month ago, when Activision reported plans to dispatch it on PlayStation 4. The distributor said it would then take after on "different stages" at a later date, which has ended up being precisely one month after the PS4 release.

call of duty modern warfare remastered
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Released

In the wake of propelling in June on PlayStation 4, an independent release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is presently accessible on PC and Xbox One. Like the PS4 version, it's estimated that the price will be $40. This is with regards to Sony's coordinated restrictiveness course of action that sees Call of Duty's DLC release on PlayStation 4 before different stages.

Here goes the launch trailer for Activision's Call of Duty – Modern Warfare Remastered version.

As the name proposes, Modern Warfare Remastered is an enhanced rendition of 2007's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It contains the full crusade and multiplayer mode with upgraded visuals and sound. You can also buy a $15 worth of DLC pack for the game, which includes similar four maps that came out for the first Call of Duty 4's DLC. These maps are excluded for nothing with the independent release, which will just provide you with 16 base maps.

Obligation at hand is that Modern Warfare Remastered was initially released close by a year ago along with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The remastered version of 2007's Call of Duty 4 was just accessible as a major aspect of Infinite Warfare's Legacy, Legacy Pro and Digital Deluxe editions only.

The current year's new Call of Duty heads back to the original roots of the game as it is based on World War II. Honorable obligation here is COD: WWII will be released worldwide in November, 2017 with an attention on more reasonably depicting war, in spite of the fact that it will even now have a Zombies mode.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies Reveal Trailer

Back in April, when Activision and Sledgehammer Games took the social media by storm with the Call of Duty: WW2 Reveal Trailer. Then came the Confirmation of CoD: WWII Nazi Zombies mode for CoD: WWII, which has sort of become a tradition for Call of Duty series these days. Activision has finally dropped the reveal trailer today for the highly anticipated CoD: WWII Nazi Zombies to sate the fans of both Call of Duty and horror games.

call of duty wwii nazi zombies
Official Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies Reveal

At Comic-Con International San Diego, the trailer was dropped by Sledgehammer Games and it was a short yet detailed look inside the world of Nazi Zombies. The entire footage takes us into the depth of the games' cooperative multiplayer mode and hordes of walking corpses. Players will be undertaking a mission to Bavarian village in Mittelburg, Germany where there are some dark secrets waiting to be unleashed upon them by Axis powers in World War IIActivision confirms that there will be some grand plot reveal behind all these undead nastiness and massacre.

Here is the jaw-dropping reveal trailer for Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies, which you have been eagerly waiting for.

The official description of the game is as follows:

“Players will embark on a chilling and mysterious journey through a snowy Bavarian village in Mittelburg, Germany, as they attempt to recover priceless works of art stolen by the Axis powers in World War II. This village holds a shadowy secret key to an unimaginable and monstrous power.”

We are already familiar with the CoD: WWII Nazi Zombies Cast, featuring the voice talents of actor David Tennant (Doctor Who, Jessica Jones) as Drostan Hynd, Elodie Yung (Daredevil, The Defenders) as Olivia Durant, Katheryn Winnick (Geostorm, The Dark Tower) as Marie Fischer, Udo Kier (Blade, End of Days) as Doktor Peter Gl├╝cksbringer Straub and zombie genre veteran Ving Rhames (Dawn of the Dead, Pulp Fiction) as Jefferson Potts.

According to the official announcement, Call of Duty: WWII will launch at November 3, 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Private Beta will begin on 25th of August on PlayStation 4 and to ensure your access, you should pre-order now.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Destiny 2 Open Beta

Fans gone crazy upon the Official Announcement of Destiny 2 and then came the Teaser and Reveal trailer simultaneously to keep up the hype. Now, even though we have a date on September 6, developer studio Bungie and publisher Activision decided to do something special for the pre-ordering players and thus comes the open beta for the sequel of Destiny, which is going to be one of the biggest games of the year.

Destiny 2 Open Beta

PS4 owners may rejoice a bit as the much anticipated beta for Destiny 2 will be starting on July 18, Tuesday, at 6 PM BST/10 AM PDT for PlayStation 4 and July 19, Wednesday for Xbox One platform exclusively for the pre-ordering players. If you haven't pre-ordered the game yet but plan to play it on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, then you can join in from July 21, Friday. Whatever you are planning to do about the beta, we advise you to do it quickly because the beta will end on July 23, Sunday.

Destiny 2 Beta Early Access

The beta includes almost each and everything that has been showcased on the big reveal event in May' 17 at Los Angeles with but one difference, which an extended introduction, an opening story mission called Homecoming, two multiplayer modes; Countdown and Control, followed by a more inflated conclusion. You are also allowed to play all three classes in the beta.

Homecoming Campaign Mission

If you are playing Destiny 2 beta on PS4 then you will have to give up almost 15 GB of your storage and Xbox One will take 12.83 GB for this. For those, who wants to play the game on PC, Destiny 2 PC Beta will be open in late August.

In case if you are wondering how to get Destiny 2 Beta, then all you have to go to your account and select "Redeem Code". Bungie will send you an actual download code if you have done that right.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Call of Duty: WW2 Nazi Zombies Confirmed

Just after they took the entire social media by storm with the Call of Duty: WW2 Reveal Trailer, Activision and Sledgehammer Games has dropped another surprise bomb at fans. With their traditional tendency of leading the players against an overwhelming horde of flesh-eating zombies, the studios involved took the liberty of announcing a new co-op mode called "Nazi Zombies".

call of duty world war 2 nazi zombies
Call of Duty: WW2 Nazi Zombies Revealed

Here is the official Tweet from Sledgehammer Games that they posted throughout Call of Duty: WWII's worldwide reveal event.

Titling "FIRST LOOK", the Tweet is just an image war-torn decaying undead in his Nazi soldier attire and nothing more than the title of the game itself. CoD series has introduced the concept of killing zombies in their game for the very first time in Call of Duty: World at War (2008) and since then, it has become a part of the franchise. However, in Treyarch’s subsequent game Call of Duty: Black Ops (2010), the zombies were still present but not in World War era. Glen Schofield, general manager for Sledgehammer Games have described the co-op mode as a "horrifying experience" on the reveal event.

Arriving on November 3, 2017 in three different editions like Base, Digital Base and Pro, Call of Duty: WWII will be available for Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. More about CoD: WWII’s multiplayer mode will be revealed in June at E3 2017.

Call of Duty: WW2 Reveal Trailer

A few days ago, publisher Activision and developer studio Sledgehammer Games (Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare) has taken Twitter to Officially Announce Call of Duty – WW2 and today they were going to release the most anticipated reveal trailer for the game. Well, the blessed moment is finally here and we finally got what we asked and eagerly waited two years for.

call of duty world war 2 reveal
Call of Duty: WW2 Trailer Revealed

Here is the first ever Call of Duty: WWII official reveal trailer from Sledgehammer Games and Activision.

Upon the arrival of CoD: WWII, livestream events are held worldwide over Twitch, YouTube and Facebook. Twitter was also very much excited about the reveal and literally went nuts on its arrival. The trailer is focused on a unit from 1st Infantry Division from the World War II era and fleshed out the grievous personal experience from their perspective from the grittiest war of the history. The reveal trailer is mainly set on the game’s Single-Player Campaign and Multiplayer footage is not included in it yet.

Finally, the clip has revealed the official release date for CoD: WWII too, which is November 3, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you are over-hyped about the release and do not want to wait then you can also Pre-Order WWII for your secured code for the Private Beta.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Call of Duty: WW2 Officially Announced

In 2003, a first-person shooter video game was released that really re-defined the genre and we are talking about the original Call of Duty here. Not only had it spawned one of the biggest and successful gaming franchise but it also took the gamers' breath away. In between the years, the game released many sequels and spin-offs under the Call of Duty title and now in 2017, they are back with their roots of World War II.

activision call of duty games
Call of Duty: WW2 Confirmed

A Tweet from developer Sledgehammer Games (Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare) this morning has officially confirmed the game's return and the grand reveal is not too far away.

The Tweet confirms the upcoming CoD title will be Call of Duty: WWII and that tells us what it would be based upon. Nothing more than that is shown or pointed out but in accords to their previous track-record, Sledgehammer Games will probably deliver a nice game and that makes it the second CoD title they are developing. After an accidental "Leak of Marketing Materials" about the game last month, it was no surprise for the fans that CoD is coming back. The only question was when?

Looks like Activision and Sledgehammer Games are not going to delay with the details everyone has been waiting for and they also dropped an official date for the reveal. Anyways, we have to wait until this Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 10 AM PT/1 PM ET/6 PM BST for a full official reveal. So, hold your horses till then.