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Destiny 2 Fixes Beaver Network Errors

Bungie dev team and Valve fixes "Beaver" network errors that plagued Destiny 2 players since launch of Shadowkeep.

Last month, developer/publisher Bungie announced upcoming Year 4 Season 2 content for free-to-play online multiplayer shooter title Destiny 2 and its next major expansion Beyond Light is currently set to release on November 10, 2020.

Ever since Windows PC version of Destiny 2 has moved from to Steam last year, players are facing connection errors regularly. Bungie recently took actions to fix these errors codenamed "Beaver" and make D2 more stable.

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Bungie has found reasons behind recent network issues that have been causing disruption to all in-game activities. Last week, Destiny dev team alongside Valve has identified hardware issues in data center of certain locations worldwide.

Bungie recently reveals that primary errors have originated from Steam data centers and Valve already did the…

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Stasis Gameplay Trailer

Bungie offers first look of Stasis powers in newest Destiny 2: Beyond Light gameplay trailer at Xbox Games Showcase.

On November 10, developer/publisher Bungie will start off a new chapter in free-to-play online multiplayer first-person shooter Destiny 2 with release of its upcoming major expansion Beyond Light DLC for all available platforms and next-gen.

During announcement of Beyond Light earlier in June 2020, players only got a brief sneak peak at new elemental power. Today, Bungie offered a better look via new gameplay trailer focused on Stasis at Xbox Games Showcase digital event.

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Ahead of Beyond Light DLC release within months, Bungie reveals new D2 trailer featuring Stasis gameplay.

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At long last, Guardians are about to make contact with Darkness in Beyond Light and wield Stasis elemental powers. Latest trailer sheds light on new gameplay aspects, super abilities, and inclusio…

Xbox Game Pass to Add Destiny 2

Bungie will be adding Destiny 2 to Xbox Game Pass this September, with access to all current expansions.

Over the years, developer/publisher Bungie added a host of content to 2017 online multiplayer shooter Destiny 2 since launch. Following recent legacy of Forsaken and Shadowkeep, a new expansion, Beyond Light will arrive on November 10.

A joint announcement from Bungie and Microsoft came in recently at Xbox Games Showcase, revealing Destiny 2 will become available for members of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Series X, with all its expansions including Beyond Light.

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During Xbox digital event, Bungie released a new video for upcoming Destiny 2: Beyond Light expansion.

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light plans to take players to icy moon of Jupiter, which is a new location called Europa. A new sub-class Stasis gets introduced to Guardians along with elemental power of Darkness and new raid Deep Stone Cr…

Destiny 2: Beyond Light DLC Expansion Delayed

Previous release date for Destiny 2: Beyond Light expansion has been delayed because of COVID-19 pandemic.

Earlier in June, developer/publisher Bungie revealed plans to add a new trilogy of expansions in Year 4 Season 2 content for free-to-play online multiplayer shooter Destiny 2 to start a new era and first one among them was Beyond Light.

Bungie originally planned to launch Beyond Light DLC expansion on September 22 and reveal more features very soon, which is now been delayed to November 10, 2020 due to working restrictions during ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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Even though Bungie is one of the best studios to work remotely under current circumstances, they had to push back next chapter of Destiny 2 by a few more weeks just to meet certain quality standards because of recent challenges.

Beyond Light plans to include new gears, location, missions, raid, weaponry and everything that players expect from its next expansion,…

Destiny 2 to Allow Raid Farming, Weekly Reward Limit Removed

Bungie removes weekly reward limit for five featured raids of Destiny 2 until release of Beyond Light.

Amidst a global pandemic of COVID-19, developer/publisher Bungie is preparing to observe a community event for free-to-play online multiplayer shooter title Destiny 2, out now on Google Stadia, Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

To celebrate unofficial Bungie Day 2020 on July 7, 2020, dev team for D2 has decided to remove all weekly reward limits from a handful of its featured raids to allow players to farm unlimited amount of Exotics as long as they are available.

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Players can reap any amount of rewards from Crown of Sorrow, Eater of Worlds, Leviathan, Scourge of the Past and Spire of Stars raid. Despite removal of raid reward caps, secret chests will continue to follow their usual weekly limits.

Latest update will use Season of Arrivals infusion cap for armor drops from above-mentioned raids. Bungie will be …

Call of Duty: Warzone Adds Duos Mode

Infinity Ward finally adds Duos mode for Call of Duty: Warzone alongside currently available game modes.

From initial period of its launch, players have been requesting developer Infinity Ward and Raven Software on social media and everywhere else online to add a duos mode for free-to-play battle royale game Call of Duty: Warzone.

Taking all that community feedback into account, Infinity Ward has finally made duos playlist available ahead of Season 4 update of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare so everyone can grab a wingman before heading to Verdansk map.

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Usually, players are required to join forces in three-player squads with friends or random parties or brave a mission alone. Now that latest playlist for Warzone has been rolled out, everyone can pair up and jump into firefight.

Currently supporting up to 150 players, Verdansk will allow a maximum of 75 duos teams to duke it out among them for victory. You have to watch each others&#…

Vigor Season 3: Rivals Live Now

Ally with or stand against your Rivals in Outlands as Season 3 of free-to-play loot shooter game Vigor is live on Xbox One.

In a continued effort to add more of what was promised before launch, developer/publisher Bohemia Interactive is regularly updating free-to-play multiplayer shooter game Vigor for all of their new and old players on Xbox One console.

Diving into third Battle Pass season, Outlanders of post-war Norway are finally getting some of their long-requested items, new seasonal game mode and of course, a bunch of improvements to make everyone's experience better than before.

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Season 3: Rivals kicks-in a rising tension among faction of society if life was not hard enough in Outlands already. There are lawless hooligans that run amok like crazy and then there are a few organized groups that fights against them.

In this time of great distress, you can either show allegiance to gangs of b…

Call of Duty 2021 Rumored to Add Build Mechanics

Report from a trusted source claims that Call of Duty 2021 will include some sort of building mechanics.

With two consecutive success of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in 2019 and Call of Duty: Warzone recently, publisher Activision is bound to release another AAA-title from Call of Duty first-person shooter franchise later this year.

According to a previous report by a YouTube insider, developer Treyarch has been working on a Call of Duty: Black Ops reboot for 2020 and their next entry in annual series, Call of Duty 2021 is said to add some sort of building mechanics.

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Following rumor of a Black Ops reboot, trusty leaker TheGamingRevolution shares information on Call of Duty 2021 on Twitter, which is said to be free-to-play title for PC, consoles and mobile from developer Sledgehammer Games.

However, this upcoming game is not main annual release of 2021 and more like Warzone, to be followed-up by one more Call of Duty release. It …

Call of Duty: Warzone Adds Solos Mode

Infinity Ward officially adds Solos mode today in current rotation of available game modes for Call of Duty: Warzone.

Within first 24 hours of release, free-to-play battle royale game Call of Duty: Warzone by developer Infinity Ward and Raven Software has drawn over six million players and by fourth day, that number reached more than 15 million.

Warzone initially launched with three-player squads play last week and many were constantly requesting for a solos mode. Infinity Ward closely listened to community feedback and has added a solos mode today for all lone warriors.

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Operators can now go by themselves throughout Verdansk and standard rules of battle royale will be in place for Solos. However, Gulag system will only redeploy squads and you are done for good if you are taken out in a 1v1 gunfight.

Though going solo against 149 other players may be a tough challenge for many, some people love those odds. Drop into a remote area to prepare for sur…