Destiny 2: Legacy Collection Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store has launched Holiday Sale 2023 and is offering Destiny 2: Legacy Collection for PC as part of their annual free giveaway.

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Destiny 2: Legacy Collection Free on Epic Games Store Now

Alongside its annual "Holiday Sale" promotions, Epic Games has brought back fan-favorite free giveaway bonanza on their digital distribution outlet Epic Games Store and plans to offer more freebies for PC gamers during this Christmas.

Epic Store has kick-started their celebration for holiday season this year with Legacy Collection of 2017 free-to-play online first-person shooter Destiny 2 from developer/publisher Bungie as first mystery giveaway to claim a copy on PC.

Legacy Collection comes bundled with Beyond Light, Shadowkeep and The Witch Queen along with free Destiny 2 base game. Playing through these campaigns, you can unlock a lot of exotic armors and Stasis power to use in battlefield.

Step into an expansive universe filled with lore and action that takes you to diverse worlds and offers thrilling gameplay experience. Both newcomers and seasoned Guardians can appreciate a vast wealth of content in Legacy Collection.

Destiny 2: Legacy Collection will replace last week's freebies GigaBash and Predecessor on EGS today as it remains available up until December 20, 8:00 AM PDT/11:00 AM EDT, before it gets replaced by a brand-new mystery free game.

Epic Games Store will reportedly be offering 17 free games to celebrate Christmas and holiday season this year. For past few years, EGS has been giving away 15 freebies to users with a free account alongside their year-end sales event.
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