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Thursday, January 9, 2020

Sundered: Eldritch Edition Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store is offering PC version of Sundered: Eldritch Edition in free giveaway game of this week.

Originally, Epic Games have announced to offer turn-based strategic role-playing game For The King for this week a day after revealing of their freebie lineup of New Year 2020 but then they backed out afterwards for some unknown reason.

Later on, Metroidvania title Sundered: Eldritch Edition from developer/publisher Thunder Lotus Games was revealed to be latest free games on Epic Games Store for PC platform, available now to claim before January 16, 7:00 PM PT/10:00 PM EDT.

sundered eldritch edition free pc game epic games store metroidvania action-adventure game thunder lotus games
Sundered: Eldritch Edition Free on Epic Games Store Now

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Sundered explores a narrative full of Lovecraftian horror elements that are centered on a woman named Eshe. Her journey throughout the game is all about embracing or defying an ancient eldritch power by a mysterious force.

Due to its roguelike nature, no area pattern is the same once your character dies and any amount of enemies can spawn randomly at any time. However, death doesn't punish you too severely to try out a different approach next time.

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Eldritch Edition features new areas to wander around, brand-new boss to fight off, quest chain that serves unique rewards and all updates. It also comes along with local co-op play support that lets you join with up to four-players.

Epic Games Store already revealed one of the best platforming adventure games from last year, Horace for giving away next week. This critically-acclaimed title will become available from January 16 and will remain up until January 23, 2020.

Monday, December 23, 2019

Dead Cells: The Legacy Update Live Now

Motion Twin to allows players to enjoy older versions of Dead Cells on PC with brand-new Legacy Update.

Earlier this month, an announcement of upcoming The Bad Seed DLC for roguelike metroidvania title Dead Cells were made by indie studios Evil Empire and Motion Twin, which is currently scheduled to arrive on Q1 2020.

Following its original debuted in Early Access, the game has gone through many changes with regular updates but some prefer versions from early days and developers have allowed players to do that in recently released The Legacy Update.

dead cells the legacy update patch older versions roguelike metroidvania video game evil empire motion twin pc steam
Dead Cells: The Legacy Update Live Now

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The Legacy Update is a latest patch that allows you to load up any older build of Dead Cells from current state to Early Access era. This has been a frequent request from player community for a very long time that is finally fulfilled.

From here on, Motion Twin plans on to keep this up with all of their major future updates as well. This way, dev team will be able to look back at how things have changed and players can take a trip back to nostalgia lane at any time.

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Aside from increasing replayability, Legacy Update includes new handy weapons Ice Shield and Ice Armor. Two more mutations for hardcore players as well as rework on least-used weapons are among latest noteworthy changes.

Available now on PC via Steam, the update will soon arrive for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. As part of continued post-launch content support, more upgrades will keep rolling as we move on to 2020.

dead cells the legacy update patch weapon rework rebalance older versions roguelike metroidvania video game evil empire motion twin pc steam
Added Weapon Reworks

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Like any major patch, Legacy Update introduces a bunch of common bug fixes and rebalances as par community requests. It also offers solution to a recent issue of cloud saves getting deleted by adding a regular backup system.

You can head over to Steam library to select which version of Dead Cells you would like to play from properties for PC. As a sweet holiday bonus, a Santa Claus skin for jolly occasion of Christmas is added on top of all improvements.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Dead Cells: The Bad Seed DLC Expansion Announced

Motion Twin has announced release of first paid DLC expansion The Bad Seed for Dead Cells in Q1 2020.

After spending a year on Early Access phase, roguelike metroidvania game Dead Cells from developer/publisher Motion Twin finally came out on August 2018 for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

Players have been receiving frequent updates including first free DLC, Rise of the Giant earlier this year. Today, developers have announced plans to deliver their first-ever paid content The Bad Seed for "Best Action Game" of 2018.

dead cells the bad seed dlc expansion announced motion twin nintendo switch pc ps4 xbox one roguelike metroidvania game
Dead Cells: The Bad Seed DLC Expansion Announced

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Motion Twin has released an official teaser trailer offering a glimpse of what to come and get a slight idea.

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The Bad Seed will arrive in Q1 2020 as first paid DLC for Dead Cells on all available platforms and priced $4.99 only. This premium model will allow dev team to continue producing more free content and major updates in future.

Currently, at least two years worth playable content are on planned roadmap of the studio that largely depends on its success. Regularly introducing new improvements like creatures and secret areas will only increase replayability of the game.

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This brand-new DLC will feature two levels for The Prisoner protagonist to explore around, which are just alternative routes from early game. Some old enemies will return in Arboretum and Swamp biomes before enter a creepy boss fight.

Aside from new adversaries, players will get their hands on a giant scythe weapon to wield and a mushroom buddy to keep company. Despite being known for difficulty, devs are planning to make the DLC more accessible for everyone.

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To wrap up holiday season of this year, developers are in work for another major update that they intended for long and while nothing about it is revealed yet, it is quite safe to assume that it would arrive before upcoming DLC next year.

Upon handing over development of Dead Cells to a new studio named Evil Empire earlier this year to continue post-launch support, Motion Twin has been working on two new prototype projects and will likely to reveal them very soon.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

IGN Editor Fired for Plagiarized Review Responds to Allegations

Fired IGN editor Filip Miucin talks about his involvement on the alleged plagiarism of Dead Cells game review.

When allegations of plagiarized review on newly released rogue-like metroidvania game Dead Cells came out online on August 7, people started calling IGN out like crazy while they quickly deleted the copy from their site and took action against the accused editor Filip Miucin by officially firing him from their team. After taking heavy fire for past few days over this controversy, the accused have finally decided to take YouTube for explaining his side of the story in a response video.

ign editor responds plagiarized review allegations
IGN Editor Fired for Plagiarized Review Responds to Allegations

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This is the first time when Miucin actually opened up about the fiasco that has disgraced him on public and cost him his job. However, his tone towards the matter was less than expected as he starts with saying that he didn't intentionally do that and then apologized to developer Motion Twin as well as his former employer company, except for YouTube channel Boomstick Gaming, who has accused him of content theft in the first place. It clearly shows that he was not sincere about his apology.

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Even IGN was open enough to publicly issuing an apology to a relatively small YouTube channel Boomstick Gaming who made a video by making side-by-side comparison about how his original review video on the game was copied. Miucin only made the video when people kept attacking him on social media but this response video was heavily downvoted by viewers and was later removed by him. So, what really stopped Filip from mentioning the source for once that he was ripping off?

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Previously, an article on Kotaku pointed out that he partially plagiarized the FIFA 18 review from NintendoLife site in last September. On account of that incident, original author of that review Chris Scullion stated over Miucin’s speech that, he clearly failed to admit his guilt. However, Boomstick Gaming has gained the spotlight and this newfound fame has tripled the number of Subscribers to the channel since then.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

IGN Release Statement on Dead Cells Review Plagiarism

After an allegation of plagiarism was raised on media giant IGN over the review of Dead Cells, the site reached out to release a statement.

Fans of gaming and pop-culture heavily rely on entertainment websites and IGN being a media mogul in terms of that zone. After a video gone viral about them publishing a plagiarized review of a recently released game, Dead Cells, people have gone crazy as one of site's editors Filip Miucin turned out to be the culprit behind the misdeed. They came with a decision of terminating the person in question after running some internal investigation following the disaster surfaced on the internet.

ign plagiarized dead cells review statement
IGN Release Statement on Dead Cells Review Plagiarism

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YouTube channel Boomstick Gaming is literally a small channel compared to a giant enterprise that IGN is and they originally published a review of Dead Cells back in July. When the latter released a review on the game on August 6, he was surprised to find out that the site has completely plagiarized his own content. So, he published a video by making side-by-side comparison as proof of plagiarism by IGN. It soon became viral and people started questioning about their credibility.

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When the video with title "IGN Copied my Dead Cells Review: What do I do?" was posted on YouTube, Boomstick Gaming has never thought he will get any response from them but people on internet helped him by watching it over a million times and IGN also noticed this matter. Realizing the gravity of the situation, they fired Miucin afterwards and released an official statement on Twitter issuing a public apology for not being able to maintain a standard everyone expects from them.

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Developed by Motion Twin, Dead Cells is a rogue-like metroidvania title released on August 7 for Linux, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It entered Steam's Early Access in May 2017 and upon full-version release, the received positive reception and a review from the alleged site. They came under heavy fire when resemblance between these two contents left no room for considering the event as coincidence.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Dead Cells Review Plagiarism by IGN

YouTube channel Boomstick Gaming pointed out major similarities between their reviews on the game Dead Cells.

After it saw release on August 7, 2018 for Linux, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, rogue-like metroidvania game Dead Cells by developer Motion Twin has been receiving mostly positive reviews from various video game enthusiasts. Just as many other popular gaming sites, media giant IGN also published their perspective on the title in a broad review recently but has eventually removed it for alleged plagiarism by YouTube channel Boomstick Gaming.

dead cells plagiarized review ign
Dead Cells Review Plagiarism by IGN

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Back in July, relatively small YouTube channel Boomstick Gaming has first released a review of Dead Cells. Lately, they noticed some uncanny resemblance with the one published by IGN when they came across it. Although it could have been a coincidence, Boomstick ruled that out and made an allegation of plagiarism after comparing two reviews by doing a side-by-side analysis. The company decided to look further to investigate the claim and take out their article from site.

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To hear it from the horse's mouth, we have a clip from Boomstick channel that explains the incident of the content copied from their video.

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IGN has since gotten rid of the written version of the review article and video from their site, adding just an editor's note. They apparently begun to investigate about this matter and if the claim is true, then it is a horrible betrayal of trust from their side. Because, Boomstick is a channel with only 14,000 follower base and compared to the party in question that is a very tiny group of audience. What makes it worse is that, the review came from one of the site's editors Filip Miucin.

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With a minimalistic plot, the game advances as player character called the Prisoner goes through one castle to another on an unnamed island. Since there are no checkpoints, you start over from the beginning of that level and it feature a combat system that is similar to Dark Souls games series even though the surroundings are in 2D. Despite the aspects that makes it a bit hard to win, Dead Cells will never really become disappointing just for the difficulties it presents to player.

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This is not the first time when integrity and quality of a review came into question as we saw Warner Bros. pretending in past that covering of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War by prominent YouTuber and social media influencer PewDiePie was one of his independent works and no money were exchanged for it. Video game industry is a multi-billion dollar business and trusted personalities involved in gaming cannot just excuse them out of a controversy using ignorance.