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Xbox Game Pass to Add The Witcher 3, Untitled Goose Game and More

Nearing end of year 2019, Xbox Game Pass brings new games like The Witcher 3, Untitled Goose Game and more. Keeping up with their reputation for being called Netflix of video games, Microsoft Studios continues to bring more fan-favorite titles for members of Xbox Game Pass monthly subscription service to enjoy on Xbox One consoles. In next few days, Game Pass will unleash a few more exciting titles that all of their subscribers will be get on board with. You can pre-install Bleeding Edge , Gears Tactics and Ori and the Will of the Wisps on PC to download automatically on launch. Xbox Game Pass to Add The Witcher 3, Untitled Goose Game and More RELATED: Bleeding Edge Release Date Life is Strange 2: Episode 5 | Console, Ultimate In episodic graphic adventure title Life Is Strange 2 , developer Dontnod Entertainment and publisher Square Enix explores a journey of two brothers who heads out to Mexico as fugitives following a tragic incident back in home. Sean and

Pillars of Eternity is Coming to Nintendo Switch

Obsidian's award-winning isometric RPG title Pillars of Eternity comes to Nintendo Switch next month with all DLC and expansions. Considered as a successor to Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale , isometric role-playing game Pillars of Eternity from developer Obsidian Entertainment and publisher Paradox Interactive was originally released on PC platform in 2015. After it was ported to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in August 2017, a Nintendo Switch version is announced lately. Launching as Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition , the game will come out on August 8, 2019 and available for pre-order. Pillars of Eternity is Coming to Nintendo Switch RELATED: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Post-Launch Content Roadmap PoE on Switch will include two parts of The White March expansion pack with all additional content and updates released for PC version. Obsidian is also offering an updated control and UI that is better suited for Nintendo 's handheld console. Plus, n