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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store offers PC version of crime adventure title Grand Theft Auto V in free giveaway of this week. 

As part of an ongoing promotion, Epic Games has been offering free games for PC platform each week on their digital storefront Epic Games Store since launch and has returned this week with their most epic giveaway title so far.

Epic Store is currently giving away 2013 crime action-adventure game Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition from developer/publisher Rockstar Games for PC that you can claim to own before May 21, 8:00 AM PT/10:00 AM EDT.

gta 5 grand theft auto v premium edition free pc game epic games store 2013 crime action-adventure rockstar games
Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition Free on Epic Games Store Now

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GTA V: Premium Edition features full story campaign including access to online multiplayer mode, Grand Theft Auto Online, all content updates launched so far and Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack to boost your criminal career.

PC version of GTA 5 launched five years ago on Steam and was made available on Rockstar Games Launcher last year. Back in April, GTA V for consoles left Xbox Game Pass service and was replaced with Red Dead Redemption 2.

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In a sales figure report released by parent company parent company Take-Two Interactive earlier, it was revealed that multiple "Game of the Year" awards-winning title GTA V has become the best-selling game of last decade.

In hype of expectation, official Twitter account for Epic Games Store have mistakenly Tweeted out the news a bit early, only to delete it fast. However, Twitter user Wario64 managed to save a copy and confirmed rumor of GTA 5 giveaway.

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Though usually informing people in advance about what title Epic Store will offer next, they made an exception last week. Instead of revealing their upcoming freebie, EGS simply hinted at arrival of a mystery game and nothing else.

After announcing their biggest giveaway till date, Epic Games Store will be inviting players to check back again in May 21. EGS has just launched Mega Sale 2020 and promise to roll out more mystery game each week from now on.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Xbox Game Pass to Add DayZ, Final Fantasy IX, Halo 2 and More

Brand-new titles DayZ, Final Fantasy IX, Halo 2 and much more are joining Xbox Game Pass lineup in May.

Even before arrival of April 2020, some upcoming anticipated games were announced by Microsoft Studios in advance for Xbox Game Pass lineup on both PC and Xbox One this month to keep you busy having some fun time.

Game Pass Ultimate is available to sign up right now for $1 only, allowing you access to an ever so expansive library of games. Plus, there will be additional perks for members and trial offers on Free Play Days event every weekend.

xbox game pass dayz endless legend final fantasy 9 fractured minds halo 2 anniversary red dead redemption 2 xb1 2020
Xbox Game Pass to Add DayZ, Final Fantasy IX, Halo 2 and More

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DayZ | Console, Ultimate
Try to test your luck surviving in open-world survival game DayZ from developer/publisher Bohemia Interactive. Players will find themselves in a post-soviet country of Chernarus, where most of the people have turned into zombies.

Society has collapsed and a few remaining survivors are being hostile at each other over scarce resources. Your only goal is to stay alive somehow with any means necessary by thinking smart as there is no second chance for any mistakes.

xbox game pass 2020 dayz bohemia interactive xb1
DayZ on Xbox Game Pass

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Endless Legend | PC, Ultimate
Set in a fantasy premise, turn-based strategy game Endless Legend from developer Amplitude Studios and publisher Iceberg Interactive tasks you to engage in survival of a planet and its populace with limited manpower and resources.

Chose and then lead your people from one of eight civilizations during cold seasons and explore randomly generated worlds. Crack down on small rebellion and prepare your brave warriors to face an unknown threat upon Auriga at any time.

xbox game pass 2020 endless legend amplitude studios iceberg interactive pc
Endless Legend on Xbox Game Pass

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Final Fantasy IX | Console, PC, Ultimate
One of the best entries in Final Fantasy series, role-playing video game Final Fantasy IX goes back to franchise roots with an epic story featuring characters that you can relate to and they will engage in battles to culminate a grand finale.

You play as Zidane Tribal, who plans on kidnapping princess Garnet of Alexandria with aid from his group of bandits but she was already planning to flee home and they ended up joining to her cause of stopping her mother, Queen Brahne.

xbox game pass 2020 final fantasy 9 square enix pc xb1
Final Fantasy IX on Xbox Game Pass

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Fractured Minds | Console, Ultimate
Dealing with anxiety and using her own love for gaming, British game designer Emily Mitchell developed puzzle role-playing game Fractured Minds at age 17 to send out a note of empathy to people who shares similar mental issues.

Players will be in control of an unknown protagonist character who would deal with a number of emotional challenges through different chapters in first-person, each sharing a vital message regarding support for mental health issues.

xbox game pass 2020 fractured minds emily mitchell wired productions xb1
Fractured Minds on Xbox Game Pass

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Halo: Master Chief Collection: Halo 2 | PC, Ultimate
After 16 years of its original debut, 2004 acclaimed first-person shooter game Halo 2: Anniversary joins Game Pass as part of Halo: Master Chief Collection alongside other series titles to build up anticipation for Halo Infinite.

After first Halo ring gets destroyed, Master Chief returns to Earth for a sequel to fight against an invasion of a Covenant fleet. He learns about very dark secrets amidst battle that will change ongoing Human/Covenant conflict forever.

xbox game pass 2020 halo 2 anniversary 343 industries xbox game studios pc
Halo 2: Anniversary on Xbox Game Pass

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Red Dead Redemption 2 | Console, Ultimate
Arguably one of the best tales of Wild West in recent gaming history, 2018 action-adventure game Red Dead Redemption 2 by developer/publisher Rockstar Games marks third installment of Red Dead series, focused on outlaw Arthur Morgan.

Arthur and his associates in Van der Linde gang led by Dutch gets into conflict with wrong people and are forced to leave Blackwater town. Trouble will follow around and Morgan tries to protect his chosen family with best of his efforts.

xbox game pass 2020 red dead redemption 2 rockstar games xb1
Red Dead Redemption 2 on Xbox Game Pass

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Games that are leaving Game Pass by May 15 are Doom, Grand Theft Auto V, Imperator: Rome, Rise of the Tomb Raider, The Banner Saga, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and more but you can own them at 20% off before they are out.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can listen to six months of ad-free music on Spotify Premium as their latest perk. Subscribers from other countries out of United States can enjoy the promotional offer for three months only.

Friday, May 1, 2020

GTA Online Offers $500k for Limited Time in May

Rockstar Games offers $500k free cash bonus to players of Grand Theft Auto Online for May 2020.

With booming success of Grand Theft Auto V multiplayer component Grand Theft Auto Online lately, developer/publisher Rockstar Games has giving away huge amount of cash bonuses players on all platforms for last few months.

Since their limited time giveaway back in April 2020 was plagued by an unfortunate glitch that caused some people to lose items, Rockstar decided to offer players $500,000 free money once again as login bonuses throughout this month.

gta online $500K free money may 2020 rockstar games 2013 crime action-adventure game grand theft auto 5
GTA Online Offers $500k for Limited Time in May

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Starting from May 1, simply sign in to your GTA Online account to receive half-million dollar cash bonus that you can spend as you wish. Within a maximum period of seven days, $500,000 will be added to your Maze Bank account.

Another GTA Online glitch from last month allowed players to get millions in their bank account. Many are theorizing that Rockstar is perhaps ruining its economy to have people move over to online mode for Grand Theft Auto VI.

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Though some top-tier GTA Online in-game items have become very expensive recently, there is an ongoing discount that offers 40% off for laser-based weapons like Up-N-Atomizer, Unholy Hellbringer and Widowmaker right now.

Players of Grand Theft Auto Online are getting additional sale on Nightclubs for 40% off and Business Battles earns you triple rewards. Once you get that login money in the bank, streets of Los Santos are open to various activities for you.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Xbox Game Pass to Add Red Dead Redemption 2

Xbox Game Pass to add Red Dead Redemption 2 next month for Game Pass Ultimate members, with access to Red Dead Online.

One of the most-anticipated releases of 2018, Western action-adventure game Red Dead Redemption 2 from developer/publisher Rockstar Games made its debut on consoles and sold over 29 million copies worldwide till date.

In an epic revelation, Microsoft has announced to bring this masterpiece to their monthly subscription-based service Xbox Game Pass next month on May 7, which players can preload on consoles now using companion mobile app.

xbox game pass red dead redemption 2 game xb1 2020 rockstar games
Xbox Game Pass to Add Red Dead Redemption 2

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RDR2 takes place during Wild West era of 1899, revolving around outlaw Arthur Morgan and his associates in Van der Linde gang who on the run from bounty hunters and federal agents while trying to survive by robbing or stealing and fight.

Rockstar Games received universal praise for story-telling approach of RDR2 and its open-world gameplay experience. Their attention to extensive details to all of its beloved characters and settings from Western roots was impressive.

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Game Pass has added console version of 2013 action-adventure game Grand Theft Auto V, one of the best-selling video game of all time by Rockstar Games to their lineup back in January without making a fuss about it in advance.

Similarly, they are currently adding only Xbox One version of Red Dead Redemption 2 to Xbox Game Pass library that includes story mode, Photo Mode feature and access to multiplayer component Red Dead Online for all members.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Red Dead Online Offers 5 Gold Bars for April 2020

Rockstar Games is giving out five free gold bars reward for simply playing Red Dead Online until April 14.

In spite of having a rocky launch back in 2019, developer/publisher Rockstar Games made significant improvements to Red Dead Online, multiplayer component for Western-themed action-adventure title Red Dead Redemption 2 over time.

Rockstar was already hosting daily challenges of three days for special rewards and an ongoing double XP event. Today, they have announced to offer 5 Gold Bars for free to any players who would simply log in before April 14, 2020.

red dead online 5 free gold bars reward april 2020 multiplayer double xp event rockstar games pc ps4 xb1
Red Dead Online Offers 5 Gold Bars for April 2020

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Not only can you earn five of them, you can also receive 10 special health cures, 10 special miracle tonics, 10 special snake oils and 20 incendiary buckshot slugs by taking part in "Daily Challenge Multiplier" for three days in a row.

Right after completion of third RDO multiplier daily challenge, players will be receiving their earned rewards within next forty-eight hours. Then be sure to collect your due gifts from personal Camp Lockbox or in-game Post Office.

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Red Dead Online allows players to buy almost all of its content using in-game money or shiny gold bars. In exchange for this premium currency, you can purchase clothing, horses and weapons to outfit your custom character with.

Right now, RDO in-game catalog is having a great sale on many items like pants, pistols, ponchos, shirts and war horses available until April 13. Therefore, you can go out for a complete makeover as you have a few gold bars to spare.

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Even though all Rockstar employees are currently forced to work remotely from isolation of home due to recent outbreak of Coronavirus, players of Red Dead Online are still receiving regular fixes, updates and continued support.

Rockstar Games is also donating a percentage of profits earned from Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online to COVID-19 relief efforts. Maybe players will be enticed to spend more money on items when they finally ran out of free gold.

Friday, April 3, 2020

GTA Online Offers $500K for April 2020

Rockstar Games will be giving away huge sum of reward for playing Grand Theft Auto Online in April 2020.

Although fans are running crazy with numerous leaks and rumors for upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI lately, developer/publisher Rockstar Games is still very much invested in 2013 crime action-adventure game Grand Theft Auto V.

Its multiplayer component Grand Theft Auto Online receives regular bonuses and updates, which kept GTA5 alive for so long and recently, Rockstar announced to offer players $500K in-game currency for simply logging in this month.

gta online $500K free money april 2020 rockstar games 2013 crime action-adventure game grand theft auto 5
GTA Online Offers $500K for April 2020

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Players need to log into GTA Online during April 2020 to receive half-million dollars cash bonus that they can spend on anything. This one-time offering will automatically show up on your Maze Bank account within maximum seven days.

Rockstar Games is trying to encourage GTA fans to lure them into playing online and stay home amidst a worldwide pandemic of COVID-19. They are also donating 5% of all proceedings from GTA Online and Red Dead Online to its relief efforts.

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GTA5 has seen its all-time biggest day and week on GTA Online following release of Diamond Casino update last year. GTAV continues to be on top-selling games list each month and has becomes best-selling game of last decade as well.

Grand Theft Auto V has been added to PlayStation Now games streaming and Xbox Game Pass service. Rockstar Games is enjoying its ever-growing popularity among players and is yet not ready to pull the brakes on GTA5 anytime soon.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Max Payne 3 Image Hints at Grand Theft Auto 6 Location

Rockstar Games may have already hinted Grand Theft Auto 6 location back in 2013 through Max Payne 3.

Despite any official word from developer/publisher Rockstar Games on upcoming sequel of action-adventure game Grand Theft Auto V, players have plenty of reason to believe Grand Theft Auto VI is in active development for some time.

There have been clues and hints that fans found so far that at least proves GTA6 is coming soon. Similarly, one poster from third-person shooter Max Payne 3 seemingly hints at location and release window of GTA VI from back in 2013.

max payne 3 love fist band poster image hints grand theft auto 6 location rockstar games
Max Payne 3 Image Hints at Grand Theft Auto 6 Location

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A user on Reddit named Someguy5333 has noticed a post from months ago by another handle of Fyerro69 sharing an image of fictional band Love Fist, which has some tour dates listed that actually aligns with many of Rockstar past releases.

Those locations mention alongside dates actually matches with their fictional counterparts within Rockstar game universe. Except for Las Venturas, almost every other venue are either from Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption.

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Up until now, clues like accidental Instagram post of motion capture artists, resume of voice actors and Rockstar tax reports have hinted that Grand Theft Auto 6 is in works and some have given hope to fans that GTA 6 is coming soon.

Although many of these alleged leaks from 4chan, GTA Forums and Reddit has been incorrect thus far, it didn't stop fans from digging out any tiny bits of information on next GTA game, even if it means they have to go back to 2013.

love fist poster gta 6 location hint max payne 3 rockstar games
Love Fist Poster GTA 6 Hint

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There is very little chance that Rockstar Games have hidden release date of upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 in front of us for this long, especially scheduling so far in advance when changes happen in video game development so often.

All other dates are apparently a simple nod to those titles, except for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Though this is more likely to appease fans of Easter eggs, Las Venturas may end up having some real ties with Grand Theft Auto VI after all.

Monday, March 23, 2020

GTA 6 Websites Updated Before Rumored Reveal

Rockstar updates website domains related to Grand Theft Auto 6 shortly before a rumored reveal date.

Over past few years, there have been heaps of rumors on highly- anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI none of which came out to be true. One recent rumor claims that developer/publisher Rockstar Games is going to reveal GTA 6 on March 25, 2020.

While this rumored reveal date gets closer, all sorts of gossips starts flying online and lately, some new changes noticed by players have added fuel to that fire when Rockstar has updated domain names associated with upcoming GTA VI.

gta 6 websites updated rumored reveal rockstar games grand theft auto vi pc ps5 xbox series x
GTA 6 Websites Updated Before Rumored Reveal

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In general, websites that are somehow related to Grand Theft Auto 6 used to redirect their traffic to Rockstar Games official website but that has changed most recently and now is showing an error message to all of its viewers.

If you dig a little deeper, you will see that GTA VI domain was last updated on March 23, only days before its rumored reveal. Usually, companies do this when their website is ready to launch and Rockstar typically does this to announce IPs.

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Reddit user bozidarilic has shared these findings on multiple domain names like GTAVI and GTA6. does not redirect to Rockstar Games site anymore. Site updated today... from r/GTA6

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Previously, Rockstar updated websites for Bully and Red Dead Redemption but same didn't happen for GTA 6 just yet. In past, they changed yellow color of their logo into red to tease announcement for Red Dead Redemption 2.

Since none of that teasing happened so far, fans should probably watch out for more hints in coming weeks. There are heavy rumors of Grand Theft Auto 6 to be set in Vice City with a single protagonist but noting is confirmed by anyone.

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This could all be simply a close coincidence, where these dates have unintentionally rallied up too close and Rockstar probably was doing regular updates for their websites as usual, which has nothing to do with GTA 6 in any way.

If somehow Rockstar Games ends up revealing Grand Theft Auto VI in next few days, GTA fans worldwide will go crazy. Nevertheless, it would be wise for everyone to take things with a grain of salt at this point and calmly wait for a reveal.