Grand Theft Auto 6 Leaker Being Investigated by FBI

Following a recent breach at Rockstar Games server, tech giant Uber has contacted FBI over supposed Grand Theft Auto VI hacker.

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Grand Theft Auto VI Leaker Being Investigated by FBI

Considered as one of the biggest leaks in video games industry, a hacker recently shared hours of footage from an early development build of upcoming heavily-anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI by developer/publisher Rockstar Games.

Before breaking into Rockstar's server recently, alleged GTA 6 leaker has also caused a security breach at transport service giant Uber. Following two big hacking attempts in less than a week, FBI is now getting involved in investigation.

Uber recently reveals that they contacted FBI and US Department of Justice regarding a hacker responsible for server breach. It is still confirmed whether the same person who leaked GTA VI also hacked Uber, they admitted it later on.

GTA Forums user Teapotuberhacker has shared over 90 gameplay footage of GTA 6 alpha build this Sunday. After allegedly hacking Rockstar Games-owned Slack server, he obtained a copy of source code for Grand Theft Auto 6 as well.

According to Uber, their attacker is connected with a hacking group named Lapsus$, which has been active through last year. Possibly based in South America, they are responsible for cyber- attacks against various US-tech companies.

Grand Theft Auto VI leaks were acknowledged by Rockstar Games' parent company Take-Two, as they were busy removing those videos. Take-Two has issued DMCA strikes to get rid of GTA VI video across all social media and forums.
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