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PlayStation Now Adds Ace Combat 7, World War Z and More

Sony will be adding Ace Combat 7, InFamous: Second Son, Superhot and World War Z to PlayStation Now in March 2021. PlayStation Now Adds Ace Combat 7, World War Z and More More new games are ready and lined up by Sony Interactive Entertainment to join PlayStation Now online services in March 2021. PlayStation 5 console owners can join alongside all current-gen players using backward compatibility feature. PS Now to add four new titles; Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown , InFamous: Second Son , Superhot and World War Z to ongoing lineup of March. Some of these titles may even require PlayStation VR device to connect and experience virtual reality. RELATED: Resident Evil Village Story Setting Teased by Capcom Take flight in world's best fighter planes and become a star pilot in combat flight simulator Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown . Then head to Seattle as Delsin Rowe playing InFamous: Second Son and use your super-powers against unfair authority. Enter a minimalistic world of chaos a

Humble Conquer COVID-19 Bundle

Get your hands on some classic games worth more than $1,000 for just $30 in latest Humble Bundle to help fight Coronavirus. In a desperate time when entire world is fighting against COVID-19 pandemic, digital storefront Humble Store came forward with a care package for gamers with their greatest offerings to raise funds to support all responding parties. Latest offer from Humble Bundle comes with a great chance to contribute Coronavirus relief efforts and owning over $1,000 worth of PC games to redeem on Steam as well as loads of digital books collection by spending only $30. Humble Conquer COVID-19 Bundle RELATED: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered Out On PS4 In a special one-week bundle, Humble has featured some popular releases from renowned developers and publishers. There are a bunch of ebooks and comics from Army of Darkness , Red Sonja , Saga , Spawn and The Boys series too. Upon purchasing this bundle, new subscribers can also unlock a month of Humble

Superhot Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store is offering PC version of Superhot on third day of 12 days of free games giveaway program. In a march to end year 2019, Epic Games has announced to giveaway more games on Epic Games Store for any players to grab a copy on PC platform for rest of the days of 2019 while they are having a Holiday Sale for everyone. On their third entry in 12 days of free games program for rest of the year, Epic Store is currently offering 2016 first-person shooter game Superhot from independent developer/publisher Superhot Team for a 24 hours time period. Superhot Free on Epic Games Store Now RELATED: Telltale Batman Shadows Edition Out On PC and Xbox One Despite belonging to FPS genre, the game follows a unique mechanics where time passes at normal speed only when player character is moving, thereby allowing one to come up with a strategy before making any move. Overall game design takes a minimalist art style that presents all enemies into shards of red polygons a

Nintendo Indie World Showcase August 2019

Check out an awesome lineup of indie games heading to Nintendo Switch in latest Indie World Showcase live-stream. With the rise of Nintendo Switch handheld console in recent years following its 2017 launch, many indie games with great potential are finding a new audience to reach out to and that essentially has helped them to grow exponentially. Though Nintendo mostly focuses on major upcoming releases and big-name anticipated Switch ports during their Nintendo Direct presentation, this time they decided to go with indie games and is introducing Indie World Showcase . Nintendo Indie World Showcase August 2019 RELATED: No Man's Sky May Come to Nintendo Switch Here are official announcements for some of indie games that are coming to Switch later this year on in 2020. RELATED: Trine 4 Release Date Risk of Rain 2  | Nintendo Switch First title that kicks-off the presentation is an upcoming third-person shooter Risk of Rain 2 with rogue-like gameplay eleme

Xbox Game Pass to Add Metal Gear Survive, Outer Wilds and More

Nearing end of May 2019, more new games like Dead by Daylight, Metal Gear Survive, Outer Wilds and more are coming to Xbox Game Pass. Right before we stepped into May, 2019, Microsoft Studios announced loads of exciting new games for adding to Xbox Game Pass monthly subscription service lineup that members can enjoy throughout the month on Xbox One . Starting from May 23, Game Pass members would have access to two new titles and six more over the course till June 6. All of these games are picked from different genres to give everyone something to look up for and have a good time. Xbox Game Pass to Add Metal Gear Survive, Outer Wilds and More RELATED: Xbox Game Pass Adds Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and More Dead by Daylight In a 1v4 online multiplayer mode, players are put in a Friday the 13th -esque survival horror atmosphere to survive from a savage Killer and are constantly on run for their lives by trying to save their own skin by evading their dreaded pursuer.