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Thursday, January 9, 2020

WB Montréal Teased New Batman Game Again

Nowhere near reveal yet, WB Games Montréal teases fans with another image for next Batman game.

There has been a rumor of developer WB Games Montréal secretly working on a Batman game for some time since 2018 that is loosely based on 2011 DC Comics storyline Batman: Court of Owls and is set within Arkhamverse.

After some back and forth teasing for last two years, WB Montréal is back at it again in 2020 with a new logo they posted on social media and even left a clue for legion of fans to seek its meaning of by simply writing "/redacted".

new batman game logo tease warner bros games montréal arkhamverse twitter
WB Montréal Teased New Batman Game Again

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According to curious player community, previous set of logos represents Amanda Waller, Court of Owls, Ra's Al Ghul and Suicide Squad. Before they get to a full official reveal of Batman: Arkham game, there will most likely be another tease.

All of these parties have gone after the Caped Crusader on more than one occasion in history of comic-books. Putting them all together into one game is probably vital to an overarching narrative like previous games of Batman franchise.

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WB Montréal posts "/redacted" in caption of a Tweet that is a clue to visit their official website for a larger image.

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Judging by its appearance, the logo seems to be representing a top-secret project of United States Army known as The Colony. They led by Jacob Kane, father of Kate Kane AKA Batwoman and were introduced in the beginning of DC Rebirth.

Considering how WB has been emphasizing on a tagline "Capture the Knight" from start, this newly revealed faction nicely fits into the memo that suggests that several different groups are trying to hunt The Dark Knight for some reasons.

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People have already placed together previously leaked symbols to form a pattern and make some sense.

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Following original rumor that spread around from an owl emblem on a black T-shirt worn by an assistant producer of WB Montreal, there was heavy speculation that a surprise reveal will take place at major gaming events but nothing happened.

Filling out five of all six circles now leave place for only one more, which can possibly be an owl insignia for Court of Owls that assistant producer Valerie Vezina was wearing in a photo she shared on her Twitter handle two years ago.

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Piecing these pieces of puzzles through teaser images only hints that upcoming Batman game would feature major factions of Gotham City and it will be significantly long compared to any previous installment of Arkham games.

A reputed leaker claimed the title to be "Batman: Arkham Legacy" and will have a fully playable Bat-Family. It may come out during release of next-gen consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X but will be available on current-gen hardware.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Warner Bros. Cancelled Two Superman Games

According to rumors, Warner Bros. has developed and cancelled two open-world Superman games from 2013.

In a day and age of superhero comics, movies and TV shows, only a few renowned characters among many has made a booming transition into popular video games like Batman: Arkham series and Marvel's Spider-Man.

According to industry insider James Sigfield, Warner Bros. has been trying to make an open-world Superman game since 2013 by taking pitches from many parties and has cancelled two of them in past six years period.

superman open world game cancelled warner bros 2013 rumors
Warner Bros. Cancelled Two Superman Games

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One of these titles was going the same way of 2018's best-selling superhero adventure game Spider-Man for PlayStation 4. It was supposed to have Man of Steel flying around in an open-world Metropolis fighting many of his arch-nemesis.

For reasons unknown, this title has got canned in a prototype stage of development, followed by another one titled Superman: Unborn that met the same fate by publisher company Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment.

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James Sigfield took Twitter to share a few scrapped piece of concept art from reportedly cancelled Superman game.

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Instead of setting around in Metropolis, "Unborn" was planned to be less of an open-world to limit Superman's strength. It was set within bottled city of Kandor and had both Brainiac and Doomsday as primary antagonists among a few others.

This part of detail seems to tie to previous a leak from May 2018 on image-based online bulletin board 4chan that mentioned Brainiac as its main villain. However, that rumored title had Metropolis as its premise instead of Kandor.

superman game scrapped character concept art man of steel general zod brainiac parasite metallo lex luthor doomsday darkseid
Superman Game Scrapped Character Concept Art

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Unborn ended up being cancelled because Warner Bros. was adamant for developers to use Arkham engine, which is a heavily modified version of Unreal Engine 3 that has also been used to work on their latest release Injustice 2.

Due to such requirement and limitations of that engine, dev team couldn't get Superman to fly. Apparently, they have cancelled an untitled Suicide Squad game featuring characters like DeathStroke, Harley Quinn and Katana as well.

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Man of Steel was featured in some fighting games and side-scrolling brawlers but none of them has been able to see success so far like another iconic DC superhero Batman in Arkham franchise from developer Rocksteady Studios.

Currently, all efforts are focused on a yet to revealed Batman game from WB Montreal that would feature the Court of Owls and rumored to be called "Batman: Arkham Legacy", without having voice actor Kevin Conroy in lead role.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Hitman 2 Halloween Free Content Update

Developer IO Interactive will be celebrating Halloween event in upcoming free content update for Hitman 2.

Each year in October, Halloween brings themed limited time event to games that support players with steady supply of contents and this month, action-adventure stealth game Hitman 2 celebrates the occasion with a free update.

Agent 47 will be busy taking on a new themed escalation contract and challenge packs in a latest content pack from developer IO Interactive and publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment that arrives on October 22, 2019.

hitman 2 halloween event spooky reward unlocks free content release date io interactive warner bros interactive entertainment
Hitman 2 Halloween Free Content Update

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According to October content roadmap, newly added escalation contract is a spooky job that takes place in Hawke's Bay. Upon completion, players would unlock tactical wetsuit and a bat shuriken as rewards to use on regular missions.

There would possibly be circle of rituals, dead trees, skeletons and tombstones on location to generate nightmare fuel. This uniquely themed content introduced via update 2.71.0 is here to stay as a permanent addition to the game.

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All current players can take part in Halloween event for free, which is also available in Starter Pack for newcomers. So, even if you do not own a copy, you are not kept away from a chance to become a Jack-o'-lantern pumpkin wearing assassin.

Hitman 2 is currently out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms and if all eight chapters within is not enough for you then purchase an Expansion Pass to expand over to more challenges, locations and missions with early access.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Batman: Court of Owls Game Teased By WB Montréal

Arkham Origins developer WB Montréal officially teases new Batman: Court of Owls game on Twitter.

While celebrating 80th anniversary of Batman making his first appearance on Detective Comics #27 in May 1939 and annual Batman Day 2019, developer WB Games Montréal teased an upcoming new Batman game yesterday.

Today, an official clip of all those cryptic logos teased by Arkham Origins developer is posted on their Twitter handle that clearly hints of an announcement coming soon, maybe in Sony's latest State of Play episode on September 24.

batman court of owls game wb games montréal official tease sony state of play
Batman: Court of Owls Game Teased By WB Montréal

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Rumors were riling up from last year about a new Batman game by WB Montréal that is set in Arkham Asylum universe and will adapt the "Court of Owls" storyline of 2011 from The New 52 wave of DC Comics as its primary plotline.

These rumors were strengthened by an image shared on Twitter by studio assistant producer that had an owl emblem on it. A leaked and now-deleted placeholder listing for an upcoming WB Games title was even spotted on Amazon lately.

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This short video captioned "Capture the Knight" displays clearer version of logos teased earlier on Batman Day.

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These mysterious symbols obviously hints at next possible direction for next Batman games and one of them can be incorporated with Court of Owls, one with Ra's al Ghul or his League of Assassins and the rest to other different organizations.

It could also be an implication that four fractions are after The Dark Knight to end his reign of vigilantism on Gotham or they all belong to a same group that will slowly evolve over time and become something bigger than they were earlier.

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Fans were asking for a follow-up title for long after Rocksteady Studios have wrapped up Arkham trilogy in 2015 with Batman: Arkham Knight. "Court of Owls" saga can very much become that successor series they have been wanting.

Whatever WB Games Montréal has been trying to tell us through cryptic messaging will probably come to an end very soon and will reveal what gritty interpretation of Batman they are after this time in their latest Court of Owls game.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Batman: Court of Owls Game May be Revealed Soon

Recent tease from WB Games Montréal on Batman Day may be hinting at upcoming Batman: Court of Owls game.

For some time, there have been some rumors of developer WB Games Montréal secretly working on a new Batman game that is set on acclaimed New 52 storyline titled "Court of Owls", published in 2011 from DC Comics.

Annual Batman Day has returned in 2019 just like every year on September 21, which WB Games has taken Twitter to celebrate its 80th anniversary and have teased an upcoming anticipated project of theirs based on Caped Crusader.

batman court of owls new game tease wb games montréal batman day 80th anniversary dc comics scott snyder greg capullo
Batman: Court of Owls Game May be Revealed Soon

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They shared a video on social media of Bat Signal shining on a building and it shows glimpse of images with cryptic symbols. One of these logos closely resemble to Court of Owls, hinting at long-rumored title they have been working on.

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Now this tease actually makes sense and also aligns with a Tweet from a year ago by assistant producer of WB Montréal. She posted a photo wearing a black T-shirt with an owl emblem on its back that matches to one of the glitchy images.

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As many comic-book fans know already, writer Scott Snyder (Death of the Family, Night of the Owls) and artist Greg Capullo (Haunt, Spawn) has worked on "Court of Owls" story arc in 2011, which is one of the best Batman stories of modern times.

Hiding beneath the shadows, the Court has been operating in Gotham City for centuries that use a group of lethal assassins under their employ called The Talons to eradicate anyone who becomes a threat to their organization.

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Snyder has Retweeted the video posted by WB Games earlier with a #bewarethecourtofowls hashtag to bolster all speculation and then quickly removed it, only to seemingly confirm of a new Batman game featuring Court of Owls.

Batman Day bears more significance than ever before this year because it was 80th anniversary of The Dark Knight making his first appearance on Detective Comics #27 back in May 1939 only to become a comic-book legend in coming years.

wb montréal game amazon placeholder listing leak batman court of owls tease
WB Montréal Game Leaked Amazon Listing

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Last month, a leaked placeholder listing on Amazon has shown that an upcoming game from the studio may be nearing announcement for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at Gamescom 2019 event but that never really came to light.

Following release of Batman: Arkham Knight in 2015, fans are asking for a new Arkham game and there is a possibility that Batman: Court of Owls game may be revealed during Sony's upcoming State of Play episode September 24.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Hitman 2 August 2019 Roadmap

IO Interactive revealed new Challenge Pack and homing briefcase are coming to August roadmap of Hitman 2.

In a latest announcement, developer IO Interactive and publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has laid out content roadmap of their action-adventure stealth game Hitman 2 for the forthcoming month of August 2019.

Expansion Pass owners of H2 are going to get a new challenge pack, escalation contracts, featured contracts, legacy elusive targets and much more next month for Agent 47 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

Hitman 2 august 2019 content roadmap homing briefcase agent 47 io interactive
Hitman 2 August 2019 Roadmap

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August will be kicking off by throwing off escalation contracts "The Simmons Concussion" at you where you take full advantage of a radical energy drink Jester to stay sharp and then throw those soda cans at joggers on sight.

Social chameleon is theme for this month and The Chameleon is a perfect fit as legacy elusive target to match that. Follow him to Colorado and execute according to specific client briefing to earn tactical gear with hunter's hat.

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What was discovered as an in-game bug that IO Interactive has quickly patched upon finding has now come back to hit back hard. The homing briefcase that defied the laws of physics has returned for "Best Case Scenario" challenge pack.

Escalation contract picks Mr. Batty after his indestructible package got destroyed eventually. He will be followed by another legacy elusive target known as The Identity Thief in Paris and you only have 10 days to carry out this mission.

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Monthly theme of social chameleon strikes again in featured contracts and submissions are open for "Cosplay Karma" until August 12. Afterwards, move over to Isle of Sgail to take out escalation contract, The Scarlett Deceit.

Finally, there is one more elusive target to wipe out from scene that goes by as The Gunrunner and would be residing in Marrakesh, Morocco. A handful of bug fixes and improvements will be deployed on same day, by the end of the month.

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Our silent assassin protagonist will get his job done by whatever means available at hand and Expansion Pass will add Smart Casual Pack content featuring a new suit along with a few useful items to assist you finish a mission in style.

Hitman 2 has been a successful venture by IO Interactive so far and you can purchase either of Gold or Silver Edition of the game to get started with upcoming adventures if you already don't have Expansion Pack 1 or Expansion Pass.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

DC Universe Online: Metal Event & Episode Announced

New episodes and limited-time events based on DC Comics crossover event Dark Nights: Metal is announced for DC Universe Online.

It was revealed only a few months ago that developer/publisher Daybreak Game Company and co-publisher WB Games are bringing their popular free-to-play MMO game DC Universe Online on Nintendo Switch console by this summer.

Players on Switch will soon be joining others from PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms in upcoming newest event and episode pack themed on Dark Nights: Metal, which is recently announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2019.

dc universe online metal event episode wb games pc ps4 xbox switch
DC Universe Online: Metal Event & Episode Announced

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Metal is a major 2017 DC Comics crossover event of by writer Scott Snyder (Death of the Family, Night of the Owls) with artist Greg Capullo (Haunt, Spawn). It introduces ominous forces of a Dark Multiverse that threatens all existence.

Heroes and some villains of DC Universe eventually rallies together to face Barbartos, the Bat-God and his Dark Knights, comprised of twisted versions of Batman from alternate reality timelines to ravage worlds on his behalf.

dc universe online barbatos metal event episode wb games pc ps4 xbox switch
Barbatos is Coming!

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SDCC 2019 revealed that upcoming debut of Dark Multiverse will see launch of two new episodes in 2019. In September, Episode 35: Metal Part I will be released and it will be followed by Episode 36: Metal Part II in December.

Metal will unfold horrors in form of demented versions of The Dark Knight that will seemingly make Owl Man of Crime Syndicate look like a literal clown, especially lieutenant of Barbatos' dreaded Dark Knights, Batman Who Laughs.

dc universe online batman who laughs metal event episode wb games pc ps4 xbox switch
Beware of Batman Who Laughs

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DCUO currently has Justice League Dark event ongoing and new monstrous creature Shadow Golem is added in Chaos Gotham. Of course, defeating him will be no easy trick for starters but on doing so; players can earn Orbital Strike trinket.

More reward items like Clairvoyant's circlet, Magician's shirt and hair style, Mystical Ankh of Nabu and Pulse Material will be available on episode vendor as well as Shadow Haunted Flames Accessory and a Shadow Henchmen are included.

dc universe online justice league dark shadow golem episode wb games pc ps4 xbox switch
Shadow Golem Creatures

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Characters like Merciless, Red Death and Barbatos himself from Dark Nights: Metal will appear on Part I and II of Metal. Other prominent members like Devastator, The Drowned and Murder Machine may show up in latter episodes.

Players who have an active subscription of action combat based MMO title DC Universe Online can get full access to Episode 34: Justice League Dark for free and this limited-time event part of the episode will be available until next release.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Hitman 2 Adds New York Location DLC

As part of Expansion Pass, first post-launch sandbox location for Hitman 2 takes Agent 47 to New York for new mission.

Agent 47 comes to visit New York as a brand-new sandbox location has now been added to first expansion pack of stealth action-adventure game Hitman 2 by developer IO Interactive and publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Available from today on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, this first post-launch content update also includes a new mission "The Bank". Owners of Expansion Pass or Expansion Pack 1 can get in to access new unlocks on completing challenges.

hitman 2 expansion the bank release date trailer new york mastery dlc
Hitman 2 Adds New York Location DLC

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In a new trailer, Agent 47 goes to a bank in New York location using a disguise to complete a mission at hand.

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While in New York, players are to pay visit to Golden Handshake bank to complete newest campaign mission. Contracts Mode will be applicable for The Bank for players to create new custom challenges for others in same location.

When he finally arrives at the bank, he is tasked to find its director Athena Savalas and eliminate her. Don't forget to retrieve vault data core before leaving and upon successful completion of your mission earn new achievements.

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47 can get his hands on useful tools and weapon new starting point using Mastery Progression system. Also, "The New Yorker" double-breasted trench coat and a customized Bartoli 12G shotgun are among new unlocks to carry over to other missions.

Not available for individual purchase, players can only get their hands on New York location and The Bank campaign mission via obtaining either one of Hitman 2 Gold or Silver Edition and Expansion Pass or Expansion Pack 1 for Standard Edition.