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Gotham Knights Opening Mission Gameplay Revealed

WB Games Montréal has revealed an exclusive gameplay footage of Gotham Knights opening mission, courtesy of IGN First Look.

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Gotham Knights Opening Mission Gameplay Revealed

Shortly after announcing a release date, upcoming action role-playing game Gotham Knights by developer WB Games Montréal and publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment unveiled a co-op demo for Nightwing and Red Hood.

WB Montréal reveals a number of overview trailer focused on Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin more recently. Today, dev team officially releases exclusive gameplay footage of Gotham Knights' opening mission via IGN First Look.

IGN reveals a 16-minute opening gameplay trailer for Gotham Knights, highlighting various in-game features.

Latest gameplay video of Gotham Knights showcases many action and stealth mechanics, which lets you sneak up on and finish off enemies. Picking up just after a prologue cut-scene, Batgirl is seen to exhibit basic combat and traversals.

Heading over to a now-abandoned Gotham University, she investigates about the alleged death of Dr. Kirk Langstrom. Apparently, Batman was keeping tabs on him and therefore, Bat-Family is digging up on him to know more about him.

Gotham Knights creative director Patrick Redding confirms that no playable heroes will feel and seem weaker than their teammates. From very beginning, everyone will function quite similarly and customize character through upgrades.

As she sees two EMS guy pick Langstrom's body, Batgirl continues her search and finds a hidden laboratory after scanning around with AR vision but before she could get back to Belfry, a group of criminals catches her attention mid-way.

Batgirl eventually comes face-to-face against a Bane-esque bulky, shield-wielding enemy on the burning campus premise. Barbara Gordon uses a mix of heavy melee attacks to break guard and takes him down with ease with little efforts.

Gotham Knights takes place in a separate reality from acclaimed Batman: Arkham series, where former sidekicks of The Dark Knight attempt to defend their stomping ground from any evil and stands against the menacing Court of Owls.