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Death Stranding Revealed

When the creator of Metal Gear Solid is about to dive deep to develop another masterpiece and it is from his very own home production this time, you have to have a tough time to hold your sh*t together! This just happened. Former Digital Entertainment president of Konami, Hideo Kojima is back and he announced his return by taking the E3 2016 stage to reveal his latest creation from Kojima Productions, titled Death Stranding.

norman reedus death stranding poster
Death Stranding E3 2016 Reveal Poster A

A brand-new trailer for Death Stranding was revealed by Kojima himself just to let us know what he's been up to and the game will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Two brand-new posters are also released afterwards the trailer clip was dropped as reveal art.

The trailer opens up with William Blake quotes from Auguries of Innocence about heaven and eternity. Then the shot goes to a frame that quickly moves forward over a dry-sandy beach with dead crabs lying all around. We see giant lizard-like palm print on the sand that is immediately filled with water but no creature is visible. It stops near a naked man wearing handcuffs that blinks and there is also a baby connected to him via a cord!

The man slowly picks the baby up to his arms and breaks into tears of agony. The baby suddenly disappears leaving black gooey handprints on his legs. Marks of a c-section performing is visible in his lower abdomen as he completely stands up and looks up at the distance, where hundreds of dead fish along with a few dead whale are seen all connected to some sort of cords and then there are five beings are seen seemingly floating around as the clip cuts off.

death stranding ps4 poster
Death Stranding E3 2016 Reveal Poster B

Upon Kojima's departure from Konami, his fans were really worried if they would ever see the master of mind-bending game-making will ever return. The king indeed has returned and as an added surprise, he brought actor Norman Reedus (The Boondock Saints, The Walking Dead) into the game, for providing voice and appearance capturing to portray his in-game character. Set to be an open-world action game, Death Stranding still haven't announced or hinted any release date.