Overwatch's Tracer Gets Her Own Nendoroid

The time-jumping adventurer Lena Oxton AKA Tracer from Blizzard Entertainment's popular first-person multiplayer shooter video game Overwatch is not unknown to the fans. Also, people who love collecting cute figurines are no stranger to the Nendoroid line of collectibles. Now, to reward their love towards this cute figures, the Japanese Good Smile Company is bringing Overwatch's Tracer in their line of Nendoroid toys like they did with some other fan-favorite characters in the past.

overwatch tracer nendoroid
Overwatch's Tracer gets her own Nendoroid

Witness the cuteness of the Tracer Nendoroid in this 30 seconds long classic skin edition introduction video.

The bang of her haircut is also carefully designed to flop over her big goggles at times.

The Tracer Nendoroid will also be armed with her signature pulse pistols to make gun wielding poses and separate hand parts will be added to make stances without the guns like her recall ability activated mode. This figure is designed to take various poses that look absolutely amazing from various angles, which really makes her exterior look unique. Tracer fan or not, this one is a must collectible for at least the sake of its incredibly cute appearance.
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