Wednesday, July 18, 2018

World of Warcraft Subscription Includes All Pre-Released Content

Blizzard is giving up all current World of Warcraft expansions in exchange for a monthly Subscription.

Fans of massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft from Blizzard Entertainment are getting ready for the forthcoming seventh expansion of the game titled Battle for Azeroth on August 14, 2018. Developer/publisher Blizzard already released a pre-expansion patch 8.0 to introduce some changes by removing few contents and updating some classes. Most recently, they have decided to change their price model into a subscription-only system permanently.

world of warcraft subscription expansion content
World of Warcraft Subscription Includes All Content

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Starting from now on, the base WoW game and previously released expansion contents up until Legion are all available under their monthly subscription fee of $14.99 only. With that new regulation under implement, Battle Chest has already been removed from Blizzard’s online shop, which used to provide the same to players before. For better or worse, this change was announced following the pre-patch release for Battle for Azeroth expansion, awaiting release soon on August 14.

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Signing up for a subscription will let you play the original and all six expansions to prep up until the seventh arrives and now that players don't have to buy the base game, the barrier of entrance to world's biggest MMORPG title is lowered to a level where many can participate. Without having to buy anything additional, you can keep playing all the way through level 110 as long as you continue a monthly subscription. Battle for Azeroth however, will cost you only $49.99 as one-time fee.

blizzard world of warcraft expansions
World of Warcraft Pre-Released Expansions

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On hindsight, an ongoing subscription will cost you $179.88 a year and this significant change will essentially makes you spend more bucks than it would cost for you to buy all of those if you keep it up for a few years in a row. Although having no longer needed to pay for each WoW expansions separately is a great idea but removing them overall from online storefront actually forces you to sign up whether you like it or not, because there are no other option for choosing anything individually.