Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Capcom Open to More Resident Evil Remake

According to their recent financial results, Capcom is definitely on board for more Resident Evil Remake.

Although developer/publisher Capcom took almost three years just to reveal the first look for upcoming survivor horror classic Resident Evil 2 Remake at E3 2018 press conference after initially announcing the project in 2015, fans reaction to their effort was mostly positive despite some minor fraction of the fan-base.

The venture began with Resident Evil HD Remaster back in 2015 by releasing a high-definition version of the original game and now looks like they are going to remake more titles.

capcom resident evil 2 remake
Capcom Open to More Resident Evil Remake

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As their first quarter financial results call came out recently, they were discussing their strategy with market in a Q&A session, where they talked about Monster Hunter: World and a few other titles from their mobile game library.

They also stated that following favorable reception of RE2 Remake at E3, Capcom is thinking about exploring further with variety of properties they still have in fold, which clearly suggests more Resident Evil games will join the remake march when RE2MAKE succeeds.

It was received very well at E3, and in order to tie this first success to actual sales we are working out our promotional strategy. Further, regarding remakes and rereleases of titles in our back catalog, we expect to explore these further with a variety of properties as a part of our strategy to utilize our library of IP.

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After RE2 Remake, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is arguably the most fitting title to receive the remake treatment. Partly, because it is the next most deserving game in the series to get reworked and mostly because, doing that will complete a classic trilogy of game being remade.

Besides, fans are hugely speculating RE3 to be the next in line of getting revamped when Capcom posted a photo of titular monster Nemesis on their official Twitter account on Friday the 13th of July.

resident evil 2 remake leon kennedy claire redfield marvin branagh
Fan-Favorite Resident Evil 2 Characters

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Considered the best game in the series, Resident Evil 2 not only has some of the franchise defining moments but also some of the scariest ones. Two of the fan-favorite characters Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy made their debut through this installment as well.

Players also get to revisit the tragic tale of another beloved character Lieutenant Marvin Branagh of Raccoon City Police Department who does more than just sitting around wounded and came to save Leon's life at one point.