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Monster Hunter: World X Final Fantasy XIV Collaboration Event

With Behemoth coming to Monster Hunter: World, a crossover event with Final Fantasy XIV goes live today!

A few weeks back, both Capcom and Square Enix came forward announcing an upcoming limited time collaboration event between two of their popular titles; Monster Hunter: World and Final Fantasy XIV through an official trailer.

Players will be going up against legendary monster Behemoth first from FFXIV in action role-playing game MHW via a free update released on both PlayStation 4 and XBox One consoles starting from August 1, 5 PM PT/8 AM ET.

monster hunter world x final fantasy xiv event
Monster Hunter: World X Final Fantasy XIV Collaboration Event

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A brand-new trailer is released showcasing Behemoth in his magnificent glory as he enters New World to announce dominance.

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Slaying monsters are nothing new for fearless Hunters of New World but Behemoth is unlike any beast they have encountered before. Going up against him will need you to come up with some finest tactics and reliable teamwork.

Of course, strategies are the key here but that doesn't mean you shouldn't worry about weapons and item loadouts. A well planned defense may fall apart by his relentless attacks once he locks target on you with a wrathful gaze.

monster hunter world x final fantasy xiv event behemoth
Behemoth Makes Grand Entry

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Players would be wise to aim for his head and try to block or evade his big hits to save up health. Few support-focused teammates wielding weapon types like sword and shield, light bowgun or hunting horn can come in handy in this case.

Someone with health boost and wide-range, similar to skills from Lunastra armor set can also be very useful in your squad. Keep an eye around and watch out from Behemoth making his ultimate move, Ecliptic Meteor to cause an instant faint!

monster hunter world x final fantasy xiv crossover
Plan Your Finest Tactics

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Shortly afterwards, renowned menacing giant Rathalos from Monster Hunter: World will invade world of Final Fantasy XIV during this cross-promotional event at a later date, which will be revealed very soon.

Even though a PC release is still due, Capcom has already made a ton of cash with their latest installment of Monster Hunter series. Not only has it become a fastest-selling game of their sales history but turn out to be a best-seller for consoles as well.

monster hunter world x final fantasy xiv rathalos
Rathalos Coming to Final Fantasy XIV

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Previously, MHW had similar timed events with other Capcom games like Devil May Cry, Mega Man and Street Fighter as well as third-party title Horizon Zero Dawn. Crossing over with Final Fantasy is surely an extravaganza for fans of the franchise.

Monster Hunter: World X Final Fantasy XIV collaboration event is long due since producer Ryozo Tsujimoto of MHW and director Naoki Yoshida of FFXIV have envisioned something like this back in 2011 while working on their own projects.