Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Red Dead Online Beta Update Out Now

Rockstar Games deployed new update for Red Dead Online beta and players on PlayStation 4 get early access.

Since the release on October 2018, Western action-adventure game Red Dead Redemption 2 became one of the most successful games for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms by developer/publisher Rockstar Games till date.

A beta version of its online multiplayer mode Red Dead Online was released back in November 2018 and it obviously had some issues to deal with. After listening to their community for some time, the first big batch of RDO update is released.

red dead online beta update ps4 early access rockstar games
Red Dead Online Beta Update Out Now

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Aside from in-game improvements requested by players, the patch added clothing, gameplay adjustments and weapons to begin with. Due to a partnership with Sony, owners of PS4 will have early access to a bunch of contents.

A major change in the inventory of shops and catalogs will be noticed following the update. More than 150 new clothing accessories and pieces including variants of Diamondback Hat, double-breasted Hartman jacket, gloves, vests and much more are added.

red dead online beta update clothes emotes ps4 early access
New Clothing Items

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Brand-new deadly weapon Jawbone Knife can be your next pick to gut your opponents in close combat. This bad boy has a handle carved from the remains of dead animal jaw can be found near Emerald Ranch, Rhodes, Saint Denis, Thieves Landing and Van Horn Trading Post.

Players on PlayStation platform gets to sink their teeth on Special Series before anyone else and you can simply join by finding diamond icon on the map or through quick join menu. Also don't forget to greet your fellows or taunt your unfriendly rivals with three new emote.

red dead online beta update the jawbone knife ps4 early access
The Jawbone Knife

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When playing the Open Target Races mode, you will be participating on horseback against 15 others to takedown a series of checkpoints throughout the map in preferred order you deem fit. Wisely use your conserved ammo to take down any competitors that becomes a threat.

Focus on your speed, put emphasis on your marksmanship with a bow and arrow while displaying your unique racing skills to secure victory. Having a determined mindset of taking the lead in this contest to win is the key to success.

open target races ps4 early access
Open Target Races

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Three new Showdown Modes; Plunder, Spoils of War and Up in Smoke arrives as part of new competitive gameplay. Free roam event Fool's Gold allows you to don a golden suit of steel armor and earn points for both making kills and surviving.

As Rockstar Games continues to expand their Red Dead Online beta phase with new content and updates, there will be varied new weekly bonuses to reward the continuation of playing with a promise of much more to add in future updates.