Thursday, May 2, 2019

World of Goo Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store is giving away classic puzzle game World of Goo for free and you can claim it before May 16.

Marking eleventh entry on free games giveaway initiative by Epic Games at their digital distribution outlet Epic Games Store is a puzzle video game titled World of Goo by indie developer/publisher 2D Boy from 2008.

Most recently, the game has been polished with an update for modern gaming platforms and PC version of this classic puzzler is now free to grab for everyone to add to their Epic library before May 16, 7:59 PM PT/10:59 PM EST.

world of goo free pc epic games store 2d boy puzzle game
World of Goo Free on Epic Games Store Now

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In a sticky puzzle setup, the game lets you create structures with living balls of Goo throughout different levels of its overall five chapters. So many things that you can build with those globs, it doesn't stop surprising you anytime soon when you start playing.

Courtesy of its recent update, the game has now migrated to widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio from 4:3 that used to be a standard for it. This new improvement will allow players to enjoy it in whatever screen size they want to run it on.

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Set on a very unique comical theme of its own, there are cut-scenes to fill you in between chapters of your playthrough. Once previous feature of an in-game leaderboards is what you will notice missing from recent version as it often used to stress their server out.

Whereas World of Goo is available on various marketplaces for $9.99 only, Epic Store would only charge $5.99 for it when it is not given for free. Besides, they already offered $154.89 worth of games for free from the point of their store launch.

world of goo free pc 2d boy puzzle game epic games store
Award-Winning Puzzle Game

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In one of their recent statement, Epic Games have revealed that there has been over 25 million installs for all ten free games they gave up so far ever since their inception back in December 2019 and that surely was a pretty good response.

When World of Goo is no longer available to claim on their storefront, Epic Games Store will be offering narrative-driven adventure title Stories Untold by developer No Code and publisher Devolver Digital from onwards May 16.