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Kingdom: New Lands Free on Epic Games Store Now

In their recent free games offering, Epic Games Store gives away kingdom-building simulation game Kingdom: New Lands.

It has been a few weeks that Epic Games have launched their first-ever sale on Epic Games Store in "Epic Mega Sale 2019" to offer amazing discounts on PC games and doubling down on their run on biweekly free giveaway games.

After offering action adventure game City of Brass last week, Kingdom: New Lands is currently free on Epic Store. It will be available for anyone with an account to claim and add to their library before June 13, 7:59 AM PT/10:59 AM EST.

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Kingdom: New Lands Free on Epic Games Store Now

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New Lands is an updated version of original kingdom-building simulation game from publisher Raw Fury and rendered in pixel art-based graphics. More content are added to it aside from making several improvements on its award-winning gameplay.

Player takes on the role of a monarch king or queen for a quest to expand their empire through exploration. During their journey, they come across NPCs, gather resources or even travel on other islands, all within a two-dimensional screen.

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New Lands keeps things simplistic and retains a retro vibe that instantly engages fans of 2D games. Despite limited of moving either left or right, you can start each time a better kingdom than before using your past experience.

Also, don't forget to check out Epic Mega Sale because some games are available at an insane 75% off on Epic Games digital outlet. Action-packed dungeon crawler title Enter the Gungeon will be added to Epic Store as their next freebie on June 13.