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Resident Evil Reportedly Redesigned Chris Redfield Again

According to leaks, Capcom has changed appearance of series protagonist Chris Redfield once again for new game.

While majority of Resident Evil survival horror franchise fans are currently waiting to get their hands on Resident Evil 3 Remake just in a few months, rumors on a new installment from developer/publisher Capcom is still flying around.

After breaking a major revelation on Resident Evil 8 and some of its enemy details earlier, reputed leaker AestheticGamer has recently claimed that protagonist Chris Redfield is going through another redesign for next series title.

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Resident Evil Reportedly Redesigned Chris Redfield Again

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In a recent discussion on social media regarding alleged change of concept for Resident Evil 8 and werewolves, he has affirmed that Chris has been redesigned again and his new look will be revealed in a new release before that title.

Capcom has invited RE Ambassadors within U.S. region last year to test a brand-new untitled Resident Evil game that many initially thought to be Project Resistance but then it turned out to be a multiplayer mode for RE3 Remake.

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During his ongoing conversation, AestheticGamer admits of Chris being redesigned for next RE entry in works.

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There is a chance that Chris would show up in that untitled project that is not RE8 and has a rumored release window on 2021. Whatever they end up doing, this will not be the first time for this former S.T.A.R.S. member to get a new look.

Capcom changed appearance of original Resident Evil protagonist Chris Redfield after first RE game for Code: Veronica. Then he became a boulder punching buff guy in Resident Evil 5; a look that is also adapted for franchise animated films.

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Following his stint on Resident Evil 6, he was changed into a normal-sized human when he showed up in Not a Hero DLC of Resident Evil 7. A full character model for this version was also found lately in codes of Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Seeing how many times he has gone through revamp over all these years, it is not unlikely for Capcom to do it again because a lot of things can happen during development to change course and even totally scrap design concepts of a character.

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Though these stories are not much believable in most cases, they are hard to ignore when they are from reliable sources. This leaker in question is no random one and has a history of accurately predicting major Resident Evil leaks in past.

Regardless of next series release to be a sequel for RE7: Biohazard or a spin-off game, fans can only be confirmed after an official reveal. Some even says that Capcom may end up announcing a new RE game at PlayStation 5 reveal in February.