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Xbox Game Pass to Add Gears Tactics, The Long Dark and More

Latest lineup of Xbox Game Pass titles includes Gato Roboto, Gears Tactics, The Long Dark and much more.

Only weeks after announcing a new lineup, Xbox Game Pass is back with some more games for its members to play on PC and Xbox One. Throughout this month of April, these titles will become available for all members on both platforms.

In a time when almost everyone is stuck at home, having a few extra games being added to an ever-extending library of Game Pass service is surely nice for its subscribers and it gives you more value for your money at the same time.

xbox game pass deliver us the moon gato roboto gears tactics hyperdot levelhead machinarium the long dark xb1 2020
Xbox Game Pass to Add Gears Tactics, The Long Dark and More

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Deliver Us The Moon | Console, PC, Ultimate
A sci-fi thriller that largely focuses on its narrative, Deliver Us The Moon may come to many as a walking simulator because of how developer KeokeN Interactive and publisher Wired Productions has intended its plot premise to unfold.

In a future, where Earth is depleted of natural resources player character assume the role of an astronaut with a mission to save entire planet. Though there are not too much to do in terms of gameplay but you can explore in space a whole lot.

xbox game pass 2020 deliver us the moon keokeN interactive wired productions pc xb1
Deliver Us The Moon on Xbox Game Pass

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Gato Roboto | Console, PC, Ultimate
Clearly inspired by metroidvania genre of games, indie platformer Gato Roboto from developer Doinksoft is making its way to Game Pass later this month and you will soon find out how it is like to be a cat and go on a rampage wearing a mech.

Rendered entirely in minimalistic black and white retro-style design, you play as a furry feline who takes on a long journey of going through alien life-forms and perilous environment to save your captain stuck inside a crashed spaceship.

xbox game pass 2020 gato roboto doinksoft devolver digital pc xb1
Gato Roboto on Xbox Game Pass

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Gears Tactics | PC, Ultimate
A turn-based tactics by original developer Splash Damage in association with The Coalition that serves as a spin-off, Gears Tactics is set within Gears of War universe and will soon debut as a prequel series title from Xbox Game Studios.

Moving away from shooter roots, GT plays out from a top-down perspective and lets you take control of a squad with various objectives. Each mission will usually begin with a brief cinematic and then lead to a major boss-fight at the end.

xbox game pass 2020 gears tactics xbox game studios splash damage the coalition pc xb1
Gears Tactics on Xbox Game Pass

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HyperDot | Console, PC, Ultimate
Showcased during E3 2019, minimal action arcade title HyperDot from developer Tribe Games centers around one ground rule that by any means, you have to dodge almost everything that shows up on screen and comes to get you.

You take control of a small circle inside a larger circle where many other objects will be heading towards you for a certain time until you complete an objective or solve puzzle and there are a variety of ways to add twists to its primary law.

xbox game pass 2020 hyperdot tribe games glitch pc xb1
HyperDot on Xbox Game Pass

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Levelhead | Console, PC, Ultimate
In platformer maker game Levelhead by developer/publisher Butterscotch Shenanigans, players take control of a delivery robot GR-18 who works for premiere package delivery corporation, Bureau of Shipping to transport goods across galaxy.

There are many challenging levels to complete and create new ones using level editor to build designs of your dreams in workshop. Then you can conquer them on your own as well as share with online community for others to try them out.

xbox game pass 2020 levelhead butterscotch shenanigans pc xb1
Levelhead on Xbox Game Pass

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Machinarium | PC, Ultimate
A well made point-and-click game by developer/publisher Amanita Design that puts more weight on exploratin and some minor puzzle solving, Machinarium is an artistic adventure with no dialogue or texts but only thought bubbles.

In a strange world of machines, your playable robot character Josef who embarks a journey of discovery from a junkyard. After setting foot on the city, he recalls events of his life from past and came across rivals in Black Cap Brotherhood.

xbox game pass 2020 machinarium amanita design pc xb1
Machinarium on Xbox Game Pass

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The Long Dark | Console, PC, Ultimate
In first-person survival game The Long Dark from developer/publisher Hinterland Studio, you play as a bush pilot who desperately tries to find means and save his own life somehow after he ended up crash-landing in Canadian wilderness.

In order to stay alive, players must look for foods, get to heal any wounds, have proper rest and try to stay warm. When scavenging for resources, keep an eye on a wild bear that is coming at you or a pack of wolves trying to swarm you.

xbox game pass 2020 the long dark hinterland studio pc xb1
The Long Dark on Xbox Game Pass

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Titles that are leaving Game Pass soon includes Bomber Crew, Braid, Fallout 4, Full Metal Furies, Metal Slug 3, RUINER, Silence: The Whispered World 2, Smoke and Sacrifice, The Banner Saga 2 and Wolfenstein: The New Order on April 30.

If you want to keep playing any and all of these games, then use Xbox Game Pass membership to get 20% discount on purchase or sign up your first month by spending only $1, if you don't have a Game Pass Ultimate subscription just yet.