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The Outlast Trials Coming in 2021

Red Barrels reveals at PC Gaming Show that upcoming survival horror title The Outlast Trials will arrive on 2021.

Upon releasing 2013 first-person survival horror title Outlast, developer/publisher Red Barrels received critical-acclaim for their work and was able to repeat an even bigger success with launch of a follow-up sequel Outlast 2 in 2017.

After teasing a new project on Twitter in October 2019, Red Barrels officially revealed their upcoming co-operative survival horror game The Outlast Trials, which is currently announced at PC Gaming Show 2020 to arrive on 2021.

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The Outlast Trials Coming in 2021

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Red Barrels recently joined PC Gaming Show of this year with a teaser trailer for next Outlast adventure.

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Recent cinematic trailer sheds light on plot of The Outlast Trials, where a group of scientists are seen to be conducting experiments on a captive. They attach a set of night vision goggles by drilling it on the head of a fearful test subject.

Then these poor victims are sent on some sort of trail, where they work together to survive against deadly enemies. A fellow female prisoner tries to help out another detainee before they both met their terrible fate in a dark labyrinth.

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Instead of working on a mainline Outlast game, Red Barrels has apparently decided to work on a title up next that is presumably a spin-off prequel to better develop an expanded universe for a more narrative-driven experience in future.

The Outlast Trials will be set on Cold War era, centering on sadistic brainwashing experiments run by Murkoff Corporation. Their brutal tests will force survivors to work along or they may even be tricked to consider each other enemies.

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Outlast series has focused on horror with a "hide-and-seek" type gameplay mechanic where player character couldn't confront any enemies directly and were always forced to take a more stealthy approach to avoid any encounter.

The Outlast Trials is set to release for Windows PC via Epic Games Store and Steam on a yet to be revealed date in 2021. Though no gameplay were shown, you can either play solo or join up to four players for co-op to survive together.