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Dragon's Dogma Anime Reveals Official Trailer

Netflix reveals first official trailer for Dragon's Dogma anime TV series adaptation, arriving next month.

Continuing a string of success with various adaptations of video game properties for a while, streaming giant Netflix announced Dragon's Dogma anime based on a cult classic for their popular online platform back in July 2020.

Ahead of its world premiere on September 17, 2020, Netflix has released an official trailer for Dragon's Dogma anime TV show, showcasing several familiar faces from developer/publisher Capcom's renowned action fantasy classic.

dragon's dogma anime series story trailer netflix september 17 capcom action fantasy cult classic
Dragon's Dogma Anime Reveals Official Trailer

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Netflix's Dragon's Dogma official trailer offers a glimpse to its plotline and first-look at protagonist Arisen.

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Latest trailer for Dragon's Dogma introduces a man named Ethan, who would die and reborn as an Arisen after his wife and kids were killed. He failed his family, entire village he lived in was destroyed and his heart is stolen by a dragon.

Swearing vengeance, he tries to track down the beast and is accompanied by a Pawn, whom he names Hannah after his mother. He would face off mighty foes like Cyclops and Griffin, while eventually starts becoming a monster himself.

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Before heading over to Netflix, 2012 action role-playing game Dragon's Dogma originally came out on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. An enhanced version, Dark Arisen was launched for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Netflix has teamed up with Capcom and anime studio Sublimation Inc. for upcoming Dragon's Dogma anime adaptation, which may seem like a relatively lesser-known IP but devoted fans are most likely to follow-up during its debut.