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XIII Developer Apologizes for Disappointing Remake

Recent disappointment over failed XIII remake leads developer/publisher to apologize and admitting criticism.

Many fans were eagerly anticipating for a modern-day remake of first-person shooter game XIII from developer PlayMagic and publisher Microids, ever since they announced to release it for all current-gen platforms back in April 2020.

However, its anticipated launch has been met with overwhelming criticism and disappointment. Taking legitimate criticism into account for XIII Remake, development team released an official statement to address all negative reception.

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XIII Developer Apologizes for Disappointing Remake

Microids and PlayMagic took no time to apologize for current state of the game that doesn't fit their quality of standards. Working from home due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has greatly interrupted production work on many levels.

There were unexpected delays that effected development schedule and it delayed QA process. Dev team has planned to release a day one patch to take care of all major issues but even that update took way longer than they expected.

PlayMagic is working hard to fix all major issues first by delivering several patches in upcoming weeks for improved experience. They already addressed urgent issues such as controls, frame rates, rendering and sound in latest update.

Microids and PlayMagic are taking feedback, currently reviewing comments to point out bugs and issues to fix. They promise to work on a roadmap to deliver free contents like new levels, skins, weapons and local multiplayer modes.

Following its original release, XIII became popular among fans for starring actor David Duchovny (Californication, The X-Files) in lead role. Players have also embraced its cel-shaded visual style that is based on a Belgian graphic novel series.

XIII Remake day one patch is out now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms with a full list of detailed notes. Microids and PlayMagic can still redeem it over time despite going off the rails completely and having a number of issues.