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Resident Evil Movie Reboot First Image Revealed

First-look at promotional image of Resident Evil movie reboot is shared on Twitter by actor Chad Rook.

resident evil movie reboot first image reveal
Resident Evil Movie Reboot First Image Revealed

Shortly after filming has been wrapped back in December 2020, upcoming Resident Evil movie reboot was scheduled for a global release on September 9, 2021, by director Johannes Roberts (47 Meters Down, Roadkill) and Sony Pictures.

Ever since productions begin last year in Ontario, Canada, a number of set photos were leaked, showing off various set locations. A brand-new image of Resident Evil movie is posted recently on social media by one the supporting actors.

Resident Evil reboot star Chad Rook (Supernatural, The Flash), who plays the role of S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team member Richard Aiken from 1996 original Resident Evil game, has revealed official first-look image of RE movie on Twitter today.

Rook sharing a picture instead of official Twitter handle of Resident Evil movie, Screen Gems or Sony may seem a bit odd. Except for reaffirming its ensemble cast members and a September release date, there is not much to reveal though.

Chad Rook shares first promotional image of Resident Evil movie reboot on Twitter, slated to arrive in 2021.

Adapted from a screenplay written by Greg Russo, upcoming Resident Evil movie is a reboot to previous film franchise by director Paul W.S. Anderson (Alien Vs. Predator, Death Race) based on Capcom's iconic survival horror game series.

Most of Anderson's movies had almost no ties to original source material and Roberts was hired by German film distribution company Constantin Film for reviving Resident Evil legacy for live-action media with a cast of original characters.

Since official sources have started releasing promotional materials already, we are likely to get a full-length trailer very soon. Johannes Roberts intends to introduce many fan-favorite heroes and villains in his highly-anticipated RE project.

Resident Evil movie reboot serves as an origin story that takes place in 1998 Raccoon City that features incidents at Spencer Mansion. Newly revealed poster is apparently teasing at Arklay forest, a major location in original plot setting.