Hitman 3 PC Players Can Import Locations from Previous Hitman Games

IO Interactive shares a guide for PC players to import levels from first two Hitman games into Hitman III.

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Hitman III PC Players Can Import Locations from Previous Hitman Games

Even though developer/publisher IO Interactive originally promised to allow importing locations from previous Hitman games from rebooted trilogy to newly released Hitman III, players on PC couldn't transfer progress and were frustrated.

PC players who bought Hitman 3 can now import locations from Hitman and Hitman 2 without purchasing them again as IO Interactive has been working on a solution for a while and recently released a simple guide for everyone to follow.

IOI asks owners of PC version to visit official website by going along with a 3-step guide and get access to all levels for free. Sign into your IO Interactive account and link both platforms where you have bought Hitman 2 and Hitman 3 from.

You will be able to check import status of your unlocked locations and find clear instructions to follow on how to proceed. Head over there and claim "Access Pass DLC" content for whichever Hitman game you have and restart Hitman III.

IO Interactive urges all players to double check their choices before claiming an Access Pass as it can't be reversed later. IOI advices using to use a PC web browser instead of mobile they won't be handing out any redeem code or whatsoever.

Hitman 3 as a timed exclusive at Epic Games Store for PC and Hitman 2 only being available on Steam has led to an issue at launch. IO Interactive worked hard to ensure that players across all platforms can have a stellar experience together.
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