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Far Cry 3 Free on Ubisoft Connect Now

Ubisoft is celebrating Autumn Sale 2021 by offering a free copy of Far Cry 3 through a limited time giveaway.

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Far Cry 3 Free on Ubisoft Connect Now

Just a month ahead of upcoming Far Cry 6 release, developer/publisher Ubisoft has announced to offer free copies of 2012 first-person shooter game Far Cry 3 on PC platform, which anyone can claim within a limited time, starting today.

One of the fan-favorite mainline entries in long-running Far Cry franchise, FC3 is now available to grab a digital copy from official giveaway website and own it forever before September 11, 12:30 PM local time on PC via Ubisoft Connect.

One of the most notable characters of Far Cry 3 has been pirate leader Vaas Montenegro, who is played by Canadian actor Michael Mando (Better Call Saul, Spider-Man: Homecoming) and he may end up making a surprise return very soon.

There was a rumor among series fans that Far Cry 6 villain Anton Castillo's son Diego could grow up to become Vaas and this theory came up from a small scar on his eyebrow but their timeline doesn't match and Ubisoft has denied it earlier.

Far Cry 3 takes protagonist Jason Brody to open-world tropical setting of fictional Rook Islands, where he and his friends goes for vacation. Things went awry and he is forced to fight against a crazy band of pirates that kidnapped his friends.

Ubisoft's ongoing giveaway of Far Cry 3 only features Standard Edition base game that is usually sold for $19.99 only. Also take a tour of Ubisoft Store to purchase many select games under up to 80% heavy discount, courtesy of Autumn Sale.