GTA 6 Development Reportedly Restarted, RDR Remaster Coming Soon

Rockstar Games reportedly restarted development for GTA 6 after Dan Houser left, Red Dead Redemption Remaster in works.

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GTA 6 Development Reportedly Restarted, RDR Remaster Coming Soon

Following recent reveal for upcoming Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition by developer/publisher Rockstar Games, discussion regarding highly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI announcement gets renewed among fans.

While many are busy wondering why Rockstar is so tight lipped about GTA 6, an industry insider comes out revealing its troubled development cycle and even release of a possible remaster for 2010's western classic Red Dead Redemption.

According to journalist Chris' Klippel of French website Rockstar Mag, development for GTA VI has restarted after Rockstar Studios co-founder and head writer for Grand Theft Auto franchise, Dan Houser has left the company a year ago.

Rockstar parent publisher Take-Two Interactive previously had plans to announce Grand Theft Auto 6 in 2020. However, they ended up changing its story so many times since that it became one of Rockstar's most chaotic projects ever.

Known industry insider Tom Henderson clarifies what Chris' Klippel stated was just speculation of his own.

Klippel also added that Red Dead Redemption Remastered is currently in works and is likely to come out for current-gen consoles and PC. RDR remaster will be more like GTA Trilogy remaster that adds graphical features and much more.

Chris' Klippel clarified in his video Q&A session on YouTube that all of his claims are nothing but his opinion and should be treated as such. Fans are advised to take this news with a grain of salt until Rockstar officially makes any comment.

Take-Two has yet to reveal Grand Theft Auto 6 but they are probably working on it, given how successful Grand Theft Auto V became. Rockstar had more trouble with GTA 6 than they had in past with first Red Dead Redemption game.

Grand Theft Auto VI facing internal difficulty is truly unfortunate but saying that it is currently in development hell will be a stretch. Red Dead Redemption Remaster could buy them some time as GTA 6 may still be years away from launch.
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