Capcom Made Record Profits in 2021 Selling Legacy Titles

For fifth consecutive year in company history, Capcom profits have increased this year due to sales of legacy titles.

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Capcom Made Record Profits in 2021 Selling Legacy Titles

Throughout last year, Japanese video game developer/publisher company Capcom has released action role-playing game Monster Hunter Rise and survival horror game Resident Evil: Village on PC and cross-generation console platforms.

In a recent report for past nine months that ended in December 31, 2021, Capcom had highest net sales and of all profit items for a third quarter in company history, which means they made record profit for fifth consecutive year now.

For current fiscal year that ends in March 31, Monster Hunter Stories 2 and Resident Evil: Village sold 1.4 and 5.7 million copies respectively. During last nine-month period, 70% of overall sales came from Monster Hunter and Resident Evil.

Capcom's net sales went up about 35.9% for year-on-year and operating income has increased to 43.9%. Game software sales volume have exponentially exceeded to 25.8 million units, which is up by a whopping 30.3% for year-on-year.

Monster Hunter Rise sold more than 8 million units since its launch on Nintendo Switch console last year and 2017 survival horror game Resident Evil 7 has added over 1 million copies for sixth year in a row, adding to 10 million total sales.

Capcom is currently preparing for upcoming Street Fighter 35th Anniversary later this year and may reveal Street Fighter VI as well. They are also working to make use of existing IP to develop more games while creating unique properties.
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